Core incompetencies

You know what hurts after my long run this morning?  My freaking back.

Legs feel fine.  Feet?  Never better.  But my entire back, upper and lower, feels achy and exhausted.  I guess the fact that I haven’t lifted a finger in the weight room or unrolled my yoga mat in the last three months is catching up to me.  Yep – I have done zero strength or core work through most of this training cycle.  I suck.

With three weeks to go until marathon, though, it’s too late to do much about it.  It’s just so hard for me to do anything but run, when I’m logging 50+ miles a week.

Anyway.  The hubs and I are at the airport, off to yet another weekend wedding adventure – this one in Aspen, CO!  Maybe I’ll inquire about a massage…

Today’s EAT: After my run this morning, I was rushing around trying to pack and prepare for the trip and honestly didn’t get to eat anything but a handful of crackers until late afternoon.  Oops.

When we got to the airport, I snagged this pizza and took it to the face.

Poor little sad pizza.  It spent the last hours of its life under a heat lamp, only to be shoved rather violently down my gullet.

The hubs, on the other hand, has opted to purchase fried chicken to bring on board the plane.  I am planning to pretend that I don’t know him when all of the other passengers shoot us scornful looks.

Today’s DRINK: Food just sounded meh, but you know what I was really craving after my long run?

I don’t drink soda all that often, but sometimes a Diet Coke really hits the spot.

Today’s RUN: Twenty miles.  Well, ish.  I still haven’t found my Garmin (insert tears of sorrow) so I just went for time while wandering the bridle paths at Umstead.

It should have been three hours even, but I slowed way down during the last hour.  This run sort of kicked my ass.  I even walked some on the hills.  I am definitely still not accustomed to the rolling terrain here.

I also made the mistake of sleeping in this morning.  It was nearly 9 AM by the time I hit the trails.  That meant it was nearly noon and over 90* by the time I got back to the car.

Let me tell ya: running up a sandy hill while the sun beats down on my is not my idea of a good time.  I was pretty miserable through the latter half of this run.  My fault though.  I should have started earlier, like I’d planned to.

But it’s done, even if it wasn’t exactly the most confidence-building long run I’ve had.   And it’s taper time now!

Today’s QUESTION: Soda – yay or nay? I know many people believe it to be evil; I’m kind of on the fence.  I do feel better when I’m not drinking it every day, but damn Diet Coke, why do you have to be so tasty?


23 responses to “Core incompetencies

  1. diet coke with lime = huge YAY for me. it always hits the spot.
    and i feel you with the back. even when i do core work i always am feeling it!

  2. I cut soda out of my diet a few years ago and never miss it. Every once in a blue moon I’ll take a swig of my husband’s but it never tastes like I remember it — it’s far too sweet. Oh, well.

  3. I used to be a Mountain Dew-aholic. Bad. I had all sorts of GI issues. I quit drinking mountain dew, voila, GI issues no more.

    I drink Dr. Pepper once or twice a week. I really don’t think a Dr. Pepper is going to kill me. . . and if it does, well, at least I was drinking something I like when I went out =p

    Great job on the 20miles!

  4. Yes. I am an unap0logetic soda drinker. I guess if you live in the south now you have to call it Coke. Anyhow, I drink maybe five a week and like ’em.

    I’m sorry you’ve been having a rough time with running. It’s crazy month with Chicago coming up, AND you moved, AND you were in Paraguay, AND the Garmin is still on holiday. Damn. You are to be commended like whoa for getting out there and getting it done. I am impressed.

  5. coke zero = my drug of choice. I tell myself it’s ok because I don’t drink coffee (and in my line of work there are plenty of other chemicals that will kill me much faster than the ones in soda), but really… I ought to cut back.

  6. I have cut WAY back on soda since college…but a diet dr. pepper now and then makes me verrrry happy

  7. big secrets: i never do ab/ core workouts. and i drink a shit-ton of diet soda. shhhh!

    pizza looks yum. when you’re hungry, even airport pizza does the trick. enjoy CO! let me know how it is – me and BT are thinking of going in december/ january (we are ski bums, so it should be awesome).

