Fried cheese, please

Oh my god.  How has halloumi escaped my radar until now?

You all know how much I love bar food.  And that definitely includes mozzarella sticks.  Hot crusty cheese?  Oh yes.

Well, little did I know that there was a Greek sheep/goat cheese, relatively high in protein and low in fat, that was just begging to be fried up.  Halloumi is unique among cheeses in that in can handle the heat without any breading.  So you just slice it up:

Squeeze it with a little lemon juice, and then fry it in olive oil.  Easy as pie.

And seriously?  Ungodly tasty:

So much better than a breaded mozzarella stick.  I mean, this pan is pretty much heaven.

And in the future?  I will be buying halloumi much more frequently.  Talk about a seriously underrated food.  I am all over it.

Today’s EAT: I paired my fried halloumi with a ginormous salad:

So full of win!  Fresh red peppers, crunchy greens, and salty fried cheese.

Today’s DRINK: I opened a bottle of white to pair with the cheese:

…but it ended up being a kind of poor match.  This Argentina Gaucho Club Torrente was super fruity and kind of bland, unfortunately.

Today’s RUN: Yaaaay for having a Garmin again!  Seriously.

I logged 3.2 miles today – easy and mellow and my Garmin made sure of that!

Just two more runs stand between me and Chicago.  Eeeep!

Today’s QUESTION: What’s your favorite cheese? I love goat cheese and sheep cheese, so it’s no surprise that I was smitten my this Halloumi.  But I also *love* brie and other soft, sweet cheeses.  Mmmm!


20 responses to “Fried cheese, please

  1. WHAT. When I return to an area of the United States that has normal food access, halloumi is on my list of must-tries (and must-fry’s). Along with the other thing you posted about a few days ago that I forget the name of. … hang on… scrolling down to look… yuzu! Yuzu is on my list, too.

    Glad the replacement Garmin is working out. Sounds like it is a justified investment for sure. And if you can score cat food on sale a few weeks in a row, the gadget basically pays for itself, right?

  2. I’ve been on a huge feta kick lately, but my general rule is if it’s cheese, I’m there. Definitely putting halloumi on my list of cheeses to try!

  3. yay for a garmin 🙂

    i actually don’t really like cheese. i’ll eat in in sandwiches or on pizza or something like that but i don’t just eat cheese. my coworkers tease me incessantly over it!

  4. I have pan fried Del Caribe queso blanco in the same manner and the results are spectacular. Win!

    Yay for Garmin. It might have to be on the Christmas list this year. I am coveting them something fierce right now. Especially after my race.

  5. I’m a cheese fiend. If I have a meal that doesn’t have cheese in it (say, Pad Thai), I CRAVE cheese at my next meal. My favorites, though, are swiss, manchego, brie, and anything smoked – smoked gouda, smoked gruyere, smoked cheddar. YUM YUM YUM. Now I want something cheesy for lunch.

  6. Torrontes is a very fruity and floral grapes, normally it’s best with sushis or asian food…But it’s kind of an aromatic wine ! 😉

    • Yeah, it wasn’t BAD, just a really poor match for the food. It was the only bottle I had chilled though…oops! Should have paid more attention 🙂

  7. I feel like today’s question was made exclusively for me (even though of course it wasn’t :-))

    I do not have a favorite, as I truly love cheese. Lately I’ve been loving pepperjack, havarti, and regular old cheddar. However, my H keeps wanting me to get some queso fresco to have with all the mexican food we’re always making, so I may have to give that a try. This this halloumi. I once visited a sheep dairy in Europe, so maybe this is what they did with some of the sheep milk??

  8. omfg bring me that cheese. I love cheese. I had a really good Irish stout cheese at a party a while back, smelled like it’d been aged 8 months in somebody’s beer-soaked sock drawer. Needless to say it was amazing.

  9. I have been a fan of Brie lately. I think I need to stop buying it though. I have single handedly devoured two pounds of it in the past two weeks. Brie and beer for dinner anyone?

  10. Drooling. Is there anything better than fried cheese? I think not. Excited to see you’re running the Chicago Marathon! I follow a few other ladies who will be there running. Good luck and run strong! 🙂

  11. hi shelby- halloumi is amazing. surprised you missed it on our middle east trek last year. It’s one of my favorite things to eat in Lebanon. 🙂 Really good in sandwiches too!

    • I’m sure I had it at some point – I was probably too distracted by the meat to really notice it though. I didn’t realize how easy it is to prepare!

  12. Halloumi is my favorite! I grew up on the island of Cyprus and we make it there. There’s regular halloumi and village halloumi, which is a little tougher and a little saltier. In the summer people like to eat cold halloumi and watermelon for dinner. Sounds like a weird combo but I promise it’s divine!

  13. Whoa, I’m going to find that cheese. I can’t pick a favorite cheese. I seem to like all of them. Feta, maybe?

  14. I’ve never heard of halloumi but now I must keep an eye out. Just frying it up is a plus (on the easyness scale but I guess also with my real scale too), it sounds too good to be true!

    My fave is a tie between muenster and goat

  15. Yum! There’s a similar cheese dish at one of our greek restaurants here. Super good. I’ll have to look for this cheese next time we’re at the market.

    I love all kinds of cheese except for Bleu. 🙂

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