This is the song that doesn’t end

And when you’re on hold with a customer service person for the eighth time today?  Yes, it goes on and on my friend.

I spent today plowing through a rather unpleasant to-do list, mostly related to typing up loose ends on moving stuff (why haven’t we gotten our security deposit on our old apartment back?  Why is Time Warner still billing us for cable service there?  What is this random charge from Budget Truck Rental?) and dealing with three different state DMVs in an attempt to get our car registration switched over to North Carolina (I’ll spare you the gory details of that one).

Also, dealing with the asshole who has been using our credit card in Dubai for the last couple of days.  (I’m on to you, buddy.  You’re done spending on my dime.)

And, also, trying to get rid of a slew of bizarre charges related to a purchase a made long long ago from  (FYI: do not ever order from Proflowers unless you want to be automatically enrolled in a monthly membership program from one of their “partners,” which will result in your credit card information being shared with said partner, who will then charge you $14.95 a month and hope that you don’t notice.  This is apparently a well-known and widespread scam – more info here.)

All of this put me in a grumpy mood (even after taking out some serious frustration on the track tonight).  It’s a shame, because I had a fun post planned about the economics of voting in honor of Election Day.  But I just don’t have the energy now.  Maybe tomorrow.

Today’s EAT: Crabby demeanor –> crabby cakes.

We had some leftover lump crab meat that needed to be used up, so I slapped together some easy crab cakes, topped with caramelized shallots and an apricot dipping sauce.  Together with a baked sweet potato and a salad, this dinner felt kinda fancy (even though it was super easy) and lifted my mood a bit.

Crab cakes: recipe here (via Food Network/Paula Deen)

Apricot dipping sauce: equal parts mayo and apricot jam with a splash of champagne vinegar (you could definitely sub Greek yogurt for the mayo, I would have but I’m out)

Today’s DRINK: Oh, the irony.

I’m trying to think of something that is actually ironic about this Irony Chardonnay.  But unfortunately, there’s not much to say about it: it’s just another mediocre wine.  I’m not tossing it, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it again.

And just for laughsies, some fun with irony from The Oatmeal.

Today’s RUN: New track buddies, new track!  I headed out with the people I met at Monday night’s run to tag along at their weekly track workout.  It was a lot of fun!

The assignment: 4 X 200M at mile pace; 3 X 800M at 5K pace; 4 X 1000M at 10K pace.  200M recovery throughout (ouch).

A…reverse progression?  Kind of a different workout and a bit of a doozy, mileage-wise, but I was intrigued!  And totally a pace recognition workout, which I was excited about because I can always use some practice in that department.

The results: I skipped out on the fourth 1000M.  Several people did.  It was pitch black at that point and I would have been running alone, so I called it a night after three.  Other than that, I was pretty happy with how things came out!

200M – 0:39 – 5:12 pace
200M – 0:40 – 5:20 pace
200M – 0:38 – 5:04 pace
200M – 0:41 – 5:28 pace

800M – 3:09 – 6:18 pace
800M – 3:20 – 6:40 pace
800M – 3:18 – 6:36 pace

1000M – 4:20 – 6:56 pace
1000M – 4:21 – 6:57 pace
1000M – 4:22 – 6:59 pace

I was cruising at the end.  I can’t believe how easy 7:00 pace felt on the track, on the heels of that faster stuff.  I need to bottle that feeling up and drink it during my next 10K. 🙂

Warm up and cool down were a little light for my taste at around a mile each.  Next time I join up with this group, I’ll probably add a little on my own before and after.  A mile of warm up is just not enough for these old legs nowadays!

7.6 miles total tonight.  And with three pretty solid efforts over the last three days, I think I’ll take a little break and cross-train tomorrow.

Today’s QUESTION: Have you ever been the victim of a scam, or had fraudulent credit card charges on your account? This was my first experience with both!  Although I get the impression it’s pretty common.  If you have any tips or tricks to keep your identity and accounts safe and sound, feel free to share!

