Rotating Blogroll: Cook It Edition

Been a while since I updated the good ol’ RB.  And since the last few editions have been running-focused, here are some of my favorite kitchen mavens:

  • Prevention RD – Nicole is a registered dietitian and overall super healthy gal, so I know that she isn’t going to post bad-for-you stuff.  But somehow her recipes always have that “OMG bar food” appeal, while somehow staying healthy.  A girl after my own heart.
  • Cate’s World Kitchen – Although her recipes are vegetarian and I’m – to put it mildly – a meat gal, I totally admire her sense of adventure in the kitchen and ability to tackle exotic ingredients and bold flavor combos.  And she’s also a badass runner. 🙂

That’s just a sampling.  My bloated Google reader overflows with recipes every single day!  But since I am a masochist – or maybe just a slacker who stalks her GR instead of working – feel free to send more good recipe blogs my way!

Today’s EAT: I had a little adventure of my own in the kitchen today.  It started out with a spell of extreme laziness.

Me: There’s nothing here to cook for dinner.

Me II (because I was talking to myself): Okay, go to the store.  You have been cooped up in the apartment all day.  It would be a nice break from work.


Me II: Good lord, you are pathetic.  Take off those cat-hair-covered yoga pants and go buy yourself some damn groceries.

Me: MEHHHHHHHH.  [stomping feet and defiantly rummaging in fridge]  I’ll make do.

And so I did.

Emboldened by my success with baked Shrimp Rangoons a couple of weeks ago, I started with some leftover wonton wrappers.  I added: a flavorful chicken salad. And panko.  And balsamic syrup.  Unconventional.  It was either going to be brilliant or disgusting.


It