Lucky and unlucky

Today was peppered with little moments where the stars aligned.  And also with some weird annoyances.

LUCKY: I took a little run this morning down to our kitty-sitter’s building so I could pick up our apartment keys from her doorman (*sniff*moving*sniff*).  She happened to be picking up a package from the desk at the same time, so we got to say goodbye in person!  What are the odds?

(And NYCers, if you’re ever looking for a great pet sitter, I highly recommend Becca at Katie’s Kitty.  She’s been wonderful and Emmy and Parker are going to miss her dearly!)

UNLUCKY: I stepped straight in a steaming pile of dog shit while running.  UGH.

LUCKY: In the shower, I realized that my shampoo bottle will run out just as I take my last shower in our apartment this week.

UNLUCKY: I ran today’s interval without with a horribly full bladder because the bathrooms at the track were closed.  WTF, NYC Parks.  It’s still August.  I know it’s chilly today, but there’s no need to shutter everything up already.

The pack-and-move-a-thon continues around here.  Helper Emmy has abandoned her box perch in favor of sleeping inside a hunk of Styrofoam packing material.

So bizarre, that one.

Today’s EAT:  Track workout recovery fuel: a cupcake and french fries.  Yup.

Some teammates pulled together a little farewell outing after practice today – so sweet. 🙂  Even though I’ve only known them for a few months, I love my CPTC buddies and will miss them so much. 😦

After a quick pit-stop to at Butter Lane pick up a cupcake or two, we headed to Pommes Frites in the EV and crammed eight sweaty bodies into a booth that I’m sure was meant for four people.  And gorged on fresh, crisp Belgian fries and a glorious assortment of dipping sauces from pesto mayo to curried ketchup.  It was awesome.

Yeah.  Healthy balanced meals are kinda out the window this week.  C’est la vie!

Today’s DRINK: Having sipped red the last couple of nights, I was ready for a glass of chilled white wine tonight!

This Catalado SB is nice and refreshing, but a bit too apple-y for my taste!

Today’s RUN: My legs felt pretty good heading in to tonight’s track workout. I think taking yesterday as a rest day was a great plan, as was logging 5 easy miles in the morning to shake things out.  Doubles can be kind of a pain (hello….ever feel like all you do is run?) but done properly, they’re a great way to increase mileage!

Anyway…on to tonight’s track adventures.

The assignment: 4 X 1200M at 5K pace with 400M recovery.  (400M recovery!  Did you see that?  We never get 400, always 200.  Win!)

The results: Sweet negative splits!

1200M – 5:02 – 6:42 pace
1200M – 4:57 – 6:36 pace
1200M – 4:53 – 6:30 pace
1200M – 4:47 – 6:22 pace

This workout actually flew by, in spite of how nasty it looked on paper.  Honestly, 1200s on a track are not exactly a picnic.  They feel much closer to a mile than to a half-mile, in spite of being right in between.

But there was a cool breeze tonight and I felt good and finished strong.  In spite of really having to pee for most of the workout.  (Still kind of fuming about those bathrooms being locked!)

With my longish warm-up (3.5) + recovery and cool down (1.0), an 8.5 mile workout.  Added on to my AM run for a total of 13.5 + change today.

Today’s QUESTION: Have you stepped in dog poo lately?  Figuratively or literally? And I was wearing brand new running shoes, too.  So gross.


14 responses to “Lucky and unlucky

  1. really great workout. i keep seeing lots of people in the blog world running track stuff and i need to get back into it. can i get a kick in the butt?!

    i also LOVE your post-workout recovery fuel. classic. 🙂

  2. I have stepped in dog poo — more than I would like to admit.

    Recently I stepped in dog poo BAREFOOT while walking on my mother-in-law’s lawn. It was disgusting.

  3. No dog poo for me, but I DID encounter horse droppings in CP the other day. Yummy.

    Nice job on the workout yesterday! And I truly think the french fries helped fuel today’s recovery run. I mean…potatoes = carbs, right???

  4. Awesome workout! 1200’s are my least favorite track distance. You killed it. I haven’t stepped in dog doo recently, but I did step on a rotten crabapple that worked it’s way into every shoe crevice. Didn’t smell nearly as bad as dog poop, but I did spend the same amount of time cleaning and washing it out after…

  5. I volunteer for this doggy welfare organization and we do a lot of outreach in the ‘hood, which usually means dealing with people who don’t pick up their dog’s poo…like, ever. I have one pair of shoes I call my Parvo/Ringworm Shoes that reside permanently in the garage. So nice. But I’ve never stepped in it running, surprisingly.

  6. Aw…sweet. Sweaty friends and unhealthy food. That’s the best! Do you think you’ll continue with CPTCesque workouts once you move? You can imagine steamy dog poop if it helps you get in the mood. I, myself, have avoided it lately, but I did manage to almost lose someone’s (month-old) wedding ring last weekend. She gave it to me and I dropped it…and couldn’t find it for five long, long minutes.

  7. UGH sorry about the dog crap! I’ve done that. Yuck. 😦

  8. I’ve actually stepped in horse poo more times than I’d like to admit! My one running trail is also used by a lot of equine enthusiasts, apparently.

  9. dog poo all the time.
    latest? 2 weeks ago.
    most gross? after a workout in CP and headed back to NYSC….was a bit peeved with the rancid stench as i was stretching on the mat. i started to place the blame on the gym goers next to me. few minutes later i realized it was me who was the unlucky bloke. within seconds i sprinted to the bathroom , used the towels doused with water and some hand soap (gross i know) to scrape off the grooves underneath my shoes. i guess it took only a few minutes and 3-4 soiled towels. very laborious indeed. i will never think the same way about NYSC towels.

    Yes im a shit magnet….

  10. Wow – awesome running last night (and this morning)! And what is more delicious than cupcakes and french fries? I haven’t encountered dog poo lately (knockonwood), but when I was in Buffalo last wknd there sure were a lot of goose droppings – apparently they are multiplying like rabbits ’round there.

    Great seeing you this morning but sad to see you go so soon! 🙂

  11. Mmmm Pommes Frites sound delish. 🙂
    Yes, I step in poo sometimes when I go out and get something from the garden. Not cool.

  12. hey girlie!!
    I am sooooo sorry to hear you stepped in dog poo! ick! 😦 I hate when owners don’t clean-up and luckily i’ve never stepped in any. (knock on wood!)
    good luck with the move! moving is such a pain!! I hope youve been having a great week!

  13. Lucky me, I haven’t stepped in dog poo in a really long time. Nice workout!

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