Kiddie comfort food

My college dining hall had a grill.  As a frequent consumer of cheeseburgers, I had a pretty good relationship with the guys who manned it.

So one day, in the middle of a tough finals week, when I walked up with a PB&J sandwich from the do-it-yourself sandwich counter and asked, “Can you slather this in butter and grill it for me, please?” I got a strange look or two – but I walked away from dinner feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

It totally brought me back.

Grilled peanut butter and jelly. It was THE comfort food my of childhood.  Any time I was sick, unhappy, or just having a bad day, my mom would make me a perfect butter-fried sandwich and all would be right with the world.  The taste of warm, melted peanut butter mixed with hot jelly and buttery crispy bread…one bite and I’m happy again.

Tonight, I was totally in a grilled PB&J mood.

The key is lots of butter on the outside of the bread.

Then just fry it up in a pan until it’s golden brown and oozy.  Cut it into quarter wedges for extra childhood-style comfort.


Today’s EAT: I didn’t even try to add vegetables to my meal.  I ate my grilled comfort sandwich with sweet potato chips.

Although regular Lay’s from the yellow bag would have been ideal!  Chips = vehicle for scooping up the melted fillings that ooze out of the sandwich.  Therefore, chips of some sort = a necessity.

Today’s DRINK: Isn’t this bottle cute?  It kind of looks like a note I would have drawn for one of my friends in the seventh grade.  In a good way, of course.

This Darby & Joan Chardonnay is good enough!  It’s a little sharp, but not out of line for an inexpensive bottle.  I’d buy it again for everyday consumption.

Today’s RUN: I headed out for my first post-marathon run today.  4 miles in 34:00.  It felt fine.  No more soreness in my legs at all, although I still have a little tension in my back, and am going to keep it short for a bit on account of the blister issues.  But overall it was a nice run!

Also, I feel like I’ve done plenty of analytical whining about Chicago on here, but if for some reason you want more, I posted a detailed recap with Garmin splits on Strands.  And with that, I’m done with it and moving on!

Today’s QUESTION: Everyone has a childhood comfort food – what was yours?



17 responses to “Kiddie comfort food

  1. My favorite childhood comfort foods are PB & J, Ramen noodles, and what my family called “cheesy noodles”–spaghetti noodles with butter and lots of Parmesan cheese!

  2. Mine is anything involving peanut butter. (Fine. Truthfully, it’s oatmeal with peanut butter, which is probably why I’m resentful of health-foody blogs because that shiz is all over those things and it makes me feel like a lemming.)

    In the same vein as grilled PB+J, I eat a LOT of grilled PB+Banana+Nutella/chocolate chip quesadillas…

    Thanks for the stands link. I love analytical whining. “The racing equivalent of a rebound hookup after a tough breakup” — so, so true. A marathon on 10/24! Yipes. That’s kind of exciting to think about. I’m interested to see what you will choose to do (…or not do).

  3. That looks supatasty. I’m going to be weird here, but I was raised by hippie parents, and say that my childhood comfort food was miso soup. And, as you know, I’m not Asian in the least (although my mom wishes she were). It’s the vegetarian version of chicken noodle soup, I guess, but it is totally warm and comforting and slurpy, and I love it.

    As for your marathons: you are nuts. Slash, pick something close to New York! Slash, I know there isn’t anything close to New York. As it happens, I had friends who ran the Niagara Marathon last year and said it was pretty dull.

  4. grilled pb &j?! No way! My childhood comfort food was meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Love it.

  5. Yum – grilled PB&J sounds tasty. Believe it or not, I never really ate PB&J as a child because I didn’t start liking PB until I became a college student. Weird? Yes.
    My childhood comfort food = buttered noodles. Plain (white) noodles with lots of butter and maybe a dash of salt. Nowadays I’m not likely to eat them too much, but sometimes they still hit the spot 🙂
    Glad you had a nice run today. Any thoughts yet about your next race?

  6. wow! grilled PBnJ! Ive never had this but am going to make it soon. My comfort food is either Kraft Mac n Cheese OR Grilled Cheese w Swiss and Tomato.

  7. “Chips and cheese” was my favorite after-school snack. It’s pretty much just very basic nachos, but with swiss cheese (my fave cheese). 30 seconds in the microwave and you have a delicious cheesy snack. I make this sometimes as an adult, but now I usually add stuff like jalapenos, salsa, and sour cream so it’s more like actual nachos.

  8. Ohhh boy this looks amazing. I’ve got a pb&j in my bag for lunch that I kinda wish I could fry up now! As a kid I loved tater tots and chicken nuggets. After going vegetarian at age 12, those became health is wealth brand unchicken nuggets. No vegetables involved and totally processed. Perfection from a box!

  9. That is one of the best sandwiches EVER! Other variations I like are mashed banana inside, or dip the whole thing in egg/milk and make it french toast style.

    Elvis had the right idea with PB and bacon sandwiches. I haven’t been brave enough to try that though.

  10. whoa. grilled pb&j?! that thought never would have crossed my mind! my staple food when i was younger was a “grilled tuna and cheese and tomato” sandwich. aka a tuna melt but i will NEVER call it that because i never did when i was little 🙂

  11. I love the idea of grilled pb&j. It’s one of my favorite foods and I can’t even imagine how slathering it with butter and grilling it must take it to the next level.

    I had two favorite comfort foods growing up. The first was grilled cheese (another reason why I think I would enjoy grilled pb&j) and the second was a big bowl of grits with cheese and scrambled egg mixed in. Sounds kind of gross but it’s delicious!

  12. Grilled cheese all the way!

  13. WHY have I never tried this before?! Pure genius!
    As a kid, it was always tomato soup with cubes of cheddar in it…they got all melty and it was SO good!

  14. I have MANY comfort foods but PB & J is like top 3. Fact: every year on my birthday, I like to have a PB & J and chips & guac from Chipotle. It’s just the perfect combo!

  15. anything with butter AND peanut butter? I’m in.

    comfort food now? still peanut butter, or nut butters of any kind 🙂

  16. oooh I love it! I like toasting bread for PB&J so the PB gets all melty. I’ve also grilled it like that but with PB and bananas – SO GOOD! It’s definitely a childhood comfort food. Along with grilled cheese, old school chips and chicken fingers. (we weren’t exactly healthy back in those days..) Nice first run back!

  17. You totally need to try grilled peanut butter, brie, and dijon. So good. I have eaten it at least twice this week after seeing some TV show with PB+Brie-no dijon a few days ago.

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