Millions of peaches

(And that’s the second time I’ve used a fruit-related song reference as a post title in the last week.  Sweet.)


Everywhere I turn lately on the interwebs I’m seeing gushing posts and tweets about the cool weather, Pumpkin Spice lattes, yay-fall-is-here and blah blah blah.

But it was 96* here today.  I am kind of crying inside.  I love fall and right now I feel like I’ve been cheated.  I survived a summer of record breaking heat in NYC only to move to the South and continue dealing with it.  And like Rachel, I am kind of over hearing about how everyone else is enjoying fall!

One upside, though?  Summer fare is still bountiful!  No, we have not yet caught squash-and-stew fever down here.  We’re still knee-deep in corn and berries.  And peaches.

I suppose that’s a silver lining.  Because I love peaches.

I also love big-ass salads, and there is nothing better than a ripe peach in a big-ass salad.

You’ll all have moved on to gingerbread or something, I suppose, by the time it feels cool enough here to care about pumpkins.  In the meantime, enjoy a crisp autumn run for me, please?  Because I almost melted on my run today.

Today’s EAT: The hubs was working late tonight.  Poor hubs. I kind of like being on my own for dinner sometimes, though.  It’s fun to just eat whatever the hell I want and indulge my cravings at the moment!

Tonight I was craving dates, so I pilfered some of my BAS fixins’ and made a little appetizer:

Medjool dates, goat cheese, pancetta.  I shuddered with pleasure while eating them, and I’m getting aftershocks looking at the pics now.  Such a perfect combination of flavors.

Then, on to the BAS!

On tonight’s plate: spring mix, pancetta, sliced peaches, goat cheese and homemade croutons.  I kept the dressing simple – just a little balsamic and honey – to offset the rich and fatty pancetta.  Surprisingly, the croutons were the star of this salad, though!  And they took less than five minutes to make.  I just cubed a hunk of fresh baguette and fried the pieces in olive oil and a little salt.

I think I might go back and have more dates for dessert. 🙂

Today’s DRINK: I wanted a nice, mellow red wine to sip with my salty salad, and I got lucky with this pick!

Well Red organic red table wine.  Cheap at TJ’s.  Simple and tasty.  Not the most complex wine, but perfect for a weeknight salad!

Today’s RUN: No, I did not do my long run today.  The water was shut off in my building and I didn’t relish doing a long run in the morning and then not being able to shower all day.  I’m currently shooting for Thursday for that 20 miler.

I did venture out for a run this afternoon, though.  It was hot.  I ran slow.  I think I did around 8 miles.  Meh.

Because it was a boring running day, how about an embarrassing pic from the high school cross-country era?

Courtesy of Facebook and one of my old HS teammates!  Apparently I decided to bring the hotness big-time on this trip to Foot Locker Regionals in California my senior year.  I mean…the bandana?  The giant yellow vest?  The sweatshirt around the waist?  WTF is happening there?

Tomorrow, I’m stuck at home waiting on some furniture delivery (hooray for a couch!) so look forward to a scintillating report on my treadmill run.  I know I am.

Today’s QUESTION: What were you in HS?  Prep, jock, nerd, other? I would say I was a nerdy jock who hung out on the very outer edge of the prep/popular crowd, but looking at these pictures I’m going to simply categorize myself as a fashion disaster.


13 responses to “Millions of peaches

  1. ummmm i was kind of a jock because i did a lot of sports but i didn’t hang out with any other sports people. so that makes me an other? my friends and i all joke that we’re friends simply because we were all socially awkward hahah

    and 96*?! wow. i need to move south. stat.

  2. now that we’ve lost the heat, our peaches are totally icky. all mealy and stuff. for some reason talking about peaches is always gonna seem wrong and just plain gross, and i blame the song for that. damnit.

    aaanyway. your BAS looks bitchin’, as does the date appetizer. i enjoy the solo dinner from time to time too, especially when i’ve got pleeently of time to think up what i want, sip wine, and cook on my own. good times.

    love the HS pic. too funny! it’s funny you bring this up. now that i’m working at a high school i’m thinking more about who i was back then… and let me tell ya, it’s not fun! i was shy, totally emotionally shut off from most, and just plain messed up. so happy it’s over and i’ve grown up a bit! oy vey.

