Peachburgers and pickles

First, the pickles.

I’m literally shuddering even typing this because I have an irrational fear of pickles.  I cannot eat one, touch one, or even eat something that has touched one.  If I order fries and there’s a pickle on the side of the plate?  All fries in that plate-quadrant, where the slime known as pickle-juice may have leaked, are dead to me.  I hate pickles.

Those big jars of pickles on deli counters?  They literally make my palms sweat.  I was once offered $100 to take a bite of a pickle.  I refused.  The number would have to be at least 10X that.  And even then, I’m not sure if I could do it.

Yes, I have issues.


For lunch today, I popped into a local little deli and saw that they had sushi at their salad bar.  A small voice in my head was warning me that this was probably a bad plan, but sushi by the pound?  I had to try it!  What if it were amazing?  Then it would be the cheapest sushi in the city!  So I went for it, picking up a couple of pieces of salmon, eel and mysterious white fish along with a sampling of each of the rolls offered.  A sushi lunch for $4.50.  This could be a score!

(Do you spy something odd?  Can you tell where this is going?)

Got home and set up at my little table, ready to eat.  It was then that I conducted a further examination of my selections.  The rolls were pretty standard looking – except for one.

What…is that?  Could it be?  No…no way….

I plucked apart the roll with my chopsticks and gave the mystery ingredient a sniff.  OH. MY. GOD. And then I quite literally retched.

Who the hell puts a PICKLE in a SUSHI ROLL?  Seriously.  Do you realize what would have happened if I’d bitten in to that?  It wouldn’t have been pretty.  I might have dropped dead on the spot.  Seriously.  Seriously.

After that, the whole meal was so unappealing that I couldn’t even look at it.  Into the trash went my great sushi bargain.

And thank goodness for peanut butter and jelly.

Today’s EAT: Thankfully, lunch was a distant memory by the time dinner rolled around!  Strolling through the Greenmarket today, I couldn’t resist picking up a couple of plump ripe peaches and a bundle of fresh mint!  Oh, and some purple carrots!

Walking home, I brainstormed dinner ideas that could include all three.  And thus, the Peachburger was born!

Oh my god.  This was SO GOOD.  It’s just a grass-fed beef patty with some teriyaki sauce, cooked peaches and fresh mint.  Pretty simple.  But the combination of flavors was out of this world.

Recipe for Peachburgers with Fresh Mint and Teriyaki is here if you want to try it.  Which I recommend you do.  The sweet peaches, salty teriyaki and spicy mint made for an outstanding combination!  No extra condiments needed.  I think this is the first time in years I’ve had a burger without ketchup.  (Soames, aren’t you proud!)

But what about the pretty purple carrots?  I turned them in to carrot fries a la 101 Cookbooks.

Unfortunately, they were just okay.  They definitely looked better than they tasted.  Maybe they were a little undercooked?  I dunno.  I’ll stick with regular potato or sweet potato fries next time, I think.

Thank goodness for such an amazing dinner to make me forget about my brush with pickled disaster at lunch. 🙂

Today’s DRINK: Nada.  Um….I may have eaten an entire pint of ice cream today.  And while I don’t count calories or anything like that, I’m generally conscious of how much “junk” I’m taking in, and I don’t usually eat sweets – which leaves my entire junk allotment for wine.  So I figured that I could take a night off of sipping tonight, given my ice cream splurge.

Today’s RUN: Nada again.  I’d planned for Friday as my day off, but tonight I had an ice cream bellyache, and decided to just take my rest day today instead.  No biggie!

(And I loved reading everyone’s comments on my post yesterday about the ways in which you all have surprised yourselves!  We don’t give ourselves enough credit, do we?  I’m kind of excited for this 5K this weekend!  Bring it!)

Today’s QUESTION: What is your irrational fear? I’m convinced that everyone has one!  In addition to pickles, I am also rather afraid of toilets.  (Obviously I manage to use them on a regular basis, but I don’t trust them.  I hate the flushing part and the thought of overflowing makes me shudder.  The hubs deals with any plunger issues around here!)


34 responses to “Peachburgers and pickles

  1. Whoa! I like pickles but probably not in my sushi. Those purple carrots are a gorgeous shade- I’ve never seen those before. And finally- I make a pineapple teryiaki burger which has that nice sweet-salty mixture but I love peaches so I will be trying this really soon.

    I have an irrational fear about people breaking in but I’ve been getting over it the more I live by myself.

  2. This is you, isn’t it?

  3. Oh-pickles- that is totally a Korean sushi thing (kimbap)
    I think I have an irrational fear of being tickled…it hurts so much!!

  4. What exactly are you afraid is going to happen with a pickle? And why haven’t I heard about this before?!

    My two big fears are not being able to fall asleep and a snake crawling up my pant leg. Oh and my feet hurting from shoes and not having an alternate pair.

  5. Yeah sushi should not have pickles!!!
    lol I’m not laughing at your fear of pickles, I’m laughing at how you tell that story. You crack me up. I’m aware of your fear of pickles, but not sure why or when you first noticed your “fear”. Is it a fear or just general dislike of a pickle?
    My have a fear of buffalo (dead or alive). But I have an irrational dislike/disgust of meat that has been scored. I don’t know, but it grosses me out & gives me the chills. It has something to do with my past life. 😀
    I love burgers with pineapple (the Hawaiian) so I wonder if I will like the peach burger.

