Old age is exhausting

So yesterday – my first day as a thirtysomething – was jam-packed!  I collapsed in bed well before midnight and didn’t even have a chance to blog about my day.  Weak sauce.

But it was a great day that included so many of my favorite things!  First up – a long run.  I dragged my ancient ass out of bed at 6:45 to head up to the park – 3.5 miles – and meet a couple of my favorite running partners.  I hung with them for about an hour, then  let them go on their speedy way and chugged out another 3 or so miles back to my subway stop.  I ran for a total of 1:55 and probably about 13 miles.  Long run, done – by 9 AM!

Then, somehow, I managed to survive a 9+ hour shift at work – before throwing on a little dress and sandals and heading out to meet to hubs for a birthday surprise adventure.

First stop?  Some sweetness at Dylan’s Candy Bar.

I was in a fruity mood and filled my little cellophane sack with chewy gummy things.  It was a great snack for our subway ride downtown, where a second sugary stop was unveiled:

Fro-yo from 16 Handles in the East Village!  I’ve been dying to try this place and somehow the hubs knew it.   We shared a cup of strawberry and cheesecake yogurt topped with strawberries, mochi and sprinkles.  Amazing.

Having had dessert, it was time for dinner.  In keeping with the theme of my favorite things, hubs had planned a stop at Baoguette for Vietnamese food:

Because summer rolls with peanut sauce?  Are my favorite food ever.  We also split this weird crepe/omelette thing:

Shrimp, onions and sausage were baked into the eggy doughiness.  It was surprisingly tasty!

Baoguette is BYO (love it), so we sipped on giant bottles of Sierra Nevada from the deli next door during our alfresco dinner.

The evening was perfectly chill and wonderful and major props to the hubs for taking me on a tour of so many of my favorite foods!

A happy and exhausted 30-year-old girl. 🙂  (Yeah…I still don’t think of myself as a “woman” and am always a little startled if someone calls me “Misses” or “Ma’am” – hmmm, I think I am delusional!)

Today’s EAT: Today was another long day at work.  And the fridge was barren.  It was a take-out night:

Mmm….yes, salty, garlicky hummus was what I was craving!  Along with some pita and falafel and bizarre cheesy-yogurt thing, this mini-feast from Hummus Place hit the spot!

Today’s DRINK: Some chilled white wine was needed to wash down all of that goopy pita goodness.

This Santa Carolina Chard was alright – $10 at my local wine shop, which probably equates to a $6-7 dollar bottle at TJs.  (I need to do a TJ’s wine run soon!)

Today’s RUN: Ran home from work tonight – such a cool, breezy, lovely evening!  Although it’s a little sad and strange that it seems like it’s already getting dark at a noticeably early hour.  Although I detest the heat and humidity of summer, I love the long days!

Some stats:  For last week, I logged 46 miles.  And 170 for the month of July.  A little under where I’d like to be, mileage-wise (I’d like to be around 50 miles a week) but still not too shabby!  Time to step it up a little in August, though!  It would be great to break 200 miles!

Today’s QUESTION: What’s your goal for August? Running or otherwise!


14 responses to “Old age is exhausting

  1. Hubs really stepped up! Very nice. Glad the b-day celebration did not tax your old ass too much.

    Goal for August? To get to September.

  2. what an awesome birthday! you look like you enjoyed it a lot 🙂

  3. Welcome to your 30s! It’s actually a pretty good place to be. 🙂

  4. 30 isn’t so bad! I feel younger now that I am 31 then I did when I was 26!!

    Goal for August…try to hit the track for some speed work and to pick up the pace on my longer runs.

  5. I LOVE the SN Harvest Ale. Good times.

    PS – I’ll be 31 in TWO days. Fook.

  6. yayyy hubs for bein awesome. your b-day looks like fun. i used to live near 16 handles – i love that place! and dessert before dinner is fun.

    when i’m back in shape, i’m joining in for a couple miles on one of these runs. cool? (yes, i invite myself to things. deal.)

  7. Sounds like a fab birthday celebration! I just turned 29 and you make turning 30 seem like fun!

  8. Awesome long run? Frozen yogurt all tricked out with treats? Scrumptious Southeast Asian food? Sounds like a great birthday — good luck with a 200-mile August!

  9. My main goal is to not get injured!! I have my first marathon coming up this fall and have put WAY too much effort in to not be able to race. Great mileage by the way, you’ll hit your goal I’m sure!

  10. What a fun birthday!I’ll be joining you in the new age bracket in a few weeks. Already feeling those creaks…

    Good luck with August – I broke 200 for the first time in July. Be ready to be runnnngry all the time;)

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  12. happy (belated) birthday, shelby! looks like you celebrated right – i think a food tour is a key way to celebrate any occasion. i adore summer rolls plus peanut sauce too – i actually went to a summer-roll-making-party once. yes, i’m that much of a nerd. i need to make some again!

    unrelated girly comment: i love love your necklace. big fan of funky jewelry.

  13. My goal for August is start school strong! The first few weeks are crucial.

  14. My goodness! Everything looks amazing!

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