  3. Sorry you’re getting shorted on fall… but you’ll be able to lord it over the northerners in February when you’re negotiating pleasantly cold temperatures and the rest of us are whining about shoveling three feet of snow in negative wind chill. That’s an amazing hs XC picture! I have one of me hanging out at an xc meet wearing silver spandex and yellow/brown striped leg warmers with a neon green shirt. I honestly thought it was cool. Cringe.

  4. Probably an “other”. I knew everyone in my class, but I had my close group of friends. I wasn’t into fitness until recently so I was mostly the band, chorus, and drama student in school.

  5. I always joke that I was popular by association — I wasn’t cool, but somehow my best friends were (student body president, theatre lead, etc). But then, we went to a visual and performing arts school so everyone was a little … eccentric. I’m pretty sure I could have been classified as a fashion disaster too. I seem to remember my favorite outfit involving volour tops and overalls…

  6. I was the nerd. I had food thrown at me. True story.

    I loooove peaches and I can’t wait for summer so we can get some good quality (more) local ones. The imported ones are very expensive and not fantastic. A big bowl of peach, blueberries and strawberries, yes please!

  7. I was super excited to see the title of your post, I love the song Peaches , by Presidents of the USA.. I listened to it on the way to work this morning & I made sure it was played at our wedding. =)

    It’s not fall in Florida either, don’t feel bad. This morning the thermometer said 69 when I took the dogs out. By time I got in my car to go to work it said 76, and I think the high today is in the 90’s. Welcome to the south =/

    In highschool, hmm, I don’t think I really hung out with one crowd imparticular. I dated country boys, and I drove a big truck my 11th & 12th grd year. I was friends w/ people in all groups. I ate lunch w/ the popular kids. I had classes w/ the popular smart kids.

    I had no style. Whatever was comfortable. I would seriously go to school in sofee shorts & tshirts some days. I did not care one ounce what I wore until I was a senior. Then I wore boots & wranglers, lol, yah.

    Today, I’m not friends with any of them. I don’t talk to any of them on a regular basis. A FB Hi every now and then is about as much talking as I do w/ my HS friends.

  8. I was on the dance team all 4 years of HS and captain my senoir year. We had a fairly large clique that all hung out together every single weekend. We had 40 of us in Panama City Beach, FL for spring break. I’d guess we were the “popluar” kids. Whatev. being popular in HS doesn’t get you anywhere in life. 🙂
    And I have to say, I am totally digging the bandana! You look tough!

  9. Ahh your BAS combos are right up my alley. And dates? Yeah I buy them in 3lb containers at Costco these days.

    I was mildly athletic in high school and ran with the prep/jock crowd which in my high school was one in the same. Love the flashback photo. I also had an over sized clothing problem from about age 13-16. Especially athletic wear.

  10. OMG. OMG I love that picture. There is just so much goodness in it, from the expression on your face to the doorag to the sweatshirt. Soon it will be sweatshirt time in NC. I assume.

    I was a hardcore, 100 percent theater geek in high school. We were like “Glee,” except less talented and no sassy black girls. Not by design, just the way it was.

  11. Mmmm I have fresh farmers market goat cheese…I need some dates for stuffin’!

    Re: high school. I started off strong. I was a cheerleader. I had potential.

    Then I gave up sports and started doing drama full-time. It was ALL DOWNHILL FROM THERE.

  12. I love dates filled with nut butter, so I think I would REALLY like them with goat cheese, yum. You have great meal ideas! I miss you running friend. I am going to come visit you this winter, no joke.

  13. Oooh, amazing salad combo, and now I have the peaches song in my head 🙂

    Good luck on the 20 tomorrow – remember, soon it’ll be January and you can relish in the fact that it will not be blizzarding and 10 degrees in NC!

    Love the picture!! I’m not sure what I was in high school – a quiet smarty pants athlete, nowhere near the “cool” people but always ok with it!

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