Scarce snuggle space

In our new apartment, the hubs and I lack a couch.  In NYC, we’d been rolling with a futon that I’d had since 1999, my sophomore year of college.  Classy, right?  I loved that futon, but it was time to say goodbye.

I mean, we are 30 years old.  It’s time to have some grown-up furniture, dammit.

Thus, a real couch is very high on the to-buy list, but I’ve never purchased a couch before and am a tad overwhelmed.  In the meantime, we have one measly chair to provide butt space for two adults and two cats.

Competition is fierce.

Which is how I end up in situations like this:

Ahem, Parker.  You’re blocking my view, buddy.

He may be 20 pounds of solid black cat, and he certainly has that “don’t make me cut you” glare perfected, but he is such a big mush.  He just wants to snuggle.  I feel bad every time I boot him off.

Can’t wait until we have a nice big couch on which everyone can spread out!

Today’s EAT: I had planned to pull a fast one on the hubs and mix up some black bean burgers for tonight’s dinner.  But he got home early and my motivation for entering the “but really, it’s delicious, even though it’s meatless” battle waned.

Enter Trader Joe’s Thai Shrimp Dumplings:

I cut up a yellow squash and tossed it into the pan too.  If we are going to eat snack food for dinner, we can at least bolster it with a veggie or two.

Today’s DRINK: This Newton’s Folly Cider was on heavy promotion at TJ’s today:

Fall = apples = cider, I guess?  Aside from being pretty sweet, it wasn’t bad.  I prefer drier ciders but given how insanely cheap this was (like, $4 for a six-pack) I’m not complaining!

Today’s RUN: I dragged my butt out of bed this morning and shuffled through seven slow miles.  It wasn’t even particularly hot or humid today, but I think I’m still dragging from traveling and, ahem, staying up way past my bedtime last weekend.

Today’s QUESTION: Furniture – do you have grown-up stuff that will last a while, or Ikea hand-me-downs? We own very little in the way of real furniture at this point.  This couch purchase is, like, a huge step for us.


19 responses to “Scarce snuggle space

  1. Sorry hun, not much help with furniture input.
    I do however have some on your skeeter problem.
    Just talked to my brainy nutrutionist friend who knows ALL the natural remedies for stuff.
    To make those suckers hate your blood, she says to take a homeopathic by Boiron called Staphysagria.
    If you do get bit, take the Leedum.
    Or drink some vinegar every day.
    A natural repellent for smaller or enclosed areas is somthing she says you can buy in a camping store that is a small credit card sized battery powered device that emits inaudible dragonfly sounds…apparently a feared predator of the lowly skeeter.
    There are other natural remedies as some of your blogger friends mentioned too….all much better than subjecting yourself and others to bad bad chemicals.
    Good luck!
    Luv, Dad

  2. OH no do not buy an Ikea sofa- big waste of money and not comfortable at all! I bought one in grad school for $1500 (it was the cheapest real sofa) and it was boxy and stiff and almost as bad as a hard-backed chair. When I started my job I went to West Elm (don’t know if they have them in NC) and got the most amazing-ly comfortable section for $2500- not that much more in price but about 100000x better quality- looked basically brand new after we sold it when we moved after 2.5yrs. At typical furniture stores the sofas seemed so over priced, upwards of $5000 . . . so see if you have a West Elm, it’s worth looking into IMO. Good luck!

  3. lifeisbeachykeen

    We don’t have a lot of furniture, but what we do have is hand-me-downs. Not Ikea though, ick.

    Good Luck w/ the couch buy! That would be a tough decision.

  4. I just freakin’ love cats. They are the best. I’m glad you’re getting settled!

    Since I’m still in renting/roommate life, I don’t have real furniture – the desk I use is from middle school and my bed is a Craigslist find. The one thing I do feel attached to is this butcher block table my dad constructed years ago. It’s beautiful (I cover it with post its!) and I use it to house my growing oil/spice/condiment/dried good collection. Not quite Ikea, not quite couch territory, but definitely a keeper. For now.

  5. apples are the way to go 🙂

    my roomies and i got our couch for free so i can’t really complain about it hahahh

  6. We have a great couch and loveseat set from my husbands sister and a dining room table from his former boss. Some of the end tables are parts of a shelving unit that should belong in a garage but we live in an apartment, sooo no garage.

  7. Our house is fully stocked with adult furniture, but I owe it all to my mom. We wouldn’t let her help us with the down payment on the house and she pitched a fit so we let her buy us a dining room set. And then things got out of control. For my birthday she bought us a bedroom set, and for my husband’s graduation — a couch and a comfy chair. I know one day we can count on her for a complete nursery … we’re so spoiled.

  8. We also have a ton of “hand-me-down” furniture. Our house is small right now, and it just doesn’t make sense to buy nice furniture we don’t have room for! Our only real furniture purchase has been 3 refinished, unique antique dressers that were a steal (under $700 for all) that should stay with us for a long time. I think it’s a good plan to acquire nice things slow and deliberately. I guess that means most of our furniture will be shabby for awhile:)

  9. after purchasing a grown up mattress (it was pricey! and it’s a queen!) i decided to buy an ikea bed frame to save some money. i know, i know. but at least my dresser is pretty snazzy – it’s a cheap antique from a yard sale, which is the style i wish i could furnish my entire room with, which is nearly impossible. however there is a ton of curbside furniture in brooklyn and i’m hoping to snag a desk one of these days!

  10. We have an ivory leather sectional given to us 5 years ago by my in-law.s The hubby and I have been shopping for a new couch for a long time. We are talking over a year! I know what I want but can’t seem to find it. When I do find one I love, it ends up being way to big for our space. So the search continues…

  11. LOL I’ve been planning out the “but really it’s delicious, even though it’s meatless” attack too. My husband balks at the idea of black bean burgers but I truly think he would like them. One of these days I’m gonna get up the energy/courage to do it!

    Good luck with the couch thing! I had all hand-me-down furniture until last Summer I finally got up the nerve to spend the money on new stuff. Honestly, I’m not thrilled with what I picked out. I’m just not good at making those “big decisions” and I kind of wish I had picked something else…I’m just not sure what. LOL Oh well! Now I just have to wait another 5-10 years before I get new stuff. I hope you have better luck than I did!

  12. When I moved here I had like…no furniture. I’d only lived in a studio apartment and I didn’t even have a bed – I had a shitty futon that gave me back issues. I sucked it up, went to Value City Furniture and got a bed, couch and dresser which took me two years to pay off mostly because I didn’t even have cash to buy used shit and no hand me downs to speak of. Its worked out ok, though the couch is already kind of gross looking. (My fault as its red and suede. ;p) And the mattress already kind of saggy. Blah.

    The rest of my furniture was bought at Target, Wal Mart or K Mart. Plus a table from the 60s I got from my parents. Class all the way.

  13. Our furniture is all hand-me-downs! DH’s parents downsized to an apartment after our wedding and gave us tons of stuff. Then his grandparents offered us a bedroom suite that they’d had since the 1950’s. Even our china cabinet was something my parents snagged when their church redecorated. Very little of it is actually my “style” so I look forward to the day when we can pick out our own furniture!

  14. I still have a futon that i got 9 years ago for my first NYC apartment!! As well as an IKEA coffee table and a 7-year old IKEA shelving unit 😛 So yeah, I guess not really much in terms of “real” furniture (unless you count my bed, dresser and nightstand) If anything, only thing I’d like to upgrade right now would be my dresser so I can have something with deeper drawers that can hold more.

    Oh and something I remember my old roommate telling me (this woulda been around 7 yrs ago) since she didnt like my futon and wanted to get rid of it in favor of a real couch was that “oh when you move to your next place you’ll have to get a real couch, we’re too old to still have a futon” or something like that (I was around 26-27 at the time) Um, furniture upgrades have nothing to do with how old you are, but has a lot to do with $$ and if you have it.

    Looks like your new place is coming along real nice!! Love the pics you’ve posted of it recently…envious of your terrace 🙂

    (BTW, every time I see an ad for the movie “Eat Pray Love” it reminds me of your blog…hehe.

  15. Nothing to do with couches, etc….but since you live in Raleigh, are you attending Hopscotch? Lots of great local bands! Plus, I’m sure an “Only Burger” food truck will be around somewhere. My friends in Raleigh claim it’s the best burger!

  16. Cute Parker. 🙂

    We have grown up furniture and and an Ikea bedroom set that is in our guest bedroom. I don’t really care for Ikea stuff, but 10 years ago it worked.
    Good Luck on your couch purchase!

  17. ooh, I would be overwhelmed by couch purchasing also. I currently have probably the cheapest one ever in life from Jennifer Convertables. My other furniture (sadly) is mostly from Ikea and was purchased back in my college days. Needless to say, I’m overdue for an upgrade but I never see to get around to it!

    Parker’s glare is scuuuring me. 🙂

  18. We have a super nice bedroom set, and everything else is Ikea. We used to have this great couch, but since we rent it didn’t fit up the stairs of our current place and so we sold it and went to Ikea to add to our growing collection of assembled furniture. It’s really not all that bad I mean if you move a lot it’s like disposable.

  19. Your dad is so cute 🙂

    We have “big kid” furniture, but that’s due to my demands. If it were up to him, he would fill our home with stuff from college that’s been god knows where!

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