WTF NYC Moment of the Week

Here’s a tip:

If you stroll into a running store on a Monday afternoon, with your “assistant” in tow, and announce that you need new sneakers because you have, like, tons of pairs but you left allllll of them at your house in the Hamptons?  And then look at your watch and exclaim that you’ll have to come back in a couple of hours because you’re late for your pedicure?

I will judge you.

For what it’s worth, the “assistant” looked suitably embarrassed at the situation.

Ahhh, the Upper East Side.  Always entertaining.

Today’s EAT: Take out time!

All too often when I think “take out” my mind automatically jumps to pizza or Thai food.  But there’s no reason a fresh, delicious sandwich from the fabulous Grey Dog’s Coffee can’t be quick weeknight carryout too!

This one had turkey, brie, spicy berry mustard and granny smith apples.  It was huge – the hubs and I split it, along with the chips it came with, for a perfect light dinner!

Today’s DRINK: I picked up this boxed Bandit Sangria a while back with picnic aspirations.  But since we’re been so busy lately…

Living room picnic on a Monday night!  Viva La Fiesta, indeed.

Today’s RUN: An easy ~6 miles.  I ran home from work and it was so nice to have slightly cooler weather tonight!  This was the first run I’ve done in recent memory where I haven’t been dripping wet with sweat at the end.

Today’s QUESTION: How often do you get takeout/delivery? I try to limit to once a week around here.  Cooking really is healthier most of the time, and certainly more cost-effective.  But I’m thankful to have so many great options around here on the days where cooking just isn’t happening!

And also: NYC runners, wanna race this weekend?  Come out to Prospect Park for the CPTC Founder’s 5K!  I know there are lots of NYC runner-bloggers out there I haven’t met yet.  I’ll  buy you a beer after the race if you come out! 🙂  Register online here!


13 responses to “WTF NYC Moment of the Week

  1. lifeisbeachykeen

    Wow, just wow. What was the point of coming into the store in the first place? Just to make a scene I guess.

    We eat take out maybe once a month. Maybe. There is really nothing around here to get..chinese, pizza? That’s about it. We probably haven’t had either in over a month. If we go out we go to a regular restaurant, Chilis, or this great Oyster Bar, yum. We mostly eat in though, I cook almost every night; except last night, chris whipped up some grilled cheese sandwiches. Ha Ha. Delish.

  2. that’s too funny!

    I bought & happily drank some bandit when we went to the beach the other day….perfect to throw in a cooler, easy to open, don’t need glasses (opps! did I just admit I drank straight from the carton!).

  3. yay for Bandit sangria!!

    Not counting the workday, I guess I do the takeout/delivery thing 1-2 times a week (more so on the weekend than during the week)? My current apartment has a tiny kitchen that really isnt too condusive to cooking (my oven is used to store pots and pans!) Something I hope is upgraded with my next apartment, as I would like to try my hand at it a little bit more.

    Hmmm…that 5K is really tempting. Got Club Champs the next weekend tho….

  4. Gotta love the UES. Next time, somebody’s going to roll into your store and be like, “I need a new pair of running shoes because I’m always getting shot at!” A good foil, I say.

    I’m considering doing that 5K. But, like, Brooklyn…?

  5. haha i would totally judge too. in fact i am right now 🙂

    i rarely get take out and delivery just because i can’t afford it. i would love to do it more because i’m lazy and hate cooking. oops haha

  6. And here I sit usuing Google to find the cheapest pair of my favories running shoes (tip: click the “shopping” tab at the top of the results page and then sort by price. Found ’em $31 off!). I wonder if that same trick would apply to find a real deal on a house in the Hamptons? As for takeout … maybe 3 or 4 times a year. But then, I don’t live in NYC either. 🙂

  7. i used to (sort of) work at pure yoga on the upper east side – now THAT was an interesting lesson in what it means to be a snobby hampton-weekending new yorker. that place was BIZARRE!

    aaand i love grey dog’s sandwiches. and that you live like two seconds from carmine street. awwesome.

  8. OMG I can’t believe that seriously happened in your store!! That’s like something straight out of a movie scene.

    We only get takeout/delivery probably once every 2-3 weeks BUT we usually eat out at least once a week. I’m totally jealous of all your choices where you live! It’s slim pickins around here!

  9. Haha! That doesn’t stereotype the UES at all…no….

    Sadly I’m out of town this weekend otherwise I’d come on out for the 5k in Prospect Park…home field advantage! I’ll be at club champs the following weekend…which always is a bit intense to say the least.

  10. Oh damn, that makes me miss being an NYC assistant.

    Ugh. WTF indeed!

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