  6. purple carrots? I’m sorry but I’m at that era that I’m wondering if I can only eat those when I’m wearing my purple hat? I have never heard of purple carrots, but I can imagine they would bring a new visual to many dishes. Thanks for sharing Shelb.
    Miss you,

  7. I am terrified of snakes. I can’t even look at them. I also hate toilets and try to spend as little time on them as possible. But my toilet fear is related to my snake fear—I fear a snake or rat will come up the toilet while I’m on it. I don’t pre-flush but I’ve considered it…

  8. Since I have known you a long time, I have rational insight to share about your irrational fears. 🙂
    In the meantime, I have selected some famous quotes that may help you out.
    Love, Dad

    Famous quotes to overcome your fears:

    “The only thing we have to fear is fear it’self – nameless, unreasoning, unjustified, terror which paralyzes…for what can a pickle do to you anyway?”
    —- FDR – First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1933

    “Fear makes the (pickle) wolf bigger than he is.”
    —- German Proverb

    “Nothing in life, especially a pickle, is to be feared, it is only to be understood.”
    Marie Curie

    “Try a thing you haven’t done, (like tasting a pickle), three times. Once, to get over the fear of doing it. Twice, to learn how to do it. And a third time to figure out whether you like it or not. ”
    Virgil Thomson

  9. I have an irrational fear of my neck being touched. Luckily my friends are pretty understanding and don’t try to smear syrup over their necks to frighten me!

  10. I don’t think flying is an irrational fear, so that doesn’t count. Although, hoo! You should see me on a plane. I am a freak. I would say that I also have an irrational fear of dirty dishes, but I don’t really get scared. I just get mad!

  11. KETCHUP.

    When I was little, people thought I was weird because I didn’t like it, so they shot ketchup packets at me at lunch. It makes me anxious now and I can’t even imagine eating it. Ick.

  12. I’m agnostic on pickles. Limiting factor is laziness … if I think to remove them, then I do. Otherwise, I throw caution to the wind and go after them with wild abandon.

  13. hahah about the pickles. i’m normally not a fan but lately i’ve been craving them!

  14. Snakes! Even seeing faux snakeskin in a store (aside from being a fashion travesity) sends shivers down my spine.

  15. I used to have a toilet phobia too! When I was in pre-school there was this little boy who was contantly shoving toys down the toilet and makeing them overflow. As a result, I was at a rather embarassing age by the time I was brave enough to enter a public bathroom (and flush!) alone.

    These days my fear is of propellers. Helicopters, boats… just keep me far far away from those deadly props and I’m ok.

  16. First time commenting, but I love your blog!

    I actually was forced to comment because at first I thought I wrote your entry and that it was about myself. Weird.

    Pickles. are. my. enemy.

    I understand COMPLETELY everything you said.

  17. I’m remembering your FIRST experience with flushing the toilet. Could it be because it was an old fashioned toilet with a different flushing mechanism that you became fearful of them?
    I wonder……..
    However, I have no idea of WHY you have the pickle phobia. We have talked since then about how the pickle jars look like something you see on the shelf in a biology class tho’.
    But I have to admit; pickles, take’ em or leave ’em….HATE those Vlasic commercials!
    But Shelby, what about the SPIDERS?
    Is that a whole another post???

  18. stumbled upon your blog shelbs, and as for the pickle in the sushi…it’s a korean type of thing. It just adds more sweetness to the roll. not the biggest fan….give me UNI any given day!

    • I do not mean to insult Korean cuisine, many aspects of which are delightful – but pickles in sushi are disgusting. Sorry. 🙂

      Uni is sea urchin, right? I have had that in sushi form and it was actually pretty good. Way better than a nasty pickle!

  19. pb&j always saves the day. eating mah ab&j right now! ab&j is not an abdominal-muscle sandwich – i’m talkin’ almond butter. maybe almond butter tones the abs? hm.

    aaaand that burger looks phenomenal.

    my irrational food fear? olives. can’t eat ’em, smell ’em, look at ’em… am the same way about olives as you are with pickles!

  20. I have a sometimes crippling fear of heights. I can’t hike places that are too close to a cliff. I panic and freak out!

  21. Shelby,

    I too have a serious fear/loathing of pickles…I can’t even eat anything that has touched a pickle.

    The strangest part is I love cucumbers and vinegar but I guess not together.

    Even more crippling than my fear of pickles is my fear of yellow mustard.

    The smell of yellow mustard alone makes me puke. When I was a kid and didn’t want to go to school, I would dangle a bottle under my noise and puke in the toilet and tell my mom I had the flu.

    Then of course an hour later, I would beg her for pancakes or french toast, only to get served a tray of saltines for my weak stomach.

    Let’s just say I learned about karma at a young age!

  22. Hearty laughs at this post. I wouldn’t say I have an irrational “fear” of cilantro, but maybe something more along the lines of an irrational resentment. It evokes, in my wild imagination, the flavor of lemon dishwashing detergent with a shot of sulfuric acid. Yicckh.

    • My husband will not touch anything that has cilantro in it! He also complains that it has a soapy taste. It think it tastes just fine, but apparently many people can’t tolerate it at all!

      Food is such weird stuff sometimes!

  23. I have an irrational fear of octopus and squid. The animal mostly, but I also shudder when I see the food. It’s a bit odd because I live nowhere near an ocean but yet I can’t stand them. They scare the sh!t out of me!!

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