She puts the rum in the coconut

Dear lovely people at Zico Coconut Water,

I am sure that when you passed these out at the Founders 5K last weekend….

…you expected they’d be used for nutritious post-race hydration.  However,

your product, while just okay on its own, is divine when mixed with rum.  Perhaps you should start selling to bars.  Because I think a lot of people would dig the Zicolada.

Thank me later.

Love, Shelby

Today’s EAT: Coconut two times on the blog today?  Coco-loco.  But I was feeling very Thai tonight:

Tom Kha Gai soup is one of my favorite Thai dishes, but surprisingly I’d never attempted to make it until tonight.  It’s super easy – I followed this recipe, for the most part, omitting the bok choy and rice and adding some sliced mushrooms and scallions.  So easy and delicious!  Lemongrass can be a bit tricky to find in grocery stores (I got mine at WF) but aside from that, there is nothing complicated or fancy about this soup.  Definitely adding it to the rotation!

Just in case the soup was a flop, I also threw together a quick spicy stir fry with chicken, bell peppers and lots of fresh basil.

Both dishes were heavy on the fish sauce which, as disgusting as it sounds, is one of my favorite flavors.  Last summer when I was traveling around Southeast Asia, we stopped in a little town in Vietnam where fish sauce is manufactured and the smell took me right back!   Mmm…so much good food on that trip.

Today’s DRINK: Thai food calls for Thai beer, right?

Alright, so it’s pretty much generic light beer in terms of flavor.  But the label is full of travel memories that made me smile.

Today’s RUN: Confession – I skipped tonight’s track workout.  Actually, I didn’t run at all today.  My legs just sort of felt like they needed a rest day, so I went with it.  I guess it makes sense – it had been several days since my last day off.  Throw in a race on Saturday and a long run on Sunday and several days of working on my feet and that’s a recipe for dead legs.  I’m sure a little break will do them good!

Today’s QUESTION: Have you had coconut water?  Do you like it? I really am not a huge fan of the texture – a little slimy – unless it’s mixed with rum and ice. 🙂  For normal running/re-hydrating purposes, I think I’ll stick to Gatorade!


19 responses to “She puts the rum in the coconut

  1. The soup and stir-fry look awesome!! I LOVE Thai food … now I want some! I’ve never had coconut water, but I’d probably do the same as you, either try and throw it into a drink, or some sort of cupcake recipe :o)

  2. Never had coconut water but from the looks of it, I always imagined it’d be sort of clear and delicious and refreshing. Slimy, huh? Hmmm. Rest days for the win. I’m learning to take more of them.

  3. I can’t really get into the coconut water either. The texture is murky and it tastes kinda funky. I’m sure it has benefits but I will stick with my kombucha and gatorade!

  4. They had coconut water after one of the NYRR races…tried a sample and promptly spit it out-nastiest $hit i ever tasted. However, after reading your post I do wonder how it would taste in various other alcoholic beverages…

    • When you add alcohol and ice and lime juice, it’s really quite good. Like a pina colada but not as sticky-sweet. Highly recommended! 🙂

      • hmmm wonder how it would taste in a mixed drink where Malibu Rum is part of the recipe? (there was this mixed drink that I really liked-Malibu rum, blue curacao and pineapple juice.) May need to try that out 🙂

  5. Missed you last night. Weather was solid.

  6. Coconut water tastes like milk at the bottom of a cereal bowl. Not a fan. I agree with nyflygirl on this one.

  7. i’ve never had coconut water and unless i’m handed it directly i dont think i’d seek it out. i need to start incorporating more coconut into my life though! it’s way good 🙂

  8. Oh man…that Thai soup is my boyfriend’s favorite. I’m gonna have to try making it for him at home!

    I got curious about this coconut water stuff so one day I spent like $4 on a Zico lime coconut drink. I took one sip and threw the rest out. Vile. Clearly, I should have tried spiking it with rum.

  9. I drink either a coconut water (Naked brand) or a Gatorade type of drink after every long run. Coconut water takes some getting used to, but I think it re-hydrates well if you can stand the taste…I’m sure its a thousand times better with rum and Lime!

  10. I had coconut water right after the long run. It did not taste good. Also, the little juice box had no straw. That was upsetting. I would have preferred it spiked. But I would have preferred a normal mojito to spiked coconut water. And above that, that soup looks incredible. YUM.

  11. Funny story about coconut water actually (of all things): I work on Fort Hood and one time we had the band OAR come perform for free for the soldiers. Well I was involved with the planning and behind the scenes prep and one of the things OAR had on their rider was COCONUT WATER! No where in the area do they sell coconut water so we had to send one of our staff to drive an hour away to purchase CASES of coconut water. OAR came and performed and then barely even touched the coconut water so we had TONS of it left over. So of course we all decided to try it out.

    Verdict: Not good. I didn’t like it at all. However, I can see how it would be good with rum! Good idea!

    And now that this is officially the longest comment ever, I will just say that your soup looks wonderful. 🙂

  12. Tried coconut water – not a fan. I had the Vita brand I think? Now I see where I went wrong. Needed alcohol! You are on to something though – hydration and electrolytes cancels out the effects of the alcohol.

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