Tapering is boring

It’s kind of a kick in the pants, really.  All of a sudden you have all of this time – and can’t spend it doing any of the myriad things you’ve been denying yourself in the name of the marathon.

Bike ride? Nope, don’t want a sore ass for the next week!

Yoga class? Eh, better not…don’t want to risk a staph infection!

Sleep in on a Sunday morning and watch football all day while consuming heroic amounts of beer? Sadly, no.  The “alcohol as carbs” argument only goes so far.

Oh, the things I will do with my time, a week from today.  I’m excited to have time for hobbies other than running!

In the meantime, I was reviewing my slate of weekend activities in Chicago, and it’s gonna be a whirlwind!  I have so many friends from so many different places and parts of my life colliding next weekend.

And then there’s the actual race.

But I’m trying not to think too much about that.  Because it’s an annoying reminder that I CAN’T GO OUT AND RUN.  Stupid taper.

Thankfully, I do have some other entertaining activities planned for the week.  Tonight, I’m going to see The National with some friends!  Woo-hoo!

Today’s EAT: This is a pretty random statement, but I’ve forgotten how much I like ham.  I haven’t had a ham sandwich in probably over a year.  Today for lunch, I had a simple sandwich with mustard and cheese and lots of thinly sliced ham.  No photo (because it would have been a boring photo anyway) but isn’t it weird how you sometimes forget about foods that you really like?

Yay, ham.

Today’s DRINK: Sipping on a Magic Hat #9 here, killing time before meeting my group for pre-show drinks and foodthings.  I’m gonna really try to limit myself to one or two beers tonight.  I’m a firm believer in not depriving myself of things that I love before a race (I just don’t think it really has any effect), but I do think it’s wise to keep an eye on empty calories during a taper for a long race.  (And beer calories are sadly as empty as they come.  Oh, how I wish it were otherwise.)

Today’s RUN: Rest day. BO-RING.

Last week, I ran 36 miles, which was spot-on my goal.  This week, my goal is to log around 15 going in to the race.  That’s an average of under 4 miles per outing, assuming I take two rest days.  That feels ridiculously short, but oh well.

Today’s QUESTION: What’s the best live performance you’ve been to? I’m not, like, an over-the-top fan of hers, but I saw Norah Jones open a show like two months before she hit it big.  We were all just standing around talking and then someone noticed, “Who’s that chick playing the piano? She’s really good.”  Um….yeah.


25 responses to “Tapering is boring

  1. um i love that taper worm. it makes my heart smile.

    i went to a toby keith show a year or so ago and it was AWESOME. best show ever.

    • I saw Toby Keith a few years ago and it was a fantastic show! The people watching there was excellent, too. (It was an outdoor ampitheatre out in the country in Ohio. Good stuff.)

  2. Yep! Tapering is hard. All of a sudden there’s tons of time and not being able to workout is frustrating! I end up watching a lot of movies on Netflix. 🙂

  3. Guh! Ahhh! I was bouncing off the walls during the final week of my (only) marathon taper. My heart goes out to you and your adorable taperworm. I agree with Lisa. Have him stay in for a movie. Or six.

  4. Your taper worm is so cute!

    Um, DMB was great as well as No Doubt & Aerosmith. Yeah, I haven’t gone to too many concerts lately. 😀

  5. Haha, love the pictures 🙂

    My favorite show was Matchbox 20 in 2003. Maroon 5 opened up for them before they became “big” and Sugar Ray was another opening act. Awesome show!

  6. My husband has taken me to two shows that I was blown away by: the Boss and Paul Simon. Both times I was pretty ambivalent about going but man, they rocked. And Bruse is in insane shape for a man in his 50’s.
    Tapers make me feel fat. Probably because I don’t cut the food volume with the miles.

