Hot socks

“Are you, like, going to play soccer?”

Just one of the questions I get asked while rolling around town in my CEP Compression SocksNo, not soccer.  They’re not shin guards.  They’re socks that have graduated compression built in to improve blood flow.  They supposedly speed up recovery and improve performance.  They feel awesome on my legs.  And they look hot. I mean, right?

Especially with a matchy matchy pink tank top!  (Self-portraiture skills at work here!  Also, why do I own so much pink all of a sudden?)


I probably sound like I am drinking the CEP Kool-Aid with this whole compression-sock thing, but I really do think they are helpful.  I’ve worn them in races and on long runs and felt like my legs had a little more in them than usual.  And I wear them a ton when I’m working, walking around town, or otherwise spending hours on my feet – they help with that dead-legs feeling after an exhausting day.  (For the record, I also have them in white and black – I’m not always making the OMG PINK fashion statement.)

Because I love them so much, I want you to love them too. 🙂  So I’m going to give away a pair!  These puppies ain’t cheap, so listen up if you want in on the action!

CEP Compression Sock Giveaway!

Who: You.  (Women, men, anyone.  They have non-pink colors.)

What: One pair of CEP Compression Socks

How: Three ways to enter!

  1. Leave me a comment telling me about your favorite running gear or gadget
  2. Follow me on twitter (@shelbyvanpelt) and leave a separate comment about it
  3. Mention this on your blog and leave a separate comment about it

When: Ends Friday, 8/6/2010, at midnight

Why: Because I love you guys?  And I am a greedy-guts who wants more comments and twitter followers?  Let’s be honest, why does anyone do a giveaway financed out of their own pocket? 🙂  (Consider that an official disclaimer that CEP has nothing to do with this – they aren’t sponsoring this giveaway.  I just happen to really like their product.)

And if you’re not a winner, you can get these fabulous socks at The Running Company.  You can even buy them from me personally if you come to the UES store.  Exciting, I know!  (The Running Company is also not sponsoring this giveaway, BTW.  It just happens to be the best running shop in NYC and I happen to work there.)

And, go.

Today’s EAT: Ordering something like a quesadilla for delivery kind of kills me.  But it sounded good tonight and I didn’t have any of the fixins on hand, so a SeamlessWeb order from Agave it was.

And chips, and guac.  And, um…onion rings.  Just because.

Today’s DRINK: I kind of felt like crap after my humidity-laden run tonight.  So I’m taking it easy tonight.  Lots of water.  Might open a Chang beer leftover from last night if I feel like sipping something later.

Today’s RUN: We are almost two months into summer and I still haven’t totally acclimated!  Ugh.

I seriously considered taking my planned workout to the treadmill tonight, but at 7 miles, it exceeds my TM tolerance (which tops out at somewhere around 30-40 minutes).  So I braved the humidity and cranked it out, with one 1-mile pickup at ~6:45 and 4 X 90 second pickups at (maybe) 5K pace.  Overall time was 55:00 (7:50 pace), which is generally a little faster than I usually run, and may explain why I collapsed in a sweaty pile on the bed when I got home.  (Shh, don’t tell the hubs about that one.  He’ll insist on washing the comforter.)

I am sure I was also a bit dehydrated.  And my afternoon snack of oreo cookies was not the best fuel for a difficult workout.  Lessons I haven’t learned in the past and probably never will. 🙂

Today’s QUESTION: Well, y’all have your giveaway assignment, so let’s hear ’em!  What’s your favorite running gadget?  And why do you like it?

88 responses to “Hot socks

  1. oooooo, do they make yellow ones? I may need some that match my Team Livestrong uniform for NYC. If I don’t win, I’ll stop by and see you at work. Only a month until Chick-fil-A reopens!

  2. I am new to the whole running thing so my favorite running gadget is my treadmill. That counts, doesn’t it?

    I just started reading your blog & I love it! Keep up the good work!

  3. I have been debating buying compression socks and I think you may have convinced me..My fav running gadget is my Garmin- it is my best friend slash enemy- (when i feel like I am running fast and it says I am not.) I also love my lulu shorts- NO CHAFING- speaking of chafing bodyglide is also a fav… ugh I have too many.
    Love your blog though 🙂

  4. Ooh ooh, I want the pink ones! My favorite running gear? Right now it’s a tie between my SkirtSports running skirt and my Garmin.

    I already follow you on twitter, too!

  5. My favorite gadget hands down is my Garmin watch. I don’t know what I would do without the little (okay…huge) guy. I lovingly refer to it as The Beast on my blog!