I know I’m going to be a lot more careful from now on: googling a company before putting my credit card info in to their website, sticking with merchants that have great customer service ratings by services like STELLAshopper, looking at every transaction on my statement each month instead of just scanning it….


25 responses to “This is the song that doesn’t end

  1. Well, it sounds like your day was just full of good times =/

    We have never had fraud or a scam- but about 3yrs ago we ran (then b/fs) credit for some reason and found someone elses credit cards & mortgages on it. Like, over 1,000,000 in mortgages (lady was loaded). None of it was delinquent. Their names were super similar. Like, his name is Chris Fakename , and the lady’s name was Christa Fakenamed .. The only difference between his last name and hers was an “ED” at the end.. So we wrote to the credit agency to get it fixed.. FW to this year when we are trying to get a mtg… that crap is still on there.. I called the creditors every day for 30 days to see if they were getting it taken care of. In the end it all came off, some of the credit cards were opened before my husband was even born! There were 3 mortgages, and 15-17 credit cards that weren’t his , it was crazy!

    Good Luck, I hope you get that mess straightened out w/ your cards, and the cable company!

  2. I’m always worried about things like that especially since I use my debit card for almost everything! I hope you get refunded the money. Nice track workout, looks brutal.

  3. I actually am currently working through a bunch of fraudulent charges on my checking account. I live in Michigan, but for about a week, someone was charging my account on stupid stuff like Walmart, McDonalds, Olive Garden etc in Chicago. I found it about 5 days after the first charge. Someone somehow made a copy of my card I guess?? I’ve had to call all of the companies & file notices with my bank. Haven’t gotten it resolved yet & haven’t gotten a new check-card yet either, so I’m having to use my credit card for everything ’till it comes in. 😦

  4. We had continuous monthly $5 charges a few years back when we joined our checking. I think both of us assumed the other knew what it was and didn’t catch it until after a few months. Turns out it was some shady car rental service thing that somehow got our account number. They said we enrolled. Umm nope. We did not. So we had to close everything, make reports, re-open new accounts, etc. We did end up getting all our money back, but I was furious.

    Just a few weeks ago I got a letter that my information may have been accessed by a fraudulent credit report acquisition. SWEET. I signed up for a year of credit monitoring from Experian. It was free because the thing I got involved with seemed to be somehow their mistake. So far so good, but it’s a crappy feeling. Shady people suck.

    • My husband and I were the same way…I think we both just glanced over the recurring charge and assumed it was something the other had signed up for. I feel like an idiot for not paying closer attention, in retrospect! :/

  5. One thing that’s happened to me and to several of my friends lately is the fake charity donation. My debit card number was stolen, and the first thing the thieves did was to donate $10 to a church – and then to use the card on electronics. A friend had something like 87 cents given to the Red Cross on her card. Bastards.

  6. A few years back my credit card company called me about a shitton of stuff that was ordered within a 24 hr period, all being shipped to the Bronx. Not my charges. They cleared it up quickly, I was pretty happy with how they handled it.

    Last month we mysteriously got new credit cards in the mail. I called to ask about it, apparently there had been suspicious activity on our account so new cards were automatically issued. Again, pretty happy about that.

    The downside is that my cc company may be a bit too eager to cancel our card. I made a purchase at LHR last fall enroute to Belgium…I had told them I was going to Belgium, but did not mention the layover at LHR. Yeah, enough said. Maybe a bit too vigilant.

  7. Thanks a ton for the mention!! I’ve tried to get into the habit of checking my credit/debit cards online daily, but it usually turns out to be once/week. I heard credit cards have a LOT more protection than debit so I try to use credit whenever possible.

    Great workout! Looks really tough though with a descending ladder! I don’t know if I could do 4×1000 at the end, that’d be 7200m of intervals!

