Rotating Blogroll: Miss-You Edition

Hey y’all.  I’m probably crammed in the cab of a U-Haul right now – hopefully this “scheduling a post” thing works, I’ve never tried it before!

It’s been a while since the last Rotating Blogroll, and what better time to give a virtual hug to my runner-girls in NYC?  I will miss you all so much!

  • Megan ( is one of the first CPTC girls I made friends with.  I remember reading her blog when I was thinking about joining the team and thinking that she seemed really genuine and fun.  Of course, I was right. 🙂  I will miss our long runs (don’t know what I am going to do without my long run buddy!) and fro-yo dates (I’m sure there’s yogurt in NC, but no Forty Carrots!)  Anyway, I’m really looking forward to watching her run a killer NYC marathon this year.  She has been on a PR-smashing kick all summer. 🙂
  • Sarah ( is one of the funniest girls I’ve ever met.  She has a serious knack for writing blog posts that make me laugh out loud.  In addition, she happens to be a pretty badass runner (even though she won’t admit it).  Really, she is probably one of the coolest people in the Garden State (I say this with zero personal experience, but I assume it’s true).  She’s fixin’ to be a teacher and a coach; somewhere in the future, a generation of angsty high-school runners is very lucky to have her.
  • Sofia ( is the blogger whose eventual memoir I am most excited to read.  The girl has had a fascinating life and is a ridiculously talented writer.  Though she’s no longer running as much as she used to (due to an injury), her blog is packed with delicious NYC foodie stories – I live vicariously through her culinary adventures.  It is tragic that I only got to meet her once in person (okay twice, if you count the time that she popped into the store while I was working and waiting on the most ridiculous shoe customer ever.  Awkward blogger moment!  Love them!) but we’ll see each other again on marathon weekend! 🙂
  • Kelly ( has seen me at my most heinous – 6 AM, surly, soaking wet, not entirely pleased to be running – and she didn’t recoil in horror at my lack of grooming or conversational skills, so that’s a huge credit to her. 🙂  She is one of those people who amazes me with how much she does – works full time, goes to school, blogs, cooks amazing meals, trains for marathons.  I can only hope to have my life together like that one day. 🙂

There are so many other fantastic NYC bloggers, I really could go on and on.  The running community in New York is really like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.  To say I will miss it is a massive understatement.


Anyway.  Hope everyone is having a great Friday afternoon!  The hubs and I are planning a little stopover in Washington DC before continuing on to Raleigh on Sunday and moving in to our new apartment.  Wish us luck that everything goes smoothly!

On to the next adventure….


11 responses to “Rotating Blogroll: Miss-You Edition

  1. such great girls in NYC, i read their blogs too

    hope everything is still going well with the move. just think how awesome it’ll be once youre done 🙂

  2. You’ll love NC, we’re experiencing a “cooler” wave of weather. Safe travels and welcome to the South!

  3. Shelby, I am totally flattered! cue blushing now! Anywho, our two meetings were glorious and I’ve deemed you my pre-NYC-marathon drinking buddy, okay? Show ’em what ya got in NC! I am certainly looking forward to reading about your running, food, cat and hubs-ventures. Yes, I just said hubs-ventures. Point is: you wil be missed!

  4. aww Shelby, thank you so much! You also saw me at my most heinous (dripping wet, scary rat’s nest ponytail), so right back at ya for not recoiling in disgust 🙂 I think you are missed already!

    You know, I may be in Raleigh early October-ish for work. If so, we should fo sheezy meet up! Happy traveling/moving 🙂

  5. Wow I totally just teared-up at this post. I will miss you hard, but we’ll keep in touch don’t worry!! ❤ ❤ Good luck with the move, yo

  6. I am touched, sad, and excited (for you, not for your absence!). It’s been amazing to meet you, and I couldn’t be sadder that you’re leaving, but man – couch surfing in NC? Can’t wait. Good luck on the move from hell, and see you in November!!

  7. haha, I too “scheduled” a post for when I’m sure my computer will be unplugged and I’ll be off the grid til Time Warner comes and hooks up my internet.

    Best of luck with the move and with your new adventure! 🙂

  8. Thanks for the shout out! You are a seriously awesome long run/froyo/drinking buddy and I will be very jealous of any NC ladies that get to chill with you.

    68 days till NYC marathon a.k.a. reunion time! ❤

  9. Will miss you so much!

    Thanks for sharing your fave blogs.

  10. I hope the move goes smoovely. Looking forward to the first post from NC.

  11. SHELBY!! I’ve been EXTREMELY out of touch with my blog reader lately due to a lot of madness happening in my life so I was just BLINDSIDED as I was catching up on you and read that you are in the process of moving to NC! I can’t believe it! I wish you nothing but the best in your new adventure and I’m sure you’ll adjust beautifully.

    P.S. I know all too well about moving WAY too often…the Army life does that to you. We’re gearing up to move in about 4 months and I’m not excited about it. ugh.

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