Do I smell or something?

Yesterday, Delta Airlines canceled my flight.  AGAIN.  If you’re keeping track, that’s the third Delta flight in the last month that the airline has mysteriously canceled on me.

In all seriousness: WTF?

Unlike last Thursday’s flight, however, this was not a welcome change in plans.  Instead of departing Nashville for NYC on a direct flight at 3 PM on Monday, Delta decided that we should leave at 6 AM on Tuesday and connect through Atlanta.  I mean, yeah, that makes sense, right?

After the hubs spent 45 minutes on the phone with what I can only assume was a low-functioning robot impersonating a Delta customer service representative, we were re-booked on a Monday evening flight. Enter an afternoon of waiting around the airport.  We finally got home around midnight.  So much for my running plans for the day!  Oh well, at least we got home.

I’m not sure what the point of this post is, other than to complain.  Sorry.

Here are some pics from our last day in Nashville, will that make this lamesauce post better?

The world’s biggest iced coffee:

I don’t normally get coffee from Dunkin Donuts.  Apparently when they say large, they mean LARGE in a 40-ounce sort of way, not in a yuppie-Starbucks grande-venti sort of way.  Holy moly.  I sucked down every drop, though!

How about a little sing-along in the car?

Don’t lie, hubs.  You know you enjoyed it.

And finally, a very well named avenue:

Off to play major catch-up on emails and get this apartment in order (hello – empty toilet paper roll!) before tonight’s doozy of a track workout and drinks with some of my favorite bloggos. 🙂


7 responses to “Do I smell or something?

  1. whaaaaaaaaaat?! you need to find a different airline. asap. haha. major bummer! but i’m glad you were able to get home

  2. Not I want a giant iced coffee! Sorry you had such a rat-race with the airlines both going to AND coming from Nashville – shesh.

  3. I love that 40 oz. iced coffee. I also love 40’s of a different variety, but that makes me sound like a lush. Glad you’re back in the city!

  4. ugh, that sucks! flying in and out of nyc is rough in general. glad that you are back!

  5. My husband and I listened to Highway Country on our trip to PA! I was never a really big country fan but I was enjoying it too!

  6. Wow, awesome highway sign AND radio station. Sounds like Delta airlines needs to get their act together… you weren’t the only one complaining about them this weekend.

  7. You should switch the order of the drinks with fav blogos and track workout. That would make for a fun night! 🙂

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