    • In CO I’ve skiied in Aspen, Vail and Steamboat and Aspen is my favorite! 🙂 I love it out here. Expensive as hell, but so beautiful. Chat me up when your trip gets closer!

  8. I try to do core but it always ends up like the forgotten step child. Oops. I drink soda sometimes and you know what – I have no issues with it.

    Colorado! You know my feelings on it:) I love it!!!!

  9. Nice job getting through the run! Even though I do core work pretty much every day, my back is sometimes sore after long runs and I think it’s because my posture gets screwed up (I tend to hunch my shoulders and/or slouch).

    I never drink soda – I can’t remember the last time I had any! I pretty much think it’s a useless beverage, to be honest.

    Have fun at the wedding and happy tapering!!

  10. I totally agree. Nothing hits the spot like an icy diet coke sometimes.

    I’ve got nothing against artificial sweetner, I cosume plenty of it in other stuff. I finally kicked the diet coke habit about 6 months ago out of respect for my teeth. Oh lordy, I could have bought a small car considering what 2 rounds of braces (once as a kid, once as an adult) and a Zoom whitening treatment have cost. Carbonation and caramel coloring can’t be doing anything good for them.

  11. Well first off, I am one of those weird people that does not call it “soda” or “coke” but “pop!” I have a pop when I feel like it, so probably a few times per week and maybe an occasional mixed drink. I don’t really worry about it. I do drink a ton of water, milk (and coffee) so I figure it all balances out ok! Good job on the 20. Have a good flight, and I hope you find your Garmin.

  12. I love, love, LOVE diet Sun-Drop (you must try now that you live here!) – but have decided to give up all soda for my first marathon training. So, after my marathon, I WILL enjoy champagne & diet Sun-Drop afterwards in celebration 🙂

  13. Hmmm….it’s either Coke Zero or some format of Diet grapefruit pop (Fresca, Squirt, 50/50…).

    The back is a no win situation for you. After training for years on the flat tundra of Chicago, I ran in Nashville while visiting the inlaws. The hills were brutal (ditto for the heat) but wouldn’t you know it….my back was the WORST in the days that followed. I’m convinced it has something to do with both severely working out the hammies on the hills as well as tensing up as you see the hills approaching (ugh…not another one…..ugh…..).

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  15. I switched from diet soda to sparkling water. I feel MUCH better! Once in awhile I do want a diet coke, but usually I’m good with sparkling water.

  16. I used to be a diet-coke-aholic. It was really bad.

    Now, I just have one occasionally (it’s my go-to hangover cure!) and it’s oh so good. I have to sip & savor it though- chugging like I used to gives me the worst headache.

  17. I went from not drinking pop (yes, pop not soda where I’m from) ever until junior year of college and having access to unlimited free diet coke (restaurant jobs) and becoming a 3 D.C. a day gal. I was down to about 5 a week a year ago then just one day decided to quit. I will still drink one if the mood strikes me – like with a sandwich and chips for lunch – but it doesn’t sound as good as it used to.

    About the back – I have been having issues with my psoas muscle(s) lately and if you use the google a lot of the stretches you will find might apply.

  18. Through June and July I actually was pretty good about fitting in at least one day of abs/yoga a week. Once August came around and I was prepping to move…there were days something had to give in order for me to fit in packing and other stuff, and it couldn’t be running…

    I was actually a fan of Vanilla Coke! 🙂

  19. I don’t think soda is evil, but since going gaga about NYC training it has disappeared from our household. Still, I drink coffee like a fiend. With crushed ice, there are not many things better than Dr. Pepper.

    The great thing about your long run? It was speedwork in disguise and great prep for you to go fast in 3 weeks. If you find a hill on the Chicago route, I’ll give you $1 billion.

  20. Diet coke helps curb my insatiable need for sweets without the cals, so I’m a 1/week fan, but I usually reserve it for the weekend libation:)

  21. I drink Dublin Dr. Pepper (w/real cane sugar) or Dr. Pepper every once in awhile @ a restaurant and then I don’t even finish my drink.

    Stay away from Diet…Diet=Artificial Sweeteners! 😉

  22. Dude, my back has been KILLING me too. In fact, I’m shirking responsibilities and going for a post-work massage. Blah, I know it’s my own fault….but core work just never seems like a priority.

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