South America and salmon

Advance apologies, guys.

There is way too much going on in my world right now to concoct succinct and neatly-packaged blog posts.  So this might be sort of random.  Here we go!

So, first, the Paraguay thing.  We leave tomorrow!  The hubs and I are headed down to Asuncion for our good friends’ wedding.  We return early next week so it’s a super short trip (what, you don’t take your long weekends in South America?) but should be a rollickin’ good time.

I literally have no idea what to expect.  I mean…Paraguay!  I was chatting with my mom on the phone earlier and she asked what airline we were flying.  I have no clue.  The hubs booked us tickets like two weeks ago using frequent-flier points and I am assuming that all I need to do is show up at RDU tomorrow, suitcase and fancy dress in hand.  Probably not the smartest way to approach an international excursion, but hey – we’re fly-by-the-seat kind of people when we travel and it usually works out.  (Um. Usually.)

I’ve never been to South America before. And this will be Continent #5 for me.  That leaves just Oceania and Antarctica.  Not bad for someone who didn’t even own a passport until age 22!

Anyway, today, instead of packing for Paraguay, I spent my day tacking this:

The neverending pile of boxes.  If you’re a person who has moved a bunch (which most of you apparently are!  yay, itchyfeet!) you know what I’m talking about.  That wall of boxes that just defeats you when you look at it.  It takes over rooms and chokes passageways.  Every day, it sinks and settles a little more, as the lower boxes absorb the weight of the upper ones.  It threatens to mold itself into a permanent box formation if you don’t dismantle it soon.  And you don’t even know where to start with this shit.

Well, today, I took it head on.  I was an unpacking and box-destructing machine.  At the end of the day, I was left with this:

Sweet floor space.  Glorious view. It is heaven to have a semi-functioning living room (which still lacks a couch and TV, but whatever).  I am just happy that I no longer have to contort myself to maneuver around the main apartment space.

The bedrooms?  Are another story entirely.  Although I promise I DID actually unpack, and I DID NOT simply move boxes from the living room to the bedrooms.  (Okay, maybe a couple.  But not many.)

Today’s EAT: This is actually yesterday’s EAT, but seriously?  Not having a daily blogging routine is making me stabby.  I miss you guys!

So here is yesterday’s delish dinner of salmon with peach-avocado salsa, “grilled” veggies and corn on the cob:

I am still kind of marveling at how easy, delicious and inexpensive this meal was.  Yep, it’s that time of year where things like salmon, peaches and corn are fresh and cheap!  This whole meal cost about $10 in ingredients.  And in  spite of the fact that our complex’s community grill wasn’t working, this dinner was just fine prepared in the kitchen.

(And the peach-avocado salsa?  Definitely worth making again.  Chop up a ripe peach and saute in 1 TSP of butter until very tender.  Remove from heat and cool to room temp.  Add chopped avocado, 2 TBSP fresh lime juice, 1/4C chopped red onion , a handful of torn fresh mint or basil and salt and red pepper flakes to taste.)

Today’s DRINK: We cracked a bottle on our baller balcony last night.  The first of many, I am sure!

Here’s the bottle:

Clear Bottle Bay Pinot Grigio.  Admittedly, I have a hard time with white pinots.  I always think they taste watery and sharp and too fruity.  This one was okay…and certainly a refreshing thing to sip on a warm night, and worth its <$10 price tag.  But…ehh.  Maybe I just need to get a little better educated on the lighter whites (pinots, sauvignon blancs, etc) because I always think they taste way too light (probably makes sense compared to my beloved Chardonnay, which runs through my blood like a life force).

Oh yeah, and the balcony:

I know that so many of you have fabulous yards and decks that put our little balcony to shame, but I have to say: I kind of love having a little outdoor space. 🙂  We get the western light of the sunset and it’s just a perfect place to sip a glass of wine as the day darkens!

Today’s RUN: Yesterday and today were both treadmill runs.  Yes, I am a huge weenie and will not brave 90+ degree temps to run outside.  Especially when there’s a treadmill in my building.

