Rotating blogroll: badass edition

You know what?  I love chicks who have balls.  Well, not literally.  But you know what I mean.

Check it.  Here are three of my favorite badass bloggers:

  • Angry Runner: I love this concept.  The running-blog world needs more anger and sarcasm.  Bonus: when she’s not being angry, she’s really funny.
  • Sweaty Kid: She lives in Alaska and battles grizzlies on her runs.  Like, real ones.  And probably wolverines and polar bears too.  And, um…Yetis.  Talk about cajones.

Badass bloggers. Fewer smiley faces and smoothie pictures. More snark and bears.  Love them.

As for me?  My day was about as non-bad-ass as you can get.  I drove my yuppie SUV to Costco and then ran on the treadmill and then cleaned the floors.  Seriously…shoot me now.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be more badass and less desperate housewife.

Today’s EAT: Have I mentioned that I’m obsessed with salt?  I try to avoid eating it superfluously – like, in processed foods – but I do love a good salty meal.  I figure that if I’m going to consume it, I may as well enjoy it.

So I totally savored this Salmon Stir Fry, which was loaded with soy sauce:

Salmon, eggs, onions, bell peppers and garlic pan-fried with brown rice.  Yummmmm.

Today’s DRINK: Isn’t this cute?

Baby ducks on the label.  Of course it was going into my shopping cart.

Unfortunately, this Maxwell Creek Sauvignon Blanc kind of tasted like….lemonade.  And I like lemonade.  But if I want lemonade, I’ll buy a bottle of Crystal Light.

Today’s RUN: Recovery day.  Four easy miles on the treadmill.  Snore. Majorly boring, but I didn’t feel like dealing with hills or heat today.

Today’s QUESTION: Who are your favorite badass bloggers?


19 responses to “Rotating blogroll: badass edition

  1. Been wondering this for awhile….do you open a new bottle of wine every night? What do you do with the leftovers?

    • Haha…good question. When we open a new bottle, the hubs and I usually share it. If we don’t finish it and it was good, we save it for another night. If it was just meh, it goes in the “cooking wine” collection.

      This particular bottle was actually opened last night when we had company over. There was about a glass left so I finished it tonight. That probably contributed a bit to its lemony flavor, actually.

  2. Laura from While training for Kona, she’s been stung by a jellyfish and gotten poison oak all over a place you really don’t want to get it, but it hasn’t stopped her from training like a total badass.

  3. Favorite bloggers? Some defector who left Gotham for North Cakalaky. You might of heard of her … got a fair amount of ghetto in her from the PacNW?

  4. i am obsessed with salt too! i put it on EVERYTHING. seriously. probably a terrible habit to be into hahah!

  5. “Badass bloggers. Fewer smiley faces and smoothie pictures. More snark and bears. Love them.”

    HA HA HA HA HA – This, of course, is my aim. 😉 And keep building up the salt stores! It’ll pay off in Chicago, or so I hope.

  6. Ooh. I like your choices. Also applicable in the badass category, I think, is Karyn, above, for running 2,000 miles a week. And I know Nick Kristof doesn’t really count as a blogger, but he does blog, and is a badass, so he is my other pick.

    I once read an article about people buying wines solely based on their cute labels and being disappointed in the quality. This goes against every grain in my body. What is your experience?

    • I am always a sucker for cute labels. Honestly, I don’t understand wines that have ugly or dated-looking labels. You put all this effort into the winemaking and then slap some heinous gold-foiled mess on the front? Ugh.

      Anyway. I’d say my disappointment rate in wines with cute labels is similar to that of wines without cute labels. But that’s a totally unscientific guess.

      Karyn is indeed a badass. I’ll have to do a “people who can run way longer and way faster than me” edition of the blogroll soon 🙂

  7. I often wish I were more badass, but it does come out more in certain situations. is definitely badass for running the Pikes Peak marathon. I do think most runner/bloggers are pretty badass though!

  8. Fewer smilies and smoothies, more snark — what a fantastic tagline! I am blushing from all your compliments. Although I am farrrr more “pansy” than badass.

    I think Flo at is pretty badass. And Pen from just did an ironman, which gives her that Clint Eastwood badass gleam, too…

  9. another vote for Bridges Runner/nycbklyngirl 🙂 I too wish I was more badass…well in some circles, running 26.2 may be considered badass?? 😛

    Dinner looks yummy!! That may be a good addition to my tapering/carbo-loading food list…

  10. Okay I am excited to make the blogroll, but to make it as a badass is a true honor!!

    I keep it emoticon free because there’s no emoticon for “Are you f*cking kidding me?”

  11. I read 2/3 of your badass bloggers, so maybe I get my fix through others. My ass is not bad but it occasionally misbehaves.

  12. Ack google reader didn’t show this blog post. I agree with Kelly that most of us have BA in us it just comes out in different flavors. Thanks for the further reading suggestions 🙂

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