  7. Nickel Creek (when they were still a band) performed at a tiny venue in Charlotte. It. Was. AWESOME!

  8. HA! I just blew snot coffee all over my keyboard.

    I went to a buttload of live shows this year! We saw Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers and the Drive By Truckers over the summer and they both kicked ass. Rob Zombie also puts on an incredible live show. Hank III was crazy. We also saw Allman Bros and Widespread Panic in Chicago — too too cool.

  9. I really thought I’d enjoy this week. Instead I feel like I should be running and working out more then I am. I have to keep telling myself that I need this rest. it will only benefit me come Sunday. Thursday & Friday are supposed to be my rest days. I fully intend on resting Friday, but Thursday I will head to the gym for light weight lifting and core work. I run today, Wednesday & Saturday for a total of 9-ish miles. Then it’s the big 26.2!!

    on to your question…

    Linkin Park & Cypress Hill was a kick ass show.
    Marilyn Manson puts on quite the spectical.
    Def leopard, Skid Row and REO Speedwagon was a lot of fun.
    Madonna was awesome.
    Now that I think about it, there really hasn’t been a show that I didn’t like!

  10. ok shelbs you got me here— i cant decide but here’s a few:
    1. The National @ Bowery Ballroom (5/29/2007)
    2. Nine Inch Nails @ Terminal 5 (8/25/2009)
    3. Morrissey @ Hammerstein (10/29/2007)
    4. Bjork @ Hammerstein (5/12/1998)
    5. Sia @ Terminal (5/9/2010)
    6. The Dears @ Bowery Ballroom (9/13/2006)
    7. Travis @ Irving Plaza (7/15/2007)
    8. Tool @ Nassau Coliseum (10/8/2006)
    9. Snow Patrol @ WAMU (3/25/2007)
    10. The National @ Prospect Park Bandshell (7/27/2010)
    11. Morrissey @ Carnegie Hall (3/26/2009)

    Happy Tapering Shelbs!

  11. Since my calf’s been cranky, I’ve been resting and cross-training more and it feels like a quasi-taper. DISLIKE. I can’t seem to find a happy medium – I go from complaining about feeling exhausted, to complaining about feeling antsy and bored. Hehe. Oh running…

    BTW, Today is Oct 5. The Kleinerman 10k is Dec 5. T-minus 2 months till Shelby reunion!!

  12. lolercoasters – you referenced area codes! I CAN’T GET THAT SONG OUT OF MY HEAD. Like, its been weeks.

    Tapering sucks. I’m flipping seeing that I have to go to Minnesota and back in the middle of the week and probably won’t get to run while I’m out there.

    Its been awhile since I’ve seen a show. The last one I did? There were three dumb girls standing behind us (who clearly went to my undergrad based on what they were saying) annoying the hell out of us on the way in. One of them said “what happens when you turn 25? can you, like, even go to concerns anymore?” I wanted to punch them. It was depressing. I can’t work up the energy to want to go to one anymore.

    Though part of that has to do with having a friend in the industry who has told me enough horror stories that make me never want to go to shows again.

  13. Perfect timing for this post, since me and Jacqui just saw Taio Cruz last niiiight! It was awesome. And slightly more recent than a lot of the concerts people have mentioned as favorites.

    “I throw my hands up in the air sometiiiimes…”

  14. Oh cool, you’re doing Chicago! Thinking about making that my big race next year. Tapering is so hard.

  15. Oh the taper. Well, it’s almost over for you, yay! I’m going to borrow your taperworm in a few weeks 🙂

    Live shows, hmm. I went to see Rosie Thomas a while ago and it was very intimate and her voice was amazing. I don’t go to many live shows though, and I actually don’t know why (ok, I do – too much work, too little play!!)

  16. Your soulful taperworm cracks me up. I would sing the blues if I were made of spray paint blobs, too, I guess. But…just one more week! Less! Then you can run yourself drunk.

    Best concert was probably Franz Ferdinand in Minneapolis. Not because I love the music, but because I almost died in the mosh pit…only to be lifted up by 100 anonymous arms.

  17. Crazy enough, the best live show I ever saw was The National, when they were in Hollywood 5 years ago. I am so jealous.

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