WTF NC Moment of the Week

Here’s a tip:

If you are driving an early-nineties Geo Prizm, then a personalized plate that says “SUGRMAMA” is probably inappropriate.


(I know, it’s not the same as WTF NYC.  Only one letter missing though!  Unfortunately there’s not quite as much crazy down here as up in Manhattan.  New Yorkers, entertain me, please!)

Today’s EAT: Oh, Southern foods.  You’re so ridiculous.  I’m looking at you, Pimento Cheese:

Finely shredded cheese, mayo and pimentos.  (Or so I’m told: this came prepackaged from the awesome Bickett Market.)  It’s like…cheese salad.  Glorious.

I forced myself to stop at three loaded crackers, though.  Not exactly health food, this Pimento Cheese.

For dinner, I took a crack at something I’ve been wanting to try for a while: homemade dumplings!

Those crispy little packets were filled with chicken, apple and ginger.  Pretty delicious, and not bad for a first attempt at a tricky dish!  I want to tweak the recipe a little more; I promise a dumpling post when I get it juuuuust right. 🙂

Today’s DRINK: When the people at POM Wonderful offered to send me some of these

I knew I’d be making one of these:

I’m not much of a juice drinker, but shaken with some ice-cold Ketel One and a lime wedge, this POM was pretty darn enjoyable.  Like a more complex version of a Cape Codder.  Yum. I do love a good girly martini (chicktini?) once in a while.

Today’s RUN: Today was my last “long” run before Chicago!  I kept it pretty mellow and just wandered around the neighborhoods in my area for about 90 minutes, ~10 miles.

Today’s QUESTION: What’s the most ridiculous personalized plate you’ve ever seen?


13 responses to “WTF NC Moment of the Week

  1. HATE personalized license plates. And I hate ones that I can’t figure out ever more. I have seen many in my day and my friends know they drive me crazy and text me random ones they see at times. There was one in college that I saw that still irks me–3 Kisses. Why not two or four? Three times the charm with kisses? I seriously wanted to follow the car and question them about it.

    PS-I never had the deliciousness that is pimento cheese until I moved here. It is amazing but I won’t allow myself buy it b/c I will down the entire tub in one sitting.

  2. I loved using POM in my vodka! It’s a great cocktail (and easy too).

  3. gahhhhh i hate personalized plates. in nh it doesn’t cost anything to get a plate personalized (i don’t know about other states but ma does) sooooo there are some pretty ridiculous ones. but the ones i hate the most are the really pretentious ones!

  4. Can’t wait for the dumplings recipe — crispy packets of chicken, apple, and ginger? Heck to the yes!

    I never had pimento cheese when I was living in the south. And good thing too. Sounds like the type of thing I would hooooover. Yum.

  5. Your potstickers look delicious! (We call those potstickers when they are nice and toasted on one side). I think I might have these tonight. Did you follow a recipe?

    Mmmm pimento cheese is yummy, but not all pimento cheese is created equal. There are some yucky ones out there.

    • Kind of! I had a couple of online guides on how to assemble them; I knew the filling needed to be fairly paste-like to stand up to the hot pan, so I just improvised on that. I’m going to tweak it a bit and then post the recipe! 🙂

      BTW how did yours turn out? What kind did you guys make? I heart dumplings.

      • We had all the ingredients and the potsticker wrappers to make chicken, apple, ginger, garlic, green onion potstickers. They were delicious!

  6. There was a BMW near one of my old jobs with the plate YAHWEH. Incredibly inappropriate and just…weird.

    I’ve never had pimento cheese. I REALLY want to try it. Have you started your hourly countdown yet?

    • I will bring some up next time I come to the city! It was pretty amazing.

      I have started the countdown to wanting this sh!t to be OVER. Tapering is BORING. I want to run FAST AGAIN.

  7. I remember seeing one a few years back that read “DBL D GAL”.

    My response was twofold: a) You’re just BEGGING for some creep to tail you home; b) Of ALL your possible traits, THIS is the one you chose to use to identify yourself to the world??

    You know, maybe her name was Debbie Dearing and she worked at the Double D Ranch. If so, she’s still an idiot.

  8. Ah, good ole personalized plates. My husband saw one once (a girl in a fancy convertible) with a plate that read:

    WAS HIS.

    classy, huh?

  9. Really excited for that dumpling recipe!!!

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