Saturday PSA

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Saturday for a very important message.

If you have one of these:

And you decide to wash it out before your long run…

make sure you rinse all of the soap out.

Unless you want to start a little party in here:

…in which case, carry on, my friend.  But I hope you’ve hired help to clean up after the festivities.



P.S. I was fortunate enough to only take one gulp of soapy Gatorade on my run this morning.  Therefore, major disaster was averted: after some foreboding gurgling, things calmed down and I felt fine.  But I’ve been down that road before and I know it ain’t pretty.  Also, yes, running is gross sometimes.  Sorry.

Today’s EAT: AM Edition!

Eggs, bacon and sweet potato pancakes. Holy crap, I have a new favorite breakfast food!

Does that pancake count as a serving of veggies?  According to Bruce, it does indeed!

Honestly, they could be made of arsenic and asbestos and I’d probably eat them again.  They were that good.  I’m sure there are healthier ways to make a sweet potato pancake from scratch, but these are hands-down the best pancakes I’ve ever had from a mix.  If you see Bruce on your grocery shelf, snatch him up.  You won’t be sorry!

Today’s DRINK: Coffeeeeee:

Coffee and I have a fickle relationship.  I go thorough phases where I drink it black, with fixins, or not at all.  Right now, I’m in the midst of a love affair with milk (whole milk!) and sugar.  Mmm….it’s like a dessert, but socially acceptable to consume first thing in the morning.  Win.

Later today, I’m planning to drag the hubs to the Boylan Bridge Brewpub for some patio beers.  Because if summertime insists on sticking around (*shakes fist at 90-degree weather*) then I’m gonna party like it’s summertime!

Today’s RUN: I was out the door early and headed Umstead today.  Even though I’ve got a Taperworm -I’ve still gotta do a long run!  Today was a “short” long run though – around 15.5 – most of which I ran with my new Bromar TC friends.

We kept the pace mellow.  For one thing, the temperature on the car dashboard as I pulled out of the garage at 6:15 AM, before sunrise was 72 degrees.  I cried a little.

Also, those Umstead hills?  They haven’t shrunk at all, unfortunately.  And I don’t see any need to push the pace on a hot, hilly run, especially when I’m in taper-mode.

Chicago is going to feel so very different from my last couple of long runs.  But long, flat, stretches of hard pavement and (fingers crossed) cooler weather can only be an improvement when you’re used to soft-surface hills in the brutal heat.

Two weeks to go.  Bring it.

Today’s QUESTION: How are you spending your Saturday?  Has fall arrived, or are you stuck in summerland, too?


20 responses to “Saturday PSA

  1. Been there. Done that. Lesson learned. Ew.

    Nice “short” long run! That’s still plenty far. And I cannot believe Chicaaaahgo is only two weeks away. Ready for crankafrastastic? My Saturday has involved me doing homework while suffering from a cold. My Pity Patrol pulled out of the Sadface Station at 9:50 a.m. and is still full steam ahead. Achoo.

  2. I had that happen to me once too – soapy water on a long run! I definitely gagged! Your breakfast looks awesome! I’ve never seen sweet potato pancake mix. So cool! I ran this morning and now I’m watching the MSU game!!

    • Go State! We just got back from the game, had some BBQ from a Jamaican food truck down the street and now we’re going to nap the afternoon away. Running the Capital City River Run in the morning!

  3. Soapy Gatorade-yum! I had my own GI scare this AM, courtest of the mexican food I had for dinner last night…whoops 😛 Thanks to a 1am potty break and one more before I left for my 11 miler this AM, I was okay, but the gurgling I was feeling about halfway through the run was making me nervous.

    I hear you on the coffee love affair-my hubby is addicted (like pot a day addicted) but I go through phases. Thanks to football season, my current phase is Bailey’s (imitation or real, I’m not picky) and coffee…or FF half and half and a smidge of Bailey’s if it’s a weekday morning 😀 Mmmm, coffee.

  4. Yum, coffee with milk and sugar is my favorite way to start the day!

    Sorry about your soapy Gatorade, I have a fear of doing that!

  5. It’s hot and sunny here, which is AWESOME because it’s been so cold and foggy lately. We’re exploring the area north of san francisco, looking for new running spots

  6. i went for a 15.3 mile run. which was a loooooooooooong run for me. oh how marathon training changes everything! hahahah. i also just got back from apple picking which was WAY fun

  7. Oh god.

    Hm. I think that may be all. Ow.

    Other than the fact that I’ve decided Chicago is too close and I’m going to move it. ;p

  8. Haha, this is great. Glad you didn’t suffer too much from your soapy Gatorade gulp! Doesn’t sound like a good time at all.

    Inspired to make sweet potato pancakes now! These look great, even from a box. I also change my coffee habits- some mornings I drink it black, others I am all about the milk, either whole or 2%.

    I took another wasteful trip to ikea today, did yoga, got brunch, and plan to get my drink on later for a bday celebration. It’s been super hot in NYC these past few days, so I feel as if it’s still summer! Bizzaro.

    • I am jealous of your ikea trip! I wish we had one here – there are a few ikea-type items I could definitely use!

      Didn’t realize y’all were getting a heat wave too. I feel like a weenie for complaining. Hehe 🙂

  9. O-M-G I freakin LOVE Bruce’s Sweet Potato Pancakes!

  10. Oh it’s cold here – high of 65 today

  11. “Yes, running is gross sometimes.”

    No apology required — I love when people get reeeeal and I’m comforted by the knowledge that I’m not the only one with these occasional issues. I also want to know what kind of music those little stick figures party to?

  12. Spent Saturday with my parents and sisters… It was a cold, rainy fall morning, but the day got nice by mid-afternoon. No run for me today, but it is cooler and definitely fall here in MN. Glad you only took one sip from your bottle before you figured out the soap problem!

  13. Oh nast. I’ve been thirsty enough to drink toilet water on some of my long runs; soapy Gatorade actually sounds worse.

    BTW – you like that handheld? I need to start carrying water but I’m torn between hand/belt models.

    • It’s not ideal, but no water-carrying solution is, in my experience. I miss NYC and it’s abundant drinking fountains!

      But yes, I prefer it to the belt style. Mostly I think the belts look kind of dorky and I’m just vain enough to care about that. 🙂

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