A weekend away

From the computer, that is.  And doing anything remotely healthy.

Some dear friends came to town to spend the weekend with us.  We ate BBQ.  We went to the State Fair and ate funnel cake and fried Oreos (although, regrettably, we passed on the Krispy Kreme burger).  We drank this 1.5L bottle of wine:

…and then some.  I didn’t touch my running shoes until late Sunday afternoon, when I finally hauled my BBQ-and-booze-filled butt out for an 8 miler.

So that’s what I’ve been up to.  It was pretty fabulous.  Everyone needs a vacation from responsibility every now and then.

Regular posting to resume tonight.  In the meantime, congrats to comment #32 on last week’s Dave Eggers giveaway post, Olivia at Blissful Runner!

Email me at eatdrinkrun at gmail.com with your info!

Off to do some income-generating things.  Have a great Monday!


4 responses to “A weekend away

  1. i turned my computer off for most of saturday and it was glorious! and YAY drinking lots of wine. that always helps make a weekend more fun hahah 😉

  2. Yeah I didn’t touch my computer until Sunday either, and it was glorious! I think I’ve had that wine before, and there may be a video on youtube of me and my college roommates struggling to get it open.

  3. Jealous of your fun trip to the state fair. Sounds both yummy and sickening. 😀

  4. Hooray for incomes! If you find an extra one, show it the way to NJ!

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