Drugged runner

Well, I survived today’s root canal.  But there was some drama in the dentist chair.

Did you know that root canals involve quite a bit of drilling?  Apparently I’m not too fond of the drilling.  I started have a legit anxiety attack of some sort as the drilling started: I was sweating uncontrollably and shaking, in spite of my best efforts to calm myself.  Not cool.  And kind of a new experience for me: I’ve never experienced anything like that before!

My dentist asked me if I was okay.

“What…this isn’t normal?” I tried to joke, mopping sweat off of my brow and my bare shins.

No…not normal, apparently.  And after gently discussing with me what was going on (“I don’t know!  I’m, like freaking out or something!”) the dentist said he couldn’t really work on my tooth while I was in such a state.  He could put a temporary filling in and I could come back on a different day and have the procedure done under sedation.  Or…wait a sec, I’ll be right back, he said.

“You can take this.  It might help you relax.”  A little pill, apparently a Xanax.  I’m not much of a pill popper, but figured it was better than getting put under!

And…well, after a few minutes I was feeling just fine.  Sleepy.  Smiley.  The rest of the root canal went smoothly – my dentist, who I am kind of convinced is awesome, also put on some music in the room and I rocked out while he drilled and filled.

I was feeling pretty good about things when I left the building.  Went home, ate lunch, took a little catnap.  Went and ran a track workout.  Or part of one, anyway.  (More on that below!)

Maybe it’s the Xanax talking but once I got past the whole anxiety thing, I didn’t think the root canal was all that bad.  Things are definitely a little sore tonight, but it’s not a pain that’s going to keep me up at night or anything.

And today was definitely an eye-opening experience for me in terms of understanding how people can have very physical manifestations of psychological issues.  Definitely a new experience for me!

Today’s EAT: Soft and easy to chew.  Those were tonight’s dinner criteria.  But soup?  A smoothie?  Boring.  Instead, I picked up some huge sea scallops:

(Dry packed scallops are the best for searing!  It really does make a huge difference.)

I seared them up and served them over a bed of sweet potato hash browns, drizzled with a browned butter chili lime sauce (which is just as it sounds – browned butter mixed with a squeeze of fresh lime and some chili powder) and alongside a big pile of greens:

Amazingness.  The hubs recommended that I open a restaurant after taking his first bite of scallop.  Aww, what a compliment!  But it was actually really easy!

Today’s RUN:  I wondered if I was kind of nuts to head out to the track after my Xanax nap.  I figured that worst-case-scenario, I could do some easy miles, though.  It would probably feel good.

Tonight’s assigned workout was 6 X 800M at 5M pace.  I actually managed to crank out 3 of them with the group (3:12, 3:14, 3:19) before deciding that I felt too unfocused to run hard.  So I finished off with some easy laps around the track and a long cool down the Megan and Jacqui to make for a little over 8 miles tonight.

Today’s QUESTION: What, if anything, stops you from working out?  I tend to try to get out there even if I’m a little under the weather, unless I’m really sick or my legs are begging for a day off!


14 responses to “Drugged runner

  1. Anything to get thru a dentist appointment! Better drugged than having to reschedule and do the entire thing again. Pretty hardcore stuff to run post root canal. Good job.

  2. I’ve had anxiety problems for years and have experienced panic attacks in all sorts of situations. Panic attacks are one of the worst feelings ever and when they happen I just want to run out of whatever room I’m in and recover by myself. Sorry you had to go through that, hopefully it will never happen again!!

  3. Ugh! So sorry you had those anxiety issues, but at least now it’s over!!!

    This might be a silly question, but how did you make those sweet potato hash browns?

    • I just grated up a couple of yams, tossed in a little olive oil, paprika and salt and then fried them in a pan a la frozen hashbrowns. They did have a tendency to stick ot the pan a bit, but overall I was really happy with how quick and easy it was to prepare them!

  4. If I’m feeling sick or if I am really really tired I will skip a workout.

    I’ve heard root canals are the worst! My sister recently had to have 2 done–how awful. I hope you’re feeling better today.

    Your scallops look really delicious 🙂

  5. Q- What, if anything, stops you from working out?
    A- depends on feel. if i feel like crap, ill bag the workout, grab a beer and sleep instead!

  6. For the past 10 weeks, the only thing that has stopped me from running or getting in a work out is the ‘rest day’ noted on my marathon training schedule. even if I am sore and exhuasted, I make it happen. I am afriad of missing a run and it blowing my marathon goal. I have issues. lol

  7. LUCKY! I didn’t get a Xanax for mine! Hope you feel better. Be sure to rest a lot.

  8. Glad you made it through the root canal and your dentist was attentive and helpful! Also – your supper looks 100% amazing… yum…

  9. I can’t believe you ran after getting a root canal. I coulda warned you about the drilling…and the little white flecks of tooth that fly around.

    Obviously, sickness prevents me from running. Couldn’t run after I got stitches in my heel (but I tried!). No running after my wisdom teeth were extracted. And…snow. Shoveling counts as cardio.

  10. a track workout, passport photo, and gourmet dinner post-xanax root canal? you are my hero.

    not much keeps me from running (i’m stubborn like that), but sometimes a long day of travelling will equal a rest day for me!

  11. Wow, that must have been a super weird experience for you. I have one similar memory — I was doing this coast guard academy prep week in high school (don’t ask), and they woke us up early and screamed in our faces to do pushups and recite stuff we’d memorized. Even though I expected all of this to happen, the first day I started sweating and shaking and almost fainted for no reason. It was super embarrassing. Never happened again the rest of the time I was there. Probably could’ve used a Xanax that first day though. Why does that stuff happen?!

  12. I love scallops, and these look delicious! Sorry you had such a strange experience at the dentist though. I’m definitely the type to freak out about stuff like that too.

    Extreme illness prevents me from running – that’s about it!

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