Half naked fudge cookies

When Rachel announced that she was hosting a cook-off, I was all over it.

Because I am nothing if not tasteless.  I mean…right?

However, when she announced that the first challenge was “The Naked Chef,” I groaned a little.  Uh….I’m not really a frilly-apron girl. Cooking around here ain’t sexy.  Unless you consider yoga pants covered in cat hair sexy.

But I do spend a good deal of my time half naked.  Especially in the summer.  Because I live in sports bras and running shorts.

So…why not cook in them?

In the interest of making a good impression, in case my pasty thighs have failed to do so: I present to you: the world’s best cookies.

I’m not even kidding.  I stumbled upon this recipe for Giant Chocolate-Toffee Cookies (via Epicurious) a few years ago, and ever since, it’s been my go-to impress-your-pants-off dish.

Seriously.  When the hubs started business school, I made a point of bringing these cookies to every social gathering I could in an attempt to garner friends.  It totally worked.  These cookies transcend all social awkwardness.  And also, awkwardness associated with putting a photo of your pale-ass midriff on the internet.

It takes guts.  Pun intended.

Anyway.  I was gonna go running anyway so it was no biggie.  I whipped up some cookie goodness:

Then set out for my planned tempo run while the biznass cooled.   I came home to an apartment smelling of fudge and happiness.  And beaters that needed to be licked (TWSS)!

And if there’s anything worth baring your soul (or your midriff, or your tongue) for?  It’s a good cookie.


Stay tuned for more Project Tasteless updates.  And, if you feel like showin’ a little cleave in the kitchen, enter yourself! Cooking in the flesh is fun!  (As long as there’s no splattering bacon grease!)

Today’s EAT: Damn that Twitter.  I made the mistake of logging on at mealtime tonight and everyone was talking about their damn dinners.  Someone mentioned bacon and…it was over.  I was having bacon for dinner.

But I lacked a recipe.  So I surveyed my fridge and made one up:

And thus was born: Maple-Apple Carbonara.

Although I had a shirt on when I was frying the bacon.  Because….ouch.

Today’s DRINK: Sometimes it’s best just to be frank about it:

I buy most of my wine at Trader Joe’s.  And I don’t hesitate to purchase any of their other private-label products, so why not their wine?

I usually don’t just because I feel like I know what I’m gonna get.  It’ll be very inexpensive and highly unoffensive, but unmemorable.  And, having tasted it, that’s about right.  You probably won’t find a better wine for $4 a bottle, but it’s never going to be anything but a workhorse weeknight wine.

Today’s RUN: I did a tempo run tonight that I was pretty pleased with!

Although it certainly didn’t compare to the beastly 8-mile tempo that my CPTC crew did tonight.  I miss my team but…I do not miss that workout.  It’s effing brutal.

I basically did half of it tonight, and that was good enough for me.  I’m still less than two weeks out from a marathon, and weekly mileage in the low-30s just doesn’t support an 8-mile tempo.  But going forward, I’m going to try my best to follow along with my CPTC workouts.  Because…why not?  It sucks hard that I’m so far away, but I may as well hang with it as much as I can, right?

Anyway.  Tempo Thursday is done.  And I was especially happy with my last mile: 7:06, and I was happily flying along.  I think it’s worth pointing out that my time for this 4-mile tempo workout (which was quite hilly, and felt quite comfortable) is faster than the 4-mile races I was running last winter.  Nice.

Today’s QUESTION: What’s your favorite type of cookie?

Also, don’t forget to leave your comment on my booknerd post, below!


20 responses to “Half naked fudge cookies

  1. Guts! Beaters! Bahahhaa. As usual, I enjoyed the witty asides sprinkled throughout this eatdrinkrun post experience.

    re: Favorite Cookies: any permutation of peanut butter and/or chocolate tends to be a hit with me. So I’m sure I would discover effortless enjoyment in the toffee-chocolate behemoths featured here.

  2. this is fabulous. I read about this cook-off dealy on rachel’s blog (which I found through your rotating blogroll!) and was totally inspired, but feared showing it all – or nearly all of it, and chose to read as others did what I couldn’t man up to do. and you did this wonderfully! i love the leggy-wooden spoon shot, for reals. is that weird? whatever. these cookies look amazing. and yes, as sweaty kid said, your commentary is always enjoyable.

    my favorite cookie has gotta be ginger. not gingersnap, but chewy ginger cookies. mmmhmmm!

  3. oatmeal raisin. hands down. man, i am craving cookies and it’s 8am! thanks 😛

    and good call on frying bacon with a shirt because, yes, ouch!

  4. Hey hotness!!! The cookies look delicious and the chef looks pretty good too! Props to you for putting your “pale-ass midriff” on the web.

  5. Plain old chocolate chip!

  6. SEXY (HOT) PANTS. Oh, Shelby, you are one of my favorites. Literally, your combination of masturbatory double entendres and tempo runs makes me feel less alone in the world. I love it.

  7. Such a hottie! Seriously. 😀

    Yum! Those cookies look and sound delish. Must try.

    Maple Apple Carbonara huh? We’ve only had regular carbonara. Interesting…

  8. Awesome!

    I LOVE No Bake cookies. DIVINE!

  9. Between the cookies, bacon, and wine it looks like you had a wonderful day!
    What’s your favorite Eggers book? I’ve only read A Heartbreaking Work and I loved his writing style.

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  11. I think that cookie you posted may be my new favorite! Otherwise, I am a die- hard chocolate chip oatmeal or chocolate chip peanut butter fan.

  12. Love it! You look hot and the cookies look amazing 🙂

  13. Oh my — I want those cookies! I have to pick just one? no way. oatmeal raisin…mint chocolate chocolate chip…or tahini chocolate chip…but I am giving myself permission to edit this list at any time…oh & there’s oatmeal pumpkin chocolate chip & thumbprint cookies — this is hard! I may have a problem.
    I live in a very similar outfit as will in the summer: half naked to beat the heat, I like your style.

  14. hahahaha, omg. This post…made…my….night. does that make me a creeper?

    Umm, i cannot wait to see you in December!! CPTC misses you.

  15. Great post — glad to see I’m not the only one without an apron [though I’m not participating]. Mmmm cookies! My favorite has to be those yellow cake cream cheese cookies — to die for!

  16. We tried them this weekend. OMG YUM! A bit sweet because we didn’t take the sweetness of the heath bar into account. So we may cut back on the sugar next time and add some espresso, but overall delish!
    Thanks for sharing this recipe!

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