Female 25-29

It was only fitting that I ran a race this morning – my last day as an F29.  Tomorrow it’s on to the 30-34 age group.  Holy crap!

We’ve had some good times, though, the twenties and me.  In the last decade I’ve lived in four states (CA, OH, MA, NY).  I ran nine marathons and countless other races.   My passport got lots of new stamps, including Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Kenya, Tanzania, Spain, Portugal, Lebanon, Jordan, Ireland, Dominican Republic and – my favorite stamp – the Bahamas.  ‘Cause I came back from that trip with a husband. 🙂

The last ten years have flown by.  It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was giddily signing the lease on my first *real* apartment in LA.  So many apartments have been moved in to and out of since then, and many more wonderful friends made along the way!  High school friends and college friends.  Cleveland friends.  HBS friends, New York friends.  Internet friends and blog friends.  I feel so lucky to have all of you in my life. 🙂

Sappity sap sap.  Enough, right? On to the race deets!

Race: CTPC Founders 5K
Date: July 31, 2010
Course: Prospect Park loop
Weather: Just gorgeous. 70s and sunny, low humididity!
Time: 20:48
Pace: 6:42 / mile
Place: ???

I made one little mistake here: being at the way back of the pack at the start.  We had chips and I assumed there would be a chip mat at the start, but there was not.  Even though it was a small race and a pretty fast field, I still had to do a bit of weaving and bobbing during the first bit to get where I needed to be, even before crossing the start line. (My gun time was 21:00 flat.)

Also:  Mile one was 6:10.  Hellooooo…too fast! But everyone went out fast.  Mile one was downhill.  Despite the quick split, I didn’t feel like I burned up by going out too hard.  Still probably would have been better to get the splits a bit more even though (miles two and three were more like 6:40 and 6:50, with a decent hill included).

Overall I feel pretty good about this one!  Of course it would be nice to be under 20, but I’ll get back there someday.  Definitely cannot complain about a solid race effort on a gorgeous day with awesome company.  It was great to see so many CPTCers on the course –  and a huge thanks to everyone who volunteered!

And check out the sweet tee:

I love it when races have girl-fit tech tees.  Hooray for a shirt I will actually be able to wear running!

Today’s EAT: As usual, I was pretty un-hungry immediately after the race and cool down.  But by the time I emerged from the subway in back in Manhattan, I was starving!  I headed straight for Murray’s Bagels and purchased a sandwich the size of my head.

(I was shocked when I saw this photo – doesn’t that totally look like a pickle on my sandwich?!  It’s not – it’s the spine of a giant Romaine leaf, sliced lengthwise  But still.  Glad I saw this after I finished eating.  Shudder.)

It was delicious, but I had to throw in the towel halfway through.  I wish bagels came in sizes!

Today’s DRINK: It’s official – I have an addiction to this stuff.

Not a day goes by where I don’t suck down a giant iced coffee.  Mmm, so good.  But I’m remembering why I’ve given up coffee in the past…when I drink it, I drink entirely too much of the stuff.

I guess in the grand scheme of things, a coffee addiction is not so bad, right?  Better than crack or heroin!

Today’s RUN: With warm up and cool down, a total of 8 today.  Tomorrow is long run day, but I’m stepping it back a notch this week and shooting for 12-14.

And with that, I’m off to a little bachelorette party fun – congrats, Emily! 🙂  We’re starting with a trip to Exhale Spa and one of those Core Fusion classes I always hear so much about.  Hope my post-race body can keep with the rest of the group!

Today’s QUESTION: Are you a big birthday person? I’m really not…which is good, because I’ll be spending my birthday at work tomorrow!  Although the hubs has planned a nice little dinner out tomorrow night to celebrate.  And Megan has promised to come visit me at work for a 40 Carrots break.  Really, what more could a girl ask for? 🙂


17 responses to “Female 25-29

  1. i’m totally not a birthday gal. they were always kind of a let down when i was growing up so i have very low expectations. although i will qualify that with the fact that i had some really GREAT birthdays in college.

    and you are fast. like wicked fast 🙂

  2. Sa-weet race to close out the 20’s. Looks like it’s been a freaking awesome decade; I’m all inspired by your 20’s recap to jet out and see the world and do cool things too. Girl-fit tech tees from races are always a nice surprise — it’s easy to appreciate any race t-shirt that doesn’t make my torso look like a box.

  3. Nice job, you’re fast!! I like birthday celebrations that involve a nice dinner or something but nothing too embarrassing. I gotta give up my crack coffee habit soon, right after I move across the country maybe.

  4. Loved this post…I too am throwing the towel in on the 20’s later this year, and also lived in four states this decade (Louisiana, Michigan, New York and California)…though your running accomplishments are so impressive!

    I’m actually not a big birthday person, esp b/c my birthday is New Year’s Eve, aka the most overrated day of the year.

    Though a good friend whose birthday is about 2 weeks after mine and we decided we are going to do a week of mini birthday celebrations in January, dinner, trip to Joshua Tree, etc.

    Congrats on the 5K time-also curious to hear what you think of the Core Fusion class…I’ve only done the videos.

  5. Congrats!!! Fabulous race!!

    …Do you dislke pickles?

  6. Great race!! Love the first mile – soon they’ll all be 6:10s. And I’m guessing the 30s are going to be even better than the 20s – happy birthday!

  7. happy almost birthday and congrats on a great race!

    i’m totally a birthday person. i like being the star… for a day, at least. 🙂

    happy weekend shelby!

  8. Happy (early) Birthday!! You had one heck of a decade. That’s so awesome. Love all the traveling.

    I’m not as big a bday person as I used to be. I just want to have some time with those I care about but no need for gifts or a big hooplah.

  9. Awesome 5k time! What a great way to jump start your 30’s! Happy Birthday!!

  10. Great race! Happy B-day Shelby! Did Hubs step up his game??

  11. Congrats shelbs- the 30s will be even better than the 20s!

  12. Happy birthday and congrats on a great race! I’m not really a huge birthday person at all, but I do like a good cupcake and a present or two to celebrate the occasion 🙂 Hope you had a great day!

  13. Happy birthday!! Welcome to my age group 😀 great 5k yesterday!!

  14. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Welcome to my age group.

  15. Happy Birthday Shelby!! I agree with you, I like the keep the b-day celebration low key. Hope your 30’s are another awesome decade:)

  16. Hooray for birthdays and iced coffee! So nice spending time with you yesterday 🙂

  17. Yay! Welcome to the 30’s. 🙂

    I’m all about my birthday being low key and at home with yummy food and dessert made by my husband.

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