Off to the races

Happy Friday morning!  Since I usually post at night, I thought I’d show you what the AM hours typically look like around here.

SPF CATS?  All that’s missing is the gym and laundry.

I’ve been running around all morning getting ready for this marathon thing. Coffee, a hearty breakfast, an easy 3-mile run and a long packing list!

Race day outfit – check!

Duffel bag packed – check!

In-flight entertainment – check!

I’ve also been thinking about my “race plan” over the last few days.  I’ve decided on a simple two-pronged approach:

Goal #1: To borrow from ARdon’t f*ck up.  I’m sure there are many ways I could shoot myself in the foot, so to speak, on Sunday, but by far the biggest danger is going out too fast.  I always go out too fast.  ALWAYS.  You could almost call it my signature running move: hit it hard, then crash and burn.  It works pretty well for a 5K.  Not so much for a marathon.

So I’m being strict with myself this time around.  Start out slow.  I’m so glad I’ll have a Garmin during the race, because if I look down and see 7:XX during those first few miles, I know I need to back off.  Non-negotiable.

Goal #2: Follow the 10-10-10 plan.  Coach TR is a big fan of this plan, and he’s taken many a runner down to PR town, so who am I to argue?

The idea is this: break the race in to three pieces: 10 miles, 10 miles and 10K.  Run the first ten pretty mellow.  Run the second ten harder.  Race the last 10K.

Sounds easy enough, right?  I guess I’ll find out!  Goal is 8:05-8:10 for the first ten, 7:55-8:00 for the second ten, and whatever I’ve got left (7:45-7:50?) for the final 10K.

So there ya go, that’s what I’ll be doing on Sunday morning.  If you want to follow along while you lounge in your pajamas drinking a bloody mary, my bib is #4824.

And if you’re hanging around the marathon happenings and see me, feel free to say hi!  I don’t bite.  Usually.

(This is also exactly how I plan on looking at mile 22, BTW.)

Alright, kids.  Airport time for me.  In case I don’t get to check in before the race, GOOD LUCK to everyone who’s racing, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who will be out cheering, tracking online, twittering and otherwise offering support and encouragement to 44,000 of us on Sunday, and I’ll see ya on the other side of #CM10!


23 responses to “Off to the races

  1. Good luck Shelby! You’ve got this thing locked-up!

  2. GOOD LUCK! You’re gonna kick ass!

  3. Good Luck! I hope to run into you around the expo if you’re there tomorrow morning!

    Ok, caps over. Just wanted to let you know how pumped I am 🙂 Follow 10-10-10, make sure you’re hydrated/well-fueled, and think about all of us cheering for you. You’re going to rock this thing!

  5. yay! good luck and have fun! I love the 10-10-10 plan and it’s especially appropriate for this race, isn’t it?!

    have a great time!

  6. safe travels and best of luck! i can’t wait to read about how you’ve beasted this thaaaaaaaaaaaaaang 🙂

  7. WOOHOO! See you soon. 🙂
    Your kitties are so cute.

    btw great book!

  8. you are gonna ROCK it, lady. i can’t guarantee that you’ll look that sexy at mile twenty, but hey – ya never know!

    i’ll be thinking of you/ cheering in my head? yeahhh. can’t wait to hear (or read) about the race!

  9. Remember to take it easy at the expo on saturday and not trash your legs by walking around it all day…..we’ll be rootin’ for ya’ll!!

  10. Good Luck Shelby!! I’ll be rooting you on from the suburbs!!! 🙂 Run Shelby Run!!!!! Miss you!

  11. Good luck, Augie!!

    BTW, you have bitten me before!

  12. Good luck! You are going to rock this race!

  13. I just finished that book! It was really pretty good. I liked it better than the first book.

  14. Good luck and may the marathon gods be with you!

  15. Good Luck! I can’t wait to read the recap!

  16. Good luck, just stick with your 10-10-10 plan on 10-10-10 and you will be golden! Can’t wait to hear all about it once you’re back.

  17. GOOD LUCK! I’ll be rooting for you from afar! Above all, enjoy and LIVE IT UP.

  18. Good luck! You will be awesome. I am not a bloody mary fan, so I will have a mimosa instead!

  19. Trust your training. Rock that Orange proper. Hammer that shit!!!

  20. Good luck tomorrow!! I’ll look for the CPTC orange in my corral. (and im rocking the CEPs too-hot pink! 🙂 )

  21. Good luck! You will rock that marathon!

  22. Good luck! You’re gonna do awesome! 🙂

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