Deliver me

Raleigh has a pretty awesome food scene for a city its size.  The problem? There is no one to bring it to me while I lounge in my pajamas.

Good things come in environmentally-unfriendly white packages.  Some days I really miss the delivery culture of NYC.  Any food I want, any time, at my door in less than twenty minutes?  It was a beautiful thing.

Raleigh does have a couple of delivery services, but the selection and hours are rather lacking.  This is a problem when you get home from an unplanned 13.7-mile run and have very specific and urgent food cravings.

Backing up to that run – because, what? Yeah.  I had a local 5K on tap for today – the Raleigh Monster Dash.  I figured it would be fun to get out and run a little hard and see where things stood in terms of recovery and general fitness on the heels of the marathon.

The race itself was fine.  I decided to take the two miles from my apartment to the start as a warm-up, and ended up tacking on a couple more, as the race started a few minutes late and I got there way too early anyway.  (I tell ya – it’s a different world not having to worry about subway mishaps or outrageous Port-a-Potty lines or closing corrals!) Warm-up: 3.8 miles.

I then banged out a reasonably respectable 5K.  Not a PR by any means, but about where I thought I’d be, especially given the toasty weather.

Race Stats
Race: Raleigh Monster Dash
Date: October 31, 2010
Weather: 75*, sunny
Time: 21:44 (unofficial)
Mile Pace: 6:59
Place (overall): ?? / ??

It was an out-and-back course, which is kind of nice for keeping tabs on the field.  I think I may have been the 4th woman overall, which would make me a shoo-in for an age-group award.  Score!

So I decided to stick around until the awards ceremony.

This was a mistake.

After standing around chatting with a few people, I changed out of my flats and decided to make the wait productive.  I found a loop that was roughly half a mile, which would allow me to cool down while circling back every few minutes to check on the status of things.  Knock out a couple of extra miles while they get the results together?  Sure, why not.

I ran that loop at LEAST TEN TIMES.  Nearly 5 miles.

Finally, someone came on the microphone to announce the results.  Except…not.  Apparently there was a “glitch with the data” and no results would be available today.  Awesome.

So I grabbed my backpack and headed home, another 2 miles.   3.8 warm up + 3.1 race + 6.8 cool down = 13.7 miles.  Ooof – especially when I’d only planned to do 8-9!

Today’s EAT: As I have often mentioned, long runs and hard efforts do weird things to my appetite.  Yesterday’s adventures left me with a craving for two things and two things only: sesame chicken or honey barbecue wings.

Hence, the delivery.

It took some serious internet sleuthing to make this happen.  In fact, I probably could have driven to Backyard Bistro, placed the order, waited, and driven back in the time it took to figure this out.  And avoided the delivery fee too.  But that would have defeated the purpose of delivery, which is to be a slovenly beast in your fuzzy socks while someone else deals with it.

I miss you, SeamlessWeb.

Today’s DRINK: I will admit it.  While things that are “local” around here a generally pretty great, I have a deeply skeptical view of North Carolina wine.

Admittedly my sample size is pretty small.  I’ve tried maybe four or five local bottles, and none of them have been well-researched.  So had this Bare Bones Unoaked Chardonnay not been charmingly Halloweeny, I wouldn’t have given it a second look.

It exceeded expectations.  Barely.  And expectations were very, very low.

I need to dig in to this a bit more, because I’m sure the region can produce a good wine or two.  (Suggestions welcome!)

Today’s RUN: Adding today’s 13.7 brings my weekly total to almost 44.  A little more than planned, but nothing crazy!  Although I didn’t take a day off this week (I ran six days and cross-trained/lifted on the other) so I need to make sure I take one totally off soon.

Today’s QUESTION: Does your area produce good local foods or wines?  What’s the regional  specialty?


21 responses to “Deliver me

  1. My area produces some fantastic wines (some of the best in the country, if you ask me). Kumeu (pronounced Coom- you) wine region has about 8 wineries and is less then 10 minutes from where I live. Plus the sauv blanc from the South Island. We do good lamb as well, and we are known for the amount of sheep we have. And yes, local counts as the whole country, it isn’t big!

  2. Oh no! Sorry about the lack of delivery. I must say, I don’t take advantage of that nearly enough in NYC (ok, more like never, if you can believe it).

    Nice racing! Hehe, I laughed when you mentioned not stressing out about subways, porto-pottys, and closing corrals. What is that even like?? 🙂

  3. I seldom get takeout or delivery because…um…hello, New Jersey. It’s either going to be lardified Colombian food or overpriced [fill-in-the-blank because everything is overpriced out here]. However, at an old job, I was literally surrounded by the best Middle Eastern/Palestinian food I have ever tasted. It was mind-boggling. There was falafel.

    Nice job on your race again! Those local 5Ks can be insane with their lack of organization. I def remember hanging out for 1.5 hours after a half marathon. Not.Cool.

  4. I am glad to hear that the Monster Dash went well. Here’s hoping that you get contacted about an age group award.

    Yeah, my husband and I complain all the time about the lack of places that deliver in Raleigh. Living in a condo in the North Hills area makes it even harder on us. We only have 1 place that will deliver without arguing with us – they all say “…No, there aren’t condos back there – only offices…” It’s fun when you are hungry.

    Have a great week!

    • You have some good food up there though! The hubs and I had lunch at Coquette this weekend and it was awesome 🙂

      Did you race also this weekend? How’d it go?

  5. Ugh now I am craving some delicious buffalo wings. There are not a lot of places that deliver around me either, that’s why I love going to visit the bf in NYC. haha.

  6. well that was a great day of running, right? hahaha. but awesome job!

    ugh for no delivery. i live in a college town so there’s tons of delivery but i’ve made a rule for myself: if i’m going to be lazy with not cooking dinner then i’m not going to be lazy and get takeout. it’s actually been good for my budget because i never want to get out of my pjs 😉

  7. Indiana’s not much on wine either, but thankfully we have so GREAT beer. I’m sure this is brand new information for you as I never go on and on and on about it…

  8. Good luck trying to find a good NC wine…unless you like muscadine! We went to the NC Wine Festival last spring, and there wasn’t a single wine we really liked.

    • Oh crap…really?! That sucks. 😦 I know there are a number of decent Virginia wines (although I’m sure you have to know what you’re looking for) so I assumed it would be similar here. Bummer.

  9. Sounds like a good Halloween race; congrats on the (very likely) AG award! As for tasty Minnesota products, I would say we have a lot. Autumn is major apple season with many local varieties at nearly every store. We did, afterall, develop the Honeycrisp here! There’s also a surprising number of wineries, and I have had mostly good experiences with the bottles we’ve tried. Minnesota ice wine is pretty tasty when you want something more unique.

  10. Take out food/delivery sounds good! I almost never do that…the only thing I have delivered is pizza. But Chinese delivery sounds good!

  11. I’m a Wisconsinite…we are known for our cheese! And no, Happy Cows do not come from California! Whatever.

    Awesome job on your extended run this weekend! Congrats on what is hopefully an AG place! Weee! 🙂

  12. We have some decent beers, but they seem to get very little press compared to our below average wines. What gives?

    In terms of local food specialties…I would say that the “walking taco” is “special”.

  13. Sorry to hear that a niche for quality wines is lacking in NC. That’s disappointing and… sort of surprising? Shouldn’t they have a nice climate for that kinda stuff?

    The only regional specialty here is salmon. Salmon = money = the reason that little coastal arm of southeast Alaska even belongs to the United States. Apparently Canada and the USA got in a big fight over who would have that land. Errrbody wanted the salmon $$$.

    And so basically, you ran almost 14 miles because you were passing the time before the results/awards? Nice. 🙂 Solid day, that.

  14. I can only imagine how much the delivery options suck in comparison to NYC. More places need to deliver….and be open on Sundays. Those wings look heavenly though. Have you been to the Ale House or Mellow Mushroom there? It’s two of my fave places to go when I visit.

    Don’t get me started on the NC wines. They are too sweet for me. I went to Great Grapes Wine Festival last month here in Charlotte and found a few dry ones that I liked but wanted to vomit after a majority of them.

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