Yep, this about sums it up.

It’s been a while since I had a lazy afternoon.  I’m a little wiped from this week’s mileage, including 18+ this morning.  So instead of addressing the long list of moving-related tasks that I made last week, I opted for getting a pedicure – my toes are now the color of lime sherbet!

….followed by laying in bed, eating potato chips, and drinking beer.

Being responsible and productive is overrated.

Today’s EAT: When I rolled in from my morning of long run fun, it was lunchtime.  The hubs suggested dim sum – saaaaalt, yessssss.  All sorts of dumplings, fritters, noodle-pouches and who knows what else were bathed in soy sauce and quickly consumed.  Dim sum is an awesome post-run treat!

When we got home, I was still craving salt, so I munched on a bowl of “exotic” Terra Chips (that I won from Danielle‘s giveaway last week!)

I had never seen the “exotic blend” before and they pretty much taste like normal Terra Chips to me, but whatevs!  I love Terra Chips.  And salt.

Today’s DRINK: There were two beers in the fridge.  Guess who drank them?  One for me, one for the hubs?

Nah.  Sharing is also overrated. 🙂

Today’s RUN: Eighteen long ones and then some.  Whew!

Although I was tired as hell when I dragged myself out of bed this morning, the run was actually fantastic.  I met up with a great group of girls from my team and we ran down from Central Park to the Brooklyn Bridge and back up again on Park Avenue, which was closed for NYC’s Summer Streets thingy.  It was great to have so much space to spread out!

My Garmin, however, had a bit of trouble in one little stretch of Midtown, both ways:

I’ve heard that Garmins can have trouble around very tall buildings, so I’m not sure if that was the problem, or what.  But I’m pretty sure I did not run a 7:03 mile at any point today.  The pacing is a bit suspect in some of the later miles, too.  Comparing with other gadgetry among the group (including a couple of non-GPS-based units), I’m guessing the distance is overestimated by about a quarter mile.  So I’m calling it 18.4 or so, with an average pace closer to 8:40.  Pretty much a perfect long run!

After adding some extra miles with Megan in the park, we reconvened with the others at Equinox on the UES to take advantage of their icy plunge pool.  Basically, it is a jacuzzi-shaped tub filled with 50-degree water.  And oh holy crap was it cold and painful.  At my longest stretch, I think I stayed in for 2-3 minutes.  I don’t remember the “ice tub” in my college’s training room ever being that hellacious!

Anyway.  Today really highlighted for me how much of a difference running with people can make. Good conversation really makes the miles fly by!  *sniff*  I’m gonna miss my teammates so much.

Today’s QUESTION: What’s on tap for your weekend?  Laziness or productiveness? And also, eating in bed: yay or nay? (I ask this as I brush away the potato chip crumbs from the comforter…)


10 responses to “Laziness

  1. i feel like everyone did really long runs today! my 11 feels like it pales in comparison 😉

    LOVE the color of your nails. i want it. brand and color?

    eating in bed? NAY. my bed is a very clean place. i won’t even sit on it wearing clothes that have been outside or even about the rest of the house. yes i am weird 🙂

  2. Hmm lazy weekend? Not so much. I, uh, um, am running the Pikes Peak marathon tomorrow…;)

    As for eating in bed, nah not so much. Keep it to the coffee table and kitchen areas:)

  3. lifeisbeachykeen

    Well Congrats on your 18miles- I’m currently procrastinating 3miles =/ lame.

    My weekend is full of business, my 6 year old niece is staying with me. Have you entertained a 6 years for 2.5 days straight? It’s hard. She is go, go, go, talk, talk, talk, holy moly. .. She is currently tattoing my husband with a blue pen… lol. (i will be posting pictures of this.).

  4. LAZY! I did 6ish this morning and spent the rest of the day on the couch. Polished off my growler. And now I’m going to get in bed at 8 p.m. and watch trash on tv. GO USA!

  5. Yep-my Mr. Garmin also freaks out on the summer streets around Grand Central…sometimes I have to resort to GMaps to find out exactly how far I ran.

    I did 16 miles today and will be spending a good part of the weekend prepping for my own move…so I guess productive?

    For now I say yay to eating in bed-moreso due to lack of room in my tiny studio. However, I have a feeling in my new place I’ll be utilizing the coffee table more.

    love the nails-I’m guessing its an OPI color (as I do remember seeing a shade like that lately…)

  6. I love the kitty picture! What a cutie!

    I am loving a lazy weekend. My weekends are ALWAYS always always planned out. In advance and to the minute. I tend to overbook my life. So the fact that I have done basically nothing this weekend is pretty awesome. 🙂

  7. A little bit of both laziness and productiveness, but mainly productiveness because I spent most of the week recuperating. 🙂

    No eating in bed unless I’m recovering from surgery and can’t get out of bed or husband brings me breakfast in bed which surprisingly has never happened. He cooks, just not breakfast meals. 🙂

  8. Eating in bed? Big yes. I live in my bed, as long as you brush away the crumbs and change the sheets more often then you’re golden!

  9. I’m glad the chips came so quickly & you’re enjoying them already! :0)

  10. I was super lazy yesterday, which was great! But today I have to, unfortunately, be productive and work. bleh.

    and eating in bed is a-o-kay in my life!

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