Say hello to my little friend.

Guess what’s going in for a tune-up today?  MY BIKE.  I haven’t ridden in over a year, as I was too much of a wuss to tackle Manhattan’s streets.  But now, some long, hilly Carolina country roads await.

As far as cross-training goes, wheeling around town beats the elliptical any day!

I’ve always heard that there’s a 4-to-1 mileage ratio between cycling and running for roughly equivalent workouts.  If that’s true, I am far more efficient at running.  If I ride for an hour at 16 MPH, I get a measly 4 miles, where I could easily run 7+.

But I guess that’s not the point, right?  The point is to explore, enjoy the outdoors, and get a little workout in while I’m doing it.

And hopefully not end up with a sore butt that lasts for weeks.  Bike seats are unforgiving.

I’ll let ya know how that works out.

Today’s EAT: I had a dinner guest tonight who specifically requested a Big-Ass Salad.  By name and everything.  I was thrilled.

And of course, happily obliged.  We went Asian-style.  Seared Ahi tuna over greens with red pear, avocado, mung bean sprouts and homemade crispy won-tons.  All swimming in a delightful Ponzu Vinaigrette.  I think this is one of my new favorite salad dressings:

  • 1-2 TBSP seasoned rice vinegar
  • 1 TBSP canola oil
  • Splash of soy sauce
  • 1 TSP honey
  • Squeeze of fresh lemon

Anyone want to come over for a BAS?  🙂

Today’s DRINK: We truly kept it EDR-style and had – what else? – Chardonnay with our salad:

This Earthstone Chard was very mild and very nice!  None of that cheap-wine bite, and just a little buttery.

Today’s RUN: 5.03 hilly ones in 40:45.  8:06 pace.  I tried to slow it down, but my legs didn’t wanna.  Who was I to argue?

I’m shooting for about 20 miles this week, which seems like a reasonable thing to do on the heels of a marathon, yes?

Today’s QUESTION: For the cyclists: how do you compare cycling miles/minutes to other activities?  Is my 4:1 reasonable?

And for anyone: share your favorite salad dressing recipe!


19 responses to “Wheels

  1. Cycling scares me, I think my bike tires have been flat since 2005. Plus bike seats hurt my ass.

  2. I just started singing that Queen song.

    With her on the ass thing. I know they make padded bike shorts, but I for one do not need any extra junk in my trunk.

  3. Pretty pretty bike. I have a really nice bike in the garage that I don’t ride enough- I was really into cycling for awhile when I had a stress fracture in my knee. I need to take a little refresher course on how to replace popped tubes and other little things that I’m afraid of. Probably the worst reason.

  4. That bike is fiiine! Also, WTF, now it’s a 4-to-1 mileage ratio for roughly equivalent workouts? I thought it was 3-to-1! Also, I like to think that rule is totally bogus — an hour hard on a bike equates to 7-8 miles of running, in my book. (I also just find cycling to be harder than running, so I get very defensive about those mileage ratios). If your heart is pumping and you’re sweating, you’re doin’ work. End of story. I hope.

    • I really have no idea. My college coach always told us to use 4:1 for purposes of including bike workouts in our mileage totals. It could be bogus.

      And yeah…biking is definitely hard! It’s also more uneven for me. Like, going up a massive hill, I’ll just about have a heart attack, but coming down the other side is 90% recovery. Whereas running, I’m working more evenly on both sides of the hill. The uphill is easier to run but the downhill is harder, relative to the bike. If that makes sense. (Probably not, but I tried.)

      • First off, love the blog Shelby. I just started running consistently this year (after numerous attempts over the past decade all foiled by the fact that I’m a biomechanical trainwreck with a particularly bad left knee). Plus, I also eat and drink, so the whole shebang is really right up my alley.

        One thing I do have a lot of experience with is cycling. Regarding the mileage equivalents, I would think more in terms of time, effort and neuromuscular punishment than mileage. Speaking personally, it’s far easier for me to ride 100 miles on the road than it is to run 20, at least in terms of how beat up / sore I am the next day. But I would never suggest that the mileage conversion ratio should be 5:1. Rather, I’m suggesting that the mileage isn’t really convertible at all. I would encourage you to track it separately, just like you might log the weight training or drills you do separately from your mileage.

        The thing with cycling is that it is much less taxing on your tendons, ligaments and joints than running, so you can get in a good, hard, long aerobic workout without beating yourself up (though your muscles (and ass!) may be sore if you haven’t done much riding recently). Consequently, cycling is a great way to add a second workout or get in some active recovery on a “rest” day.

        I would treat the cycling as 1 part supplemental strength training for your quads and glutes and 2 parts supplemental aerobic work. It’s a great way to increase your overall training volume and promote active recovery without ramping up your running mileage too quickly and risking injury.

        Sorry for the novel. Good luck with your fall races!

  5. Yeah. I am really lousy at biking. I think last time I went with my H he actually laughed at me. I guess a crappy mountain bike made for a 12-year-old doesn’t help matters. That salad looks decadent (and I don’t use the word decadent lightly!)

  6. Ahhh, the run/bike comparison. At our house, we typically use the 3-to-1 ratio like SK mentioned. But, I think it depends on what you are going for…

    For calorie burn, I get about 85 kCal/mile running or about 42 kCal/mile biking at 16 MPH. So from that perspective it is 2-to-1.

    Then when I think heart rate, does the mileage even matter? Yesterday when I rode my bike my average HR was 164 BPM. I’m bad about wearing my HRM running, but when I have used it, my HR was typically between 165 and 180. I should probably have riden a bit harder yesterday, but if my HR is in the same zone, I kind of think of it as the same effort.

    I’m curious to see what everyone else says…I debate this often.

  7. I’d take a BAS any day – esp. with tuna & avocado 🙂

    Favorite dressing – lemon juice & pepper!

  8. holler to the wheels. i wish i had advice as to the comparable workouts. i’ve heard 3:1 though but i’m an underestimater so i’d go with 4:1….

    yummy eats. BIG ASS SALAD = awesome 🙂

  9. I’ve always heard 4:1 as well.

    Which is probably why I haven’t ridden a bike in years.

  10. I have no idea. Biking, while in theory a wonderful idea, scares the shit out of me every since I broke my pinkie finger on a ride. Makes drinking tea out of teacups VERY DIFFICULT.

  11. Fun times! Yeah, cycling is not so time-efficient. If for some reason I want to estimate aerobic volume I say 4:1 to be conservative (and 1:4 for swim/run), but because of the different muscle groups involved I don’t think it’s fair to count cycling as running mileage no matter how much you do… so I track swim yards and approx. time, bike miles and approx. time, run miles (which are then converted into approx. time at the generous rate of 7 mph so I don’t have to wear a watch every day), and strength training time all separately, and then come up with an approximate weekly training hours number in addition to the individual distances. I might be a little obsessed with my logbook 😉

  12. Hmm, I’m not sure about your biking question – the most biking I do is on the spin bike safely within the spinning studio 🙂 I like simple salad dressings with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, but once in a while I do olive oil, lemon juice and agave nectar – it’s pretty good!

  13. Now will you be screaming at runners when you are on the 2 wheels of steel?
    No bike for me. Too complicated on the island + I am lazy + I am cheap. 🙂

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