We made it!

Seriously…I won’t even recount to you the numerous mishaps of the moving adventure.  Suffice it to say that I am still sore from moving boxes down the five flights of stairs from our NYC apartment to the moving truck.  (Apparently we hired the laziest movers on the eastern seaboard.  Our planned departure time of 3 PM on Friday became 10 PM after we ended up having to schlep a good portion of our crap ourselves.)

Anyway.  We are safe and sound in our new apartment in Raleigh.  It is beautiful.  I’m still marveling at the fact that there are two (!) large bedrooms, a washer/dryer, and a fridge with an ice maker.  (Which I’m still learning to operate without unleashing a cascade of cubes that leaves the floor covered in ice.)

Of course I’ve been eating.  Our first dinner in our apartment was take-out grabbed after a monumental Target run:

Chicken kebabs and greek salad from Zoe’s Kitchen.  A fresh, healthy meal was welcomed with open arms after eating fast food on the road all weekend!

And breakfast in the morning, cooked in my gorgeous open kitchen!  I’m going to love cooking here.

Bacon ‘n eggs with a lightly fried bagel (in leftover bacon fat, nonetheless) and lots of fruit. 🙂

And drinking.  One of the first items on my move-in errand list was a wine run.  I was overjoyed when I spotted a World Market while out and about yesterday!  I had to restrain myself from buying a cart full of candles and placemats and imported cocoa and rice noodles.  I love World Market.  But I resisted and came out with just a few bottles of wine, including this:

Zinfatuation indeed.  Wines with clever names suck me in every time.  This was pretty good though – milder and lighter than I expected, but not watery or overly sweet.  Worth every bit of the <$10 price tag!

And running?  Well…about that.

To be honest, I didn’t run all weekend.  I’d had it in my head that I’d be able to get a semi-long run on on Saturday, but after hours of carrying boxes on Friday and driving until the wee hours of the morning (it was 3 AM by time time we rolled in to our friends’ driveway in DC), it just wasn’t gonna happen.  Rest day.  And Sunday was pretty much a wash, too – more driving, getting our lease signed, and moving our stuff in.  No time or energy for running.

I did manage to get out Friday morning before the chaos began and sneak in a little recovery run on the heels of last Thursday’s brutal tempo run.  All told I did manage to crack 40 miles last week which isn’t too bad.  It just became a step-back week, which I would have taken at some point anyway.

After my two rest days, I set out yesterday morning for an easy 5-miler in the neighborhood.  It was…hot.  I’ll remember this in January, though, when it’s relatively mild here while snowing like a banshee up north.

This week should be interesting, running-wise.  Did I mention we are going to Paraguay this weekend?

More to come on that one….

Time to get back to unpacking.  I hope to return to a normal posting schedule soon, but in the meantime my internet access is limited to trips to the bar across the street, which has free wi-fi and eighty billion brews on tap.  (Which means you’ll be getting beer-fueled posts for a while until we get our own connection set up.  Yay for blogging and drinking!)


15 responses to “Arrival

  1. I missed you and your blogging sass! THANK YOU for coming back to us! love the zinfatuation and in regards to the running – i notice when life gets insanely hectic, running cannot always happen. you’ve got a lot on your (literal) plate and on your mind. no worries dude. oh, i love that your blogging from a bar.

    aaand the NYC marathon countdown begins…

  2. Moving is a hard enough workout!

  3. YAY for moving and arriving! 🙂

    and paraguay?! wayyyyyyyyyyy cool

  4. Glad ot hear you have made it to your new home safely!

  5. Glad you made it! Paraguay, huh? Sounds cool!

  6. I am sad that you are so far away, but I am super pumped to hear about/see pics of your new digs. Especially since Jacqui and I plan on visiting 🙂

    And yay bar across the street! It’s just like the W. Village. Except, less crowded, less drunk college students, and cheaper. Yes?

  7. You are having quite the week! Can’t believe you are going to Paraguay, very cool.

    Congrats on the new place, it sounds wonderful – especially that bar across the street 🙂

  8. Yay! Glad you made it to NC okay. Welcome to the South, my friend. I think you’ll love it for the time being. 🙂
    Paraguay huh? Cool.


    I’m happy you actually found a place to live and that it’s money without costing too much money. And that people drink in Cackalacky, too. As for Paraguay, um, amazing. Hopefully you’ll divulge the deets before you head south of the border(s)?

  10. Hooray for a nice, big open kitchen! That’s awesome. And I’m sure we’ll all be super jealous of your running weather in January!!

    Beer fueled blogging sounds like a novel idea! Hooray for a bar across the street 🙂 Have fun in Paraguay (and umm, I’m jealous!!)

  11. I’m glad you made it there ok! That sucks about having lazy movers — 5 flights of steps? I’d be super sore!

  12. Congrats on settling in to your new place!

    Hooray for bacon. I love that you’re not afraid to eat (and drink) stuff like that and are able to unabashedly admit it. I’m tired of looking at other people’s bowls of oats.

  13. You are one busy lady! You just got done moving multiple states away, and now you’ve got a weekend trip… to Paraguay?! What don’t you do?:) Hope all goes well as you settle in. Glad you enjoyed some tasty food upon your arrival. Yay for bacon.

  14. I totally buy wine based on the bottle — I’d for sure buy that one!

    Congrats on making it to your new state!!

  15. Sounds like you guys are already breaking in the new place! Glad you arrived safe and sound, even though there were a few hiccups, and can’t wait to see your pics from Paraguay.

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