Little moments in the city

I love NYC.  For all of the WTF moments, I stumble on a dozen little scenes that make me smile, laugh, or shake my head.

Or plop down on the grass to listen to a legit  jazz/orchestra concert in Washington Square Park on a Tuesday night:

(Crappy photos from my 3-year-old Blackberry, I do not love.  But it was the best I could do.)

Seriously, though, I feel like only in NYC would I come across something so random and beautiful.  Of course there are always musicians playing in the park, but this was, like, a real ensemble.  With thousands of people gathered around, watching.  I have no idea who the group was or why they were there, but I thoroughly enjoyed relaxing on the grass for 20 minutes and soaking up the experience.

Washington Square Park rocks my socks.

(More blurry Blackberry photos.  Hooray!   I need a new phone, like, yesterday.)

Today’s EAT: I had planned a post-track-workout trip to Whole Foods tonight to pick up some groceries, including dinner fixins.  On my own for dinner tonight, and all day I dreamed of the possibilities – things that I could make that I knew the hubs wouldn’t want to eat.  Oh, the possibilities!

Sadly, after running, my stomach had other plans.  Things were feeling a bit…unsettled.  So I went for a rather plain big-ass salad from the cold bar:

Simple: greens, carrots, chicken and cashews with a tangerine vinaigrette.  And a scoop of couscous on the side.  I was worried this wouldn’t be filling enough, but the nuts and chicken really gave it some density!  A successful – if slightly less elaborate than usual – BAS!

Today’s DRINK: I also thought maybe a beer would settle my tummy.  I mean…right?

Plus, I just couldn’t resist the cool looking bottle of this Delirium Tremens Belgian Ale (ABV 8.5%).  And: oh my.  I’m glad I picked it up.  It’s complex without being flowery, sweet without being fruity, and just a bit creamy without being thick.  I could drink multiple mugs of this, which would probably be an unwise idea, given the ABV.  (Right?  Because the other half of the bottle is taunting me from the fridge.)

Today’s RUN: Tonight’s team track workout was specifically geared toward Saturday’s Founder’s 5K.  We were warned multiple times that we should actually stick to 5K pace if we didn’t want to perish.  Good advice, probably.

The assignment: 3 X 1000M at 5K pace with 200M recovery; then, 3 X 300M at 3K pace with 100M recovery.  I set my sights on 6:30 as a 5K pace, which is fairly honest.  I’ve only run one 5K in recent memory and my pace was more like 6:50, but that was before I plunged into this CPTC madness and started doing a bunch of speedwork every week.  So 6:30 seemed reasonable.


The results:

1000M – 4:02 – 6:27 pace
1000M – 3:56 – 6:17 pace
1000M – 3:58 – 6:20 pace
300M – 1:00 – 5:19 pace
300M – 0:59 – 5:13 pace
300M – 0:56 – 4:57 pace

If only I could run a 3K at 4:57 mile pace.  Or a mile in 4:57 for that matter.  Kind of hilarious!

Those last couple of 300s actually felt awesome, though.  I feel like we rarely get to truly open up and get a good turnover going during these workouts; I had a blast letting myself go after it a bit!  And I don’t think two quick 300s are going to destroy me for Saturday.  As for the 1000s, I was still a little fast, but much closer to an attainable 5K pace than I usually am during these workouts.  And I felt relaxed and smooth throught.  So yay for that.

This whole workout is kind of a surprise to me, considering that I felt like curling up and taking a nap on the turf when I arrived at the track.  And in fact, I was relatively close to skipping the workout altogether on account of how exhausted I’d felt all day.  I guess I woke up a bit when I started that first repeat though.  Whatever – I’ll take it!

Today’s QUESTION Have you ever surprised yourself in a workout or race? I definitely have.  For every time that I complain about under-performing, there’s definitely a time where I surprised myself for the better.  I should focus on these more, instead of the times that I fall short!


17 responses to “Little moments in the city

  1. Awesome workout! I definitely surprised myself on Sunday with that big PR and I think I’m still in shock!

  2. “They” say…the Law of Attraction is always at work. Which is, that your predominant thoughts and strongest feelings attract what you get in life.
    So, if you are more often focused on what you want, you will get what you want…and conversely, if you are more often focused on what you don’t want, you will get what you don’t want.
    If you want to change something in your life, you must change how you think about what you want to change…change your mind, change your outcomes.
    I think somebody like the Dalai Lama said all that. 🙂

  3. Took me a minute to place you, but now I realize where I know you from 🙂

    I love your blog! Can I live vicariously through you, cool NYC girl? Oh, this makes me homesick. We can’t wait to move back again.

  4. Great workout. I definitely find that the best workouts are the ones that I feel the most exhausted going in. Not sure why but maybe I’m not too hyped up for it and my expectations are low?

    I’m not sure I could imagine a 4:57 mile in my dreams…haha!

  5. I definitely surprised myself at the Philly Distance Run last year-was one of those races that I was even questionning the positioning of the mile markers, thats how good the splits looked the entire time! 🙂 I do find that a performance like that can be a double-edged sword in a way…like even though I’m thrilled to have run that time, I keep wondering “how/when am I ever going to match it?”

  6. i’ve totally surprised myself at races. in fact, i’d say i surprise myself at each race i do. i tend to go into races with low expectations haha

  7. I heart Washington Square Park so much! Hmm, not often do I surprise myself in races, but one recent one (the NYC half in March) I felt super awesome throughout the whole race. Needless to say, it was a nice surprise!

  8. Oh yeah, in addition to using the Law of Attraction to get what you want, and to avoid getting what you don’t want…you are supposed to remain unattached to actual outcomes, and always be grateful for who you are and what you have.

    Glad to hear your training is going well Shelb…sounds like your achilles problem has cleared up!

    I’m thinking about you…and your birthday coming up! 🙂

  9. Every time I don’t cry during a Bar Method class I surprise myself. (just kidding… well kinda)

  10. I suprise myself everytime I finish a run. I think that comes from having an exceedingly unathletic youth. I’m still shocked that I can hack this! 🙂

  11. I was surprised with my first 5k. I’d had the flu for two weeks leading up to it and was still not feeling great. I surprised myself by actually finishing with an okay time!

  12. Nice workout Shelby. I surprise myself every week by continuing the madness. 🙂

  13. L-O-V-E your blog. I also try to run & drink every day. I have surprised myself in both good AND bad ways in a workout/race. This spring I ran the WORST half marathon ever in Nashville while I was well rested and well trained! And last week I ran a very quick 8 miles in the blistering heat of this DC summer, with a hangover. You never know!

  14. Aww. I love that! My friend and I stumbled onto the Marine band during Fleet Week, and it was just a bunch of people who would have been walking home from work who stopped to listen to music. And that’s why I can’t ignore NYC.

    I had Delerium Tremens only once, and because I said, “Ooh! An elephant!” It was on an empty stomach, and it was awesome.

  15. I have had a couple of shocking moments this year. One being my 6:59 pace 5K and the other being my 7:42 pace half marathon! oh and surviving my first trail half marathon.

  16. Wow, nice workout! I’ve definitely had some of my best workouts and races when I’ve been in complete torpor mode beforehand thinking that all I’d like to do is hibernate instead of trying to run fast. It’s weird. I think feeling tired before a workout/race keeps my expectations low, and forces me to focuse on enjoying the process instead of the outcome.

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