Nine hundred miles

Hey, how’d you spend your Saturday?  I spent mine driving.

And driving.  And driving.  And then driving some more.  Illinois, Indiana, southern Ohio, West Virginia, a small slice of Virginia and then home sweet North Carolina.

900 miles.  15 hours.  Four large iced coffees.  Zero speeding tickets (huzzah!)

Why?  Because our car was in Illinois and needed to be moved to NC.  Don’t ask.

I tried to think of ways to make this some sort of fun road trip, but at the end of the day it just needed to happen.  So I sacked up, bought a one-way ticket to Chicago, and steeled myself for a very long day of driving.

Actually, it wasn’t as bad as it sounded.  Spending hours in the car by myself was a great excuse to exercise my vocal cords (hello, “Summer 2003” mix CD!)  I even threw myself a little dance party on the home stretch – the clock was approaching midnight and my eyelids were getting seriously heavy, but a local radio station was just getting started with its Saturday night club mix.  Exhaustion has nothin’ on Pitbull!

Anyway.  I don’t have much else to say about my weekend.  I still owe the running gods a 20-miler at some point.  Curses.

Although I didn’t make it out for a long run, I did pound out an easy six on Sunday at Johnson Lake.  This is literally five minutes from downtown Raleigh:

Mostly paved paths, but there are a couple of miles of real trails to be found here too.  Johnson Lake isn’t huge, but for shorter runs it’s fantastic!  Just don’t piss off the geese:


I returned home and tackled a task I’d been dreading almost as much as the car transport: getting rid of flattened boxes.  They were sitting in a corner of the living room in a five-foot-high stack.  They needed to be sitting in a recycling dumpster down on the loading dock.  So, congratulating myself on my resourcefulness, I loaded all of the flattened boxes into a box and began to scoot it across the floor.

Aaaaaand fail.

It would please me to never see a box again.

Back at ya tonight with a more worthwhile post, wherein I will not complain about moving or driving.  Promisies.


4 responses to “Nine hundred miles

  1. Yes! I love old Cd’s with great music! I also spend long drives exercising my vocal cords. I have made a few trips to Ga by myself (6hrs) and spend the majority of the time singing. The first drive my voice was hoarse from singing so much, that’s a true story.

    I feel your pain with the box situation. We flattened our boxes and threw them out the window onto the driveway as we were done with them. Then Chris loaded them into his truck and took them to the recycling place.. We still have boxes in the garage to unpack. Ugh!

  2. i think looooooooong trips are what you make of them. love the pictures! yay for being done with moving 🙂

  3. Zomg! I love my summer of 2003 CD more than anything… I still have it on all of my computers & iPods. That really was a great year for the Summer Single.

  4. Holy crap! 900 miles? I don’t think I’ve ever been in a car for 900 miles. I bet you are exhausted!

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