  6. I am following you on twitter now! 🙂

  7. I don’t have a lot of running gear, so I would have to say my timex ironman watch. Nothing fancy, but I like keeping track of my splits.

  8. I’m new to running, but I love my Polar heart rate monitor. It helps me to keep from over doing it and hurting myself.

  9. If I had one… My favorite running gadget would be a garmin forerunner but for now ill just say my ipod, its a must! However I do think I am in need of some awesome compression socks for my marathon training that begins in a couple of weeks 🙂

  10. My Garmin Forerunner 305 is the clear favorite for me. Just enough tech for me to get my mile splits and heart rate, not enough tech for me to get lost (literally and figuratively).

    Another gadget I just bought into are Vibram Bikilas. I’m currently on the injured list so I’ve only run a few miles in these bad boys, but I really like them so far.

    I’d love to have some compression socks–maybe they’ll help me recover faster and avoid some injuries. Plus, my initials are CEP and what’s cooler than wearing giant monogrammed socks??

  11. My favorite gadget right now is my Garmin 305, it helps keep motivated. My other favorite gadget is my IPod touch not only do I use it while running but I use it to store my pictures and surf the Internet .

  12. I live in South Florida, so my favorite running gadget is my Amphipod Handheld water bottle. I’m seriously having an affair with that thing. That and a few endurolytes make it tolerable to run here.

  13. My sad little feet need some help. Seriously.

  14. Also, I already follow you on Twitter!

  15. I live in FLorida so my favorite running gear is my Nathan running fuel belt. I barely know it is there. Love it.

  16. My favorite running gadget is def my Garmin. I like not having to plan out a run and just running until my garmin says I hit my mileage. Plus I am a computer geek so plugging it into my computer and seeing all the stats after it fun. 🙂

  17. I love my compression socks – I have an even sexier prescription kind 🙂

    I don’t have a favorite running gadget yet, because I’ve been wanting the new Garmin (the cheaper version) for a while now. Maybe I’ll have to pay you a visit at the running store!

  18. My fave running gadget is my Garmin…or as I call it, Mr. Garmin 🙂 (why is it a mister? i dunno…) I do really feel it’s helped my training in a good way-having all the data (pace, elevation, heart rate, etc) to analyze afterwards is really helpful. And it actually helps keep me honest on the easy days…

    I have a pair of black and a pair of white compression socks, but I’m liking that pink color!

  19. Not all that original I see, but my favorite gadget is definitely my Garmin! I love knowing exactly how far I run and it helps me control my pace too.

  20. Such a fun giveaway!!

    I have to say, as still somewhat of a “newbie” to the whole running thing, and since Garmin watches aren’t in my budget yet, I really like to track my pace and mileage with an app on my iPhone, MapMyFitness. It works for all types of sports (swimming, biking, snowboarding, etc.) but I really use it just for running. If I’m listening to music while running, it’ll pop in my ear and let me know how many miles I’ve completed, the pace for the last mile, my total time, and my current pace. Sometimes if I’m not listening to music, I’ll just strap it on my arm and have it tell me out loud for everyone to hear – nice motivation! I can also save my routes, track my progress, and more! I often think I’m going a lot slower than I actually am, so having that there to tell me otherwise keeps my confidence up!

    I just recently stocked up on some more running gear (shorts, tank tops, new sneakers!!), so I’m definitely building my collection. A pair of compression socks sure would go nicely with everything else! My fiancé and I joked that for after our super long runs and races, we should probably just get compression body suits. But I think socks will do the trick for now 😉

  21. I have been running for years, but I just recently broke down & bought myself a Garmin. I LOVE! It’s so awesome not having to map out my runs before I go out & hope I don’t get lost. Now I can run wherever I feel like & know exactly how far I’ve gone! 🙂

  22. OMG I WANT TO WIN. And I would get pink. What’s the point of being a girl if you can’t wear obnoxiously girly colors? Anyway, I really like my Garmin(s) (yeah, I have a backup). They are so money for tempo runs, running in new places, and being an anal retentive running freak.

  23. I can’t run without my iPod. It helps me focus on the task at hand and inspires me to keep moving!

  24. My favorite gadget for running is my iPhone. I always have iMapMyFitness going so I can map all my runs and I know my pace/distance/time. It feels like cheating during races though when it’s giving me feedback that I use to adjust my pace.

  25. Definitely my Garmin! And I love that I can set it to a bike mode to track my rides as well….2 for 1 🙂

  26. I am on the garmin train too! Although at times I have a love/hate relationship with it. At times, I hate how brutally honest it has to be and tell me (show me) what a slow pace I had. But then there are the times when I see what a great run I had. so there is the love/hate relationship.