Yesterday: 1 mile warm up, 4 miles tempo (just under 30 minutes, 7:30 pace), 1 mile cool down.  6 miles total.

Today: easy run, 5 miles in 41:50.

And on tap for tomorrow: a long run outside.  Like, 2+ hours long.  Yep, I am going to get my butt out of bed at 6 AM and get it done.  Because who knows what will happen, running-wise, in Paraguay.

Today’s QUESTION: How many countries and/or continents have you visited?  What was your favorite?


16 responses to “South America and salmon

  1. omg that balcony is AMAZING! we have a balcony at my apartment but no where near as nice as yours! i’m wayyyy jealous.

    and have so much fun in paraguay! again. way jealous. i’ve only been to europe (and north america duh) and i loved it. i want to go back. and go to all the other continents.

  2. The new place looks great! The views are killer. Have fun in Paraguay. What an adventure!

    Hmm, lets see. Continents? Only two. I covered all of North America pretty well and a few places in Europe. I have a long way to go.

  3. Wow, what an amazing view! I love our balconey, too, even if the view is of the parking garage next door.

    I have only been to two continents if I’m allowed to count North America.

  4. Congrats on your arrival in NC – the moving thing I can sympathize with…..we moved about 8 time in the first 6 years we were married, including an overseas relocation to the Netherlands. I still find numbered tags on things like my ironing board from when the movers itemized our stuff for the cargo shipment. But it’s exciting!!!!

    As for continents…..can’t beat Africa. I would get on a plane right now even if I only was able to spend 24 hours in South Africa. Worth every second of the 19 hour, mind-numbing plane ride.

  5. Your posts always make me smile…I feel like you NEED to move back to California so we can hang out.
    I’ve been to 30 countries on 6 continents, a fact I’m way more proud of than I probably should be.

  6. Ahhh, seeing your new apartment makes me just want to move out of NYC already. It is beautiful! And a patio?! Very nice.

    Have a great time this weekend!

  7. Oh. Is the guest room ready yet? #ticketsfromewrare189bucks

    I haven’t been to too many continents – just Europe and Central America. I definitely want to hit all of them before I expire. Preferably before I am 50. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I had a GREAT 24 hours in Berlin. That’s my only Germany experience, but it was a good one!

  8. beeeeeautiful living room. amazing how our standards are lowered after living in new york, and spaces like that seem outta this world awesome, when really i think plenty of people have a spacious living room with natural light.

    enjoy south america! take many pictures, pleeease?

    i’ve only been to four countries in europe, canada and cuba. random but cool, eh?

  9. Glad that your move went well! Your apartment looks really neat! I would not have run in 90 degree temps either, way too hot for wimpy me!

    I have been to 5 continents (#6 coming soon!!!!!), I’m not sure how many countries, I haven’t counted in a while. We’ll call it 25-ish.

  10. Ah I love your place! I went straight from college to the ‘burbs and I’m totally jealous of anyone that gets to experience downtown living. And Paraguay! How cool is that? I backpacked through Europe after college, visiting 11 countries in two months. It was crazy, but so much fun!

  11. Nice work on the unpacking front:)

    I’ve been to 3 continents so far: N. America, Europe and Asia. Tackling a lot of the US right now while things are cheap:) Have fun in Paraguay!

  12. Love the new place! Love the floors. Nice. And I love both the views from inside and out.

    I’ve been to 2 (including North America). Loved Europe!

  13. Your digs look dope. Send out the addy so we can all enjoy the sunlight and views!!

  14. I want to go drink wine on your balcony!! Such a pretty view 🙂

    I’ve only been to countries in North America. I really need to hit up Europe one of these days.

  15. The new place looks awesome – I really think you’re going to love it there 🙂

    Have an amazing time this weekend – I’m super jealous of all the traveling you’ve done!

  16. hey, i just found your blog and lookin’ forward to reading more! how exciting that you’ve visited 5 continents. i’ve only seen 2. (born in Canada, but i’ve been living in Australia for a few years now.) looks like you’ve found a great apartment! have fun and good luck settling in 🙂

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