Enter the bloat

What this post will not be: tips on dieting, “banishing the bloat,” getting sexy and slim, and other Cosmo-eque ad nauseam drivel.

What this post will be: me complaining about how my pants are too tight.

I saw it coming.  It happens after every race or hard training cycle.  That post-race bloat in your cheeks.  Those couple of pounds that find their way on to your butt.  Inevitable, in my experience.

But still, every time, when I’m two weeks out from a marathon and my fresh-from-the-dryer jeans are a little hard to button?  I’m all like: what the hell is this?  And then I proceed to eat a massive bowl of ice cream with Nutella.


I don’t think it works to just “listen to my body” and its hunger cues.  Not for me, anyway.  My body is apparently still 60 miles a week hungry.  And that’s probably too much food for someone who’s only hitting 30.

So what is the point of all of this?  There isn’t one, except to say in a slightly public way that I’m trying to health things up just a bit around here.  After last November’s NYC marathon, I let things slide until January, and at that point was faced with an extra 15 pounds; I should have nipped it in the bud at 5.

So, here’s to one beer instead of two, and three slices of bacon instead of four.  At least until I bump up my mileage again.  Or until it’s time to start training for the ULS – which is definitely as important as a marathon.

Today’s EAT:  I needed something that was kinda healthy and composed of things already in my refrigerator.  Enter peanut noodles inspired by Runner’s Kitchen!

I did mine up with shrimp, scrambled egg, red bell pepper and snow peas – hit the spot!  I love peanut sauce but turning peanut butter in to peanut sauce always defeated me.  Megan’s recipe is spot on, though!  I don’t think I’ll be buying jarred peanut sauce again!

Today’s DRINK: If you’re only gonna have one beer, make it count.

This Dogfish Raison D’Etre is absolutely delightful.  Rich and red and a little maple-y.  And strong, too. 🙂

Today’s RUN: A crappy six miles.  Not sure why they were crappy.  It was just one of those runs that was off for some reason.  Oh well.

Today’s QUESTION: Do you get post-race weight gain?  How do you deal with it?


18 responses to “Enter the bloat

  1. Duuude. I haven’t gotten on the scale in months, but this stupid marathon has somehow swelled up my quads an insane amount. Everything else fits…but my thighs are ginormous.

  2. I definitely struggle with post-race gain. I have to consciously remind myself to readjust my diet! Although, after last two training cycles I rediscovered strength training and other forms of cardio I had neglected during marathon training. It amazing how a little bit of muscle building will do the trick!

  3. i think my post-race gain is always water. but then again i never really take downtime between races so it all goes away really fast. not necessarily the best advice though ahah!

  4. I remember coming into work the day directly after my marathon and one of my coworkers announced, “You look great! Like you just lost five pounds!” I was pissed. The impulse to punch him in the face was overwhelming, but I managed to control myself. So much so that we all went out that night to carouse and I spent the entire week gaining back far more than these five pounds.

    I’m not good at listening to “hunger cues” intuitively either. Even so, my strategies are play ignorant to the scale until “real” training picks back up again, and blame any ill-fitting clothing on random dryer shrinkage.

  5. Did you eat something while running the marathon? If you didn’t, your body may have gone into “starvation mode” and then it would have hung on (for dear life) to all and any food that you took after the race.

    • I think my diet was pretty good while training! I don’t count calories or anything but my weight stayed pretty consistent through race day. I think there’s just a lag between my actual physical activity level and my appetite 🙂

  6. ULS! ULS!

    If you like the Raison D’etra, you should get your hands on the Raison D’extra — it’s like a double D’etra. Real boozy. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

    Our bodies are so high-maintenance aren’t they? I can’t even imagine what awful things mine would do if I had to quit running altogether.

  7. Hmmm what do I do pre race if my pants aren’t fitting? haha. Dogfish head beer is the best. hands down.



    Yeah, me too. I can pretty much blame the fact that I’ve run like…5 times in two weeks. But the fact that I ate half a box of apple cider donuts can’t be helping. Whoops.

  9. I’m happy to see your plan consists of 1 GOOD beer instead of 2 MGD 64’s. Those things should not exist.

    Is the weather cooling down there yet? If so, perfect time to increase the mileage again! Or start a dog-walking business and get in some miles that way:)

    • I’m definitely upping the mileage a bit -first week post-marathon was like 19, last week was 28, this week shooting for 38-40. I’d like to settle around 45-50 for the next few weeks – that seems to be my happy spot, mileage wise!

  10. Bwahaha, last night my roommate told me that it looked like I had “gained a pound or two”. And my marathon is still 2 weeks away. Huzzah!

    I blame the wash ‘n fold for any pants shrinkage.

  11. I definitely noticed that after my half. My stomach and I had arguments… “what do you mean I can’t have this stack of four pancakes drowning in syrup? I don’t get it… I still ran… just 4 miles instead of 10… so? I’m not listening- I’m eating them anyways.”

  12. postrace? hahaha. try right now in the thick of training. evidently i’m self-medicating some underlying anxiety with halloween candy.

  13. Nope! I often eat really healthy after a marathon, but I eat way too much junk when I’m training and will sometimes gain weight then. I let exercise be my excuse way too often.

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