  27. omg i love those socks!

    my favorite running gear are my sunglasses because i think they make me look bamf

  28. i follow you on twitter now

  29. and i linked in my post going up today

  30. (oops i meant my post going up tmrw!)

  31. Just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your blog (and no, I’m not sucking up for the free socks, LOL!)
    Let’s see, I’m going to have to go with the masses and say that my fav. gadget is my Garmin 405cx. My husband bought if for me for christmas and most recently got me the foot pod for my b’day. Now I’m super excited to be able to use it indoors as well 🙂

  32. Wooo! I already have CEP socks (drank the kool-aid….), so I suppose you can count me out of this contest, but I do want to reiterate how awesome they are.

    My timex digital watch is my fav running accessory 🙂

  33. I don’t own a garmin, and actually get kind of sick of my training bud always checking Judy (as we call it) and telling me the time. I don’t want to know the time, I just want to run.
    ANYWAYS, that aside. My favorite piece of running gear is either my fuel belt (yes, I mean it, I’m a girl and I love mine) or my Nike spandex running shorts that have the pocket in the back and are just long enough and not too long and make my butt look kind of great.

    I also follow you on Twitter already (@JosieLynne) but will gladly unfollow and re-follow you if you’d like! (jk)
    I would like some compression socks, because I already run NYRR Races in ridiculous knee-high striped socks, and since I’m recovering from IT band injury and am basically changing my whole stride, I get dead legs a lot.

    Also I have now left you a novel. Sorry!!!!

  34. I can’t run without a tight ponytail – nothing’s worse than a loose, floppy, wispy ponytail. Can’t handle it.

    Oh, and my Garmin. 🙂

  35. I’ll be a snob. Mine is my Garmin. I’ve been running 8 years, and prior to January (this year!), I ran without one and over-estimated my time per mile on the road – I was adding 20-50 seconds per mile than what I was actually running. To think, I’d been robbing myself of a little bit of distance each and every day 😉

    It’s nice to have an accurate read!

  36. I’ve thought about trying compressions socks. Those pink ones are hot!!!

    My favorite running “gadget” as sad as it sounds is my under armor hat. I love it so much and it keeps my head (and hair) from getting soaked with sweat.

  37. No fancy gadget but my iPod … cannot run without it 🙂 But I totally could get into these compression socks!

    Just found your blog and love it!

  38. Hmmmm, favorite running gadget?

    Well, it used to be my Nike + iPod Sports Kit. But since I have been too lazy to recalibrate it, not so much anymore.

    Now, it’s because of said lack of recalibration.

    But I imagine, in the future, my favorite will be a Garmin and/or (of course) those snazzy socks.

  39. I’m going to be original and say my Garmin watch haha. Its so many peoples favorite because its great!

    I love my Garmin because its great at tracking my milege and pace and lets me know when I need to step it up (and/or chill out if i start on a long run too fast!)

    I have compression tights that i love but i want socks for the summer!

  40. Notes from the Fatty File

    Ooh fun giveaway! Thanks for hosting it!

    I think my favorite running accessory is my Spibelt. My husband mocks it and calls it my fanny pack, but whatevs. That thing can hold so much! No more tying my keys to my shoelaces or stuffing them in my bra.

  41. I love my compression socks too! I would have to say my favorite running gear are my Brooks shoes – the person I bought them from said people who buy Brooks don’t go back… and I believe it!

  42. I like the pink! I’ve been trying to decide between buying some calf compression sleeves or compression socks. Your review is definitely helpful. Fav running gear is probably my pairs of Nike tempo shorts. I wish they had more pockets, but running got SO much better when I discovered I didn’t have to run in old, ratty basketball shorts!

  43. Hmmm – I just realized that my shorts aren’t really a gadget, but I think it’ll be ok!

  44. I need pink or turquoise compression socks! Go big or go home, right?
    Then, maybe I’d feel like I’m making a fashion statement vs. dorky gym class look while sporting mine.

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  46. Hey hey, gave you a plug on my new blog.

  47. Oh, these would definitely help me with my 1/2 marathon training.
    Do they have teal color?
    My favorite running gear-it is my new ipod shuffle. Yes, I am a little behind the times but it beats the bulky arm band that I have been using. I love it!

  48. the fact that you shamelessly admit your reasoning behind the giveaway is why i think you’re awesome. honesty works on me.

    my favorite gadget is kinda lame, but i love my nike sportband. sure, it’s not at all accurate, but it’s cheap and easy… mmmhmmm.

  49. Good lord … mega comments. 🙂

    Wife calls me gramps when I shuffle around the apt in the compression socks (black).

  50. I love compression socks! My favorite running gadget has to be my Garmin 405 though!

  51. Following you on twitter!

  52. Linking back on tonights post!

  53. I’ve been dying to try these.

    They would go great with my REI shorts with the key pocket PLUS zip pocket that my phone fits nto!

  54. I LOVE compression socks. I have an old pair (need a new pair) that make my legs feel great after a run.

  55. I would have to say my compression sleeve as it warded off some nasty shin splints last year. Maybe I could win these socks and they would help!

  56. I have to say my fav running item is my Garmin! I love your pink socks! Super cute!

  57. I love my body glide. I don’t know if that counts as a gadget, but I use it on many spots before a run.

  58. Oh, my Garmin. Has to be. Those pink socks are awesome! Do your legs really feels better?

  59. oooh, I’ve obviously had one too many caipirinia’s at Sarava! ( shaker square! ) Do your legs really feel better when you wear the socks? Thanks! Love your blog!

  60. I could TOTALLY use those!

    This isn’t really “running gear” but I really like my Road ID. It puts my parent’s mind at ease now that I’ve moved out, knowing that if I get hit by a car and get knocked out someone will call them so they can claim me 🙂

  61. I’ve always wanted a pair of hot pink compression socks – for Real.

    My favorite running gear gadget is my Garmin, without it I could never calculate my own mile splits or figure out how far I ran. But who doesn’t love a Garmin?

  62. Garmin 305 without a doubt.

  63. Now following on twitter.

  64. Wow…I guess I need a garmin! ;o) But right now, I’m loving my Ipod (and I love my Brooks Ghost 2s–which have just been discontinued…eek!)

  65. My garmin 305 is my favorite! I lurve it!

  66. My Nike and my iTouch. Yeah, I know it’s not very accurate but I love programming my runs and getting all the feedback at the end.

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  68. As you can see, I blogged about your giveaway. Sock it to ’em, heyyyyyo.

  69. I couldn’t live without my garmin!

    Those are some rocking socks 🙂

  70. Awesome socks! I love the pink ones!

    I have to run with my Garmin.

  71. I posted a link on my blog.

  72. My favorite running gear is my Garmin, great to track my progress!

  73. Without my ipod, I wouldn’t be able to run anywhere…

  74. I’m sadly, useless when Garmin-less. Its not a fact I’m proud of, but its a fact nonetheless. When I run without it, I constantly try and look at my wrist anyhow. (Like Ryan Hall at Boston, but slower and more…female.)

    Also, I HAVE THOSE PINK SOCKS AND I WANT MORE. The CEPs are my favorites (I’ve got a couple different brands, and the CEP socks are the best, IMHO.)

  75. I need these sox. That is all.

    Oh. Jk. That doesn’t count as an entry. 🙂 I couldn’t live w/o my Garmin. I’m *that* runner.

  76. and I follow you on twitter (@jerilee40)

  77. and not that it counts as an entry but I just added you to my reader. Yippee! 🙂

  78. I got an ipod nano for my birthday and until I finally break down and shell out $200 for a dope garmin, it’ll be my favorite gadget fo sho. Plus it does video so if I win, you’ll get to see actual footage of me looking like a tool in those awesome socks.

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  80. FAVORITE running thing? Shorts. Seriously. I have an obsession. If I could only buy one item of clothing for the rest of my life, it’d be running shorts.

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  83. I want compression socks so badly, so I really hope I win. Hmmm I would have to say my Dave running gadget is my iPod – I can’t survive a long without cheesy music.

  84. My favourite/least favourite gadget is Miles IV (recently nicknamed Scarface due to a trail mishap), aka my Garmin.

  85. I’m loving my new tunebelt–holds my phone w/ music and gps cardio tracker (second favorite toy) AND I can clip the dog’s leash on it and run with both hands free. Digging it.

  86. Following you from @wanderyearmeg!

  87. favorite gadget… A regular old Ironman running watch! Never fails!

  88. Not owning a Garmin nor even an MP3 player, my favorite gadget is my personalized Nike running watch given to me over 3 years ago by a former love interest! Back in the days when Nike let you personalize your watch, I had played with the watch-builder application but it wasn’t until my ex-bf bought one for me that I actually owned one! It’s been with me over thousands of runs and miles and has YET to need a replacement battery!

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