  8. You had quite a day there with all those freaking charges! Once, my cc was stolen and used for a couple of days. Not fun, but an easy fix to cancel and nothing too huge had been purchased yet, thankfully.

    On a positive note though, I’m open-mouthed at that track workout. Sounds like a tough one with a whole lot going on. Nice job!

  9. I feel your pain about the fraud on your cards. I work in the fraud department for a bank, and I see it all day long. I can be quite a mess. Hopefully your bank helps you clear that up pretty quickly and painlessly!

  10. I travel a lot and am totally paranoid about someone stealing my number in a foreign country. So, of course, the only time something like this has happened was when my debit card information was stolen from somewhere out in the burbs. A-N-N-O-Y-I-N-G. Had to go the bank in person and sign away my life swearing it wasn’t me that deposited a fake check and then took the money out.
    Luckily I found the error within hours of it happening but if you don’t check your balances frequently they can apparently go on major shopping sprees and screw up your account, bouncing all of your regular payments. Yes, this is when I think to myself ‘some people really suck’.

  11. nope. never been victim of a scam although i am SO paranoid about it happening. wayyyy paranoid and i did think that someone was going to clear out my account at one point. i really freaked out. oops.

    great track workout. that definitely sounds like a doozy. during the time period between WR and Boston I want to do some really fast short track workouts and this fits the bill

  12. Not that I know of. But, I am mega ostrichy about this, and would rather clean the bathroom than examine my bank statement. So, who knows, maybe I’m funding some Nigerian prince’s online poker habit. That is a huge pain and super violating, though, so I’m sorry you’re dealing with it! At least you have new track buddies? Yeah????

    • I kind of am too! I think you did a post on this topic a while back? Seeing my bank balance/statement is oddly terrifying. I’m determined to suck it up though. Because if someone is going to spend thousands of dollars of my money in Dubai? It’s at least gonna be ME.

  13. Ohhh yes. I will never use my credit card to buy a shirt at Yankee Stadium again. Next thing I know there’s over $500 of fraudulent charges on my account. Looked like someone decided to buy herself an AT&T cell phone and some hair stuff at some place in the Bronx.

    Oh and I too haven’t gotten my security deposit back yet…and it’s been over 2 months since I left…

    Good luck sorting everything out…i totally feel your pain 🙂

    • I’ve been calling my former landlord for a couple of weeks now! I don’t think they’re being unintentionally slow…they’re just disorganized. Hopefully my deposit is on its way now! Because I’m running out of beer money! 🙂

  14. Someone in a different state charged some hockey tickets to my credit card. My bank reversed it immediately and gave me a new card, so that was good. UGH ID thefters are evil jerks!

  15. Sorry to hear about the credit card woes! +1 to Nicole’s comment about credit cards being safer than debit cards!

    Also, your crabby cakes look delicious!

  16. Nice workout! I hope things continue to be fun with the group, always SUCH a bonus. And I see from those 200s that you’ve got some wheels, missy 😉

    • It’s kind of funny, my best race this year (according to MacMillian) is a random 800 that I did at a track meet this summer (right after running a 1500). It’s too bad there’s not much of a niche for washed-up middle-distance runners. 🙂

  17. yep – when we lived in durham, our house was robbed, and then the asshole who did it started using our credit card at northgate mall! he also used checks at burlington coat factory. the police still never caught him, and we never got our stuff back. oh well — thank goodness for insurance!

  18. Last year I had a $3,000+ withdrawal out of my checking account through paypal to someone in France. Filled out the hey I didn’t do this form on the paypal site and they agreed it was fraudulent and sent me a check immediately. Didn’t even have to make a phone call which amazed me. I was lucky but it was an eye opener and I did a lot of settings, password changes at many sites soon after.

  19. 1. I just saw this post.


    3. Someone once used my Discover card to buy 1000 dollars worth of Satellite equipment and the address they used is still on my credit report. Boo. Such a pain in the ass.

    4. My legs hurt thinking of that workout.

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