Chug Like a Greek Pizza

I’m not the craftiest person.  In my world, “craft” is an adjective applied to beer, not so much a hobby.

Which is why this costume was something of a miracle:

Halloween 2008 flashback.  I poured every ounce of creativity and engineering skills I had into making these functional Beer Pong costumes for the hubs and me.  Liquid-proof surface!  Adjustable straps to accommodate players of different heights!  Pivoting connector rod underneath for extra support!  It was quite a feat, by my standards.

And we had a blast linking up our tables and throwing ping-pong balls at each other all night.  2008, that was a good Halloween year!

Since I’m not dressing up this year, Beer Pong ’08 was a shoo-in as the foundation for round two of Project Tasteless: to make a pizza “inspired by your Halloween costume.”

And so I present: Chug Like a Greek Pizza:

The recipe is simple.  Create a rectangular crust.  Layer roasted red pepper sauce (recipe here) and grated mozzarella.  Bake according to your crust’s instructions until almost done.  Add feta.  And of course, line up your red cups: cherry tomato halves, roasted until tender.  Pop it back the oven until everything is nice and toasty.  And if you burn it, CHUG.

Don’t forget the balls! (That’s what he said!)

Mini falafel balls!  I used this recipe but made them itsy-bitsy.  And baked them instead of fried them.  These balls burst with flavor!  (And if you’re thinking of a dirty joke right now?  CHUG.)

But really.  I’d never made falafel before and was surprised at how easy it was.  The garlic and spices packed a wonderful punch!

Like its costume inspiration, this Chug Like a Greek Pizza is also a fully functional beer pong table.

Got me.  CHUG!

When you’re done playing with your food (or you run out of Nattie Light), toss the rest of the falafel balls – well, the ones that haven’t landed on the floor, anyway – on to the pizza and enjoy!

Special thanks to the hubs for playing photographer.  And for not backing slowly out of the apartment when I explained that I was planning to model dinner after a drinking game and that I needed him to document it.

Happy Halloween!  I hope that y’all have something fun to do.  And if you’re sitting at home like a loser, like me?  Well, then….CHUG.


13 responses to “Chug Like a Greek Pizza

  1. aha ha ha ha i love it. except for the feta cheese part. but you knew that already.

    i’m chugging vodka and watching the hangover for the billionth time, is that ok?

    I don’t even know what to say. This post delivers. It’s only 3:48pm here but I’ll crack one open so that I can raise my bottle to you and toast the post.

  3. LOVE IT. very creative. happy halloween to you too 🙂

  4. This is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. 🙂

  5. I’ve only commented a couple of times but for this one it was a must….. HILLARIOUS! Loved the costume, pics and creativity of the game haha.
    Cheers to the losers at home, Ill chug my glass of wine just for you!

  6. I love it! What a great pizza…and costume!

  7. HAHA!! I love it. I am really impressed by your commitment to blogging. Also I want to have Halloween at your house.

  8. this is cute! i wanna throw falafel balls at my pizza… and chug AND eat if i miss. that’s my kind of pizza!

  9. Haha, aww Shelby! This make me want to drink with you 🙂 Also, what are your thoughts on the beer pong vs. Beirut debate? I always called it the latter, but am just wondering if it’s a geographical thing.

  10. That pizza looks absolutely delish and so creative for the contest–nice job.

    And the Halloween costumes? EPIC. Thats one of the best I’ve ever seen!!

  11. LOVE IT! I believe this is pure genius.

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  13. Beer Pong! That’s awesome…& falafel on pizza — genius!

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