Team player

Ugh, I still need to run today.

I’ve been uttering that to myself far too often lately.  Usually followed by, what should I do?  How far?  How fast?  Where?  When?

Too many decisions.  Too much thinking.  You know what?  I never realized how much I liked the structure of being a part of a team.

My, how things have changed since I wrote this angsty post last February!  Apparently I’m not as free-wheeling as I thought I was.  Running with CPTC in New York was physically intense, but mentally it was a breeze.  Because so many runs were planned for me.  Show up at this track on this day and run this workout.  Meet up with teammates for recovery runs and long runs.  I was running six days a week and four of them were generally taken care of, with two speed workouts, a recovery run and a long run.  That only left a couple of days to fight the self-motivation battle.  It was nice.

I need to get some of that structure back in my running life.  And to do that, I need some planned workouts and some running partners.  A competitive club like CPTC would be great, but I’m not sure if I’m going to find that here.  So I’m prepared to do this piecemeal.

With that in mind, I jogged over to Tir Na Nog for their weekly nOg Run Club.  And holy crap: there were like 200 people there.  Honestly, it was a little overwhelming.  Although I had a nice run and chatted with some great people, I didn’t exactly leave with a gaggle of new running BFFs.

Maybe next week.

I will keep trying.

I remember how terrified I was when I went to my first CPTC practice.  Like, sheet-my-pants terrified.  But I made it through those first few nerve wrecking practices – and obviously am glad I did.  If I can survive that, I can conquer this chaos of this new group too.

Today’s EAT: We had a late dinner tonight.  Plates on the table at 10:30PM!

Sea scallops over onions and potatoes and whole grain rice with a red curry sauce.  (Confession – the sauce was from Trader Joe’s, from a jar.)  And some edamame, because otherwise the entire plate would have been a very unappealing orange-brown color.

Today’s DRINK: When I decided that dinner would be scallops, I popped this bottle of Zafrika Sauvignon Blanc in the fridge to chill:

I hadn’t yet decided that the preparation would be a spicy, earthy curry.  This light lemony wine would have been a great pairing if I’d done the scallops more traditionally, but it wasn’t the best match for the curry.  Oh well!  It was still tasty.

Today’s RUN: 5 miles in 43:00.  Kinda junky.

Gearing up for two key workouts this week: a long run (20) tomorrow and a tempo of some sort on Thursday.  Even if I don’t run another step all week, I must get these two sessions in.  I’ve gotta get back to real workouts instead of just poking along.

Today’s QUESTION: Do you run with a team, club, group, partner?  Or do you go solo?


11 responses to “Team player

  1. Yeah, I can’t run with people. It stresses me out. Particularly if they’re faster than me because then I have to listen to them whine about how they’re running so slowly and its just…too much. And with big, friendly WE LOVE TO RUN groups I just…don’t fit in. I don’t fit in with most runners generally, something I’ve noticed more over the past ten years or so. As things have gotten more inclusive, I find I become more of an oddball doing EVERYTHING solo.


    Also, believe it or not I’m not exactly outgoing (i know, a SHOCK. A SHOCK that someone who hates people isn’t the life of the party!) and I tend to freak out among fast people. Maybe its PTSD from my brief attempt to run collegiately (it didn’t go well.), but I just…can’t do it. I keep my head down and don’t talk to people since I just sit there feeling all sorts of fat, insecure and slow.

    Wow this is way too long a reply.

    Anyhow, yeah.

    • You make me laugh. You would have HATED this thing I went to last night. It was a bit much even for me.

      Let’s meet up for a silent run and then brood in the corner of the bar afterward sometime!

  2. lol. edamame often ends up on my plate for the same reason. Its a staple in our freezer and makes me feel more worldly then just eating peas.

  3. I’ve always run solo except for my weekly long runs. The only reasons I run with a group for those is because in the summer we have to run so dang early it’s not safe. Once winter comes I usually run all my runs alone.

    I find that most runners just bore me to death. Ha! The conversations just make me want to poke my eyes out. Also, I think it’s weird to get in the car and drive to run somewhere when I live 1 mile from the beach. Where could I possibly be driving that’s better than that?

  4. I generally run solo. But sometimes I run with my husband.

    I would love to find a team though for the reason you gave: structure. No real thought as to what to do or how long to do it; that’s pretty much decided for you.

  5. Congrats on getting out there and running with a new group – I definitely think that’s the hardest part. I’m sure you will find some people there that you’ll click well with! 🙂

    I was even a little anxious to start running with you guys a while back, since I’ve always been primarily a solo runner. I’m so glad I did because now I know I love having running buddies! I would also love to be part of a team (like CPTC if I ever get a little faster) if I had more time.

  6. It’s so hard finding your groove with people. It’s absolutely like dating, except the stakes are so much higher…sort of…but really. Making new friends is rough. Seriously, keep trying. Maybe your new running BFF couldn’t make it last night. People take time to open up, but running does bring people together. I really crave the team experience, from cheering to being cheered on to trash talking in workouts, which is why I gravitate toward them.

  7. I am usually a solo runner. I think this is mainly due to A) my sporadic schedule and B) the lack of a running club close by. I will run with friends or family if we’re together on the weekend, but during the week I just fit runs in wherever I can – with very little notice sometimes. If I had a running club closer by I would try it, but alas, that is not the case. Good luck on this last 20-miler! Hope the nOg Run club (or another area club) works out for you.

  8. i always run solo and i always feel like i’m running by the seat of my pants. i’d love to try and find a running club nearby (my co-worker and i are even talking about looking for one!) but it very likely won’t fit into my busy schedule. *sigh*

    good luck with the 20 and hope the club works out for you 🙂

  9. I prefer to run solo. I can go at my own pace and I don’t feel like I have to try and run faster (or slower) depending on my running buddy. Someday I would like to try a running club though.

  10. Finding people to run with makes everything easier. I agree. That’s why I joined a team in the first place (which as indicated by my “free agent” post I’m on the lookout for a new one). Anyway, keep at it – sometimes the first time won’t be the best, but like Sarah said maybe that person wasn’t there last night

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