Chicken and waffles…and a plan

It’s been a long week, kids.  Following Chicago Meltdown 2010, I spent a couple of days feverishly scouring the internet for another race to do.  Another marathon.  Because I was pissed off and hungry for more.

Well, I’m still pissed off.  And I’m hungry for…something.  Bacon, perhaps.  Haha. No, but really: I want to keep this training cycle alive because #CM10 just didn’t really feel like a peak.   But I’ve decided: I’m not going to run another marathon this fall.

Instead, I’m going to take it relatively easy for a week or two and then launch into a brief series of shorter races, with the hope that those marathon-training miles, on top of a pretty solid spring/summer of racing, might allow me to beat some of those spring/summer times.

First up: a 5K on Halloween.  Then an 8K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving.  And the NYRR Kleinerman 10K on December 5.  (Woohoo, can’t wait to see all of my CPTCers!)  And maybe a couple of other 5Ks or 10Ks in between.

I’m kind of bummed to not be marathon-ing again until springtime (maybe).  But it just didn’t make sense.  I couldn’t find a reasonable race to run on a weekend when I wasn’t already booked, and besides – everyone is saying that Boston is gonna fill up as soon as it opens tomorrow anyway.  Might as well wait until spring and just go for 2012.

Once this little string is over, I’ll take a solid week off – the week that I would have taken this week, if Chicago hadn’t been a debaucle.

I’m excited!  Bring it, 5K!

Today’s EAT: Now, about the chicken ‘n waffles!  One of my favorite combos ever.

It’s better when the chicken is fried.  But this Maple Glazed version was a healthy and tasty substitute.  Sweet and sticky chicken is so good!  A bowl of homemade butternut squash soup provided some vegetable to the meal, too.

Maple Glazed Chicken Breasts (via Eating Well)

Curried Butternut Squash Bisque (via Epicurious)

Waffles from a TJ’s mix 🙂

Today’s DRINK: Wise guy, eh?

Bird feet.  Heh. Oh what – the wine?  It’s wasn’t bad!

Today’s RUN:  I hit the trails at Umstead today and it was a blast.  I did a new (to me) loop on the single-track stuff and it was so fun just to be out and running and enjoying the day without worrying about how far or how fast.

Check out the wicked elevation profile:

1,400′ of gain!  And splits to show it:

Make no mistake: with the hills and the jumping over rocks and scrambling over roots, those 11-minute miles were anything but easy!  It was such a blast though, and a great way to cap off my post-marathon week:

M: Off
Tu: Off
W: 4 miles easy, 8:31 pace
Th: 5.1 miles, 8:06 pace
F: 3.1 miles w/hubs, 9:29 pace
Sa: XT 20 min elliptical + 20 min weights
Su: 5.6 miles trail, 10:56 pace

Total miles: 17.8

Keeping it pretty mellow this coming week, too, and shooting for 30ish.

Today’s QUESTION: What’s your favorite waffle topping? Mine is fried chicken.  Seriously.






22 responses to “Chicken and waffles…and a plan

  1. omg to that elevation profile! and i think you’re being smart about not doing another marathon this fall. your plan to do small races now and then use the base you have now to rocket you into a spring marathon is great. i think the fitness gains of this fall will just make you do great things. i’ve always been told that training cycles build on each other so using this for a new season can only be a good thing 🙂

  2. I told myself I’d just do 5Ks between SF and Boston but I really HATE those short distances! I wish I were speedy like you!

    Favorite waffle topping? MOLASSES. Enough to fill every single little indentation

  3. Favourite waffle topping is chocolate sauce. Preferably with a side of chocolate ice cream.

  4. Interesting combo. I kinda like it! Although my fav waffle topping is still powdered sugar and syrup- I’m sweets obsessed.

    A race on Halloween sounds fun. I’m looking into it, as well…

  5. I like your choice. Tacking on another marathon so soon sounds like one of those things that could… really…. go awry (although, let’s be real — any freakin’ marathon can go awry). Now you get to focus on shorter stuff that you might have missed out on at the expense of gearing up for another marathon.

    Chicken and waffles sounds pretty fantastic. There’s a place here that makes an” omelette waffle” with egg and cheese sort of grilled into it somehow. Which is also pretty fantastic…

  6. There’s a restaurant in Boston that does chicken and waffles. I have a grainy picture of it in my blog. The topping is a maple BBQ sauce. Sooooo good.

  7. Mmm I love chicken & waffles, but I like my chicken fried. 🙂
    I just like syrup on mine.

    I hear another gtg in the works…Boston 2012. 😀

  8. I’ll have to try chicken and waffles sometime! But my favorite waffle topping? That’s easy-spekuloos!! It’s a traditional topping in Belgium and tastes like teddy grahams in the consistency of peanut butter. I learned about it from the Wafel Truck, of course.

  9. I think you’re making a smart decision! Plus the series of races you listed sound really fun (maybe I’ll see ya in December!).

    Hehe, I’ve never tried chicken and waffles. I tend to go a bit more boring and like warm syrup and blueberries 🙂

  10. I love chicken and waffles too! Too bad you’re not doing Indy – there’s a great place that is located in a gas station that has amazing chicken and waffles. Mmm…now I want some!

  11. Ha! There was a Man V. Food about chicken and waffles (made by Gladys Knight) on recently. It looked good, but a little…tan. I like syrup, fruit, or whipped cream.

    I was thinking about your need for redemption after yesterday’s DNF, and it looks like we’ve come to similar places. Short races are awesome, anyway. And since you’re not in NYC, tons of 5Ks for the taking!

  12. Are you going to be doing your Halloween and Thanksgiving races in Raleigh? I’ll be doing those, albeit WAY behind you in the finish. Have a great day!

  13. Ah chicken and waffles. You should come to Houston.

    My favorite topping is peanut butter, but that’s my favorite topping for most things.

  14. There’s always OBX half on 11/15!

    • I really, really thought about the OBX full when I was still considering a redemption race. I would love to do the half but technically am supposed to be out of town that weekend (another complication with the redemption plan) otherwise I’d be all over it! It sounds gorgeous!

  15. and favorite waffle topping: peanut butter and/or chocolate chips :o)

  16. I like chik’n nuggets and waffles! I just learned of this combination recently, and I’m addicted. I’m a vegan with a passion for BBQ sauce and chik’n and waffles allows me with minimal judgment from onlookers to put BBQ sauce on waffles. I hate molasses or anything maple (yes, even the real stuff!), but a spicy hickory BBQ sauce, now we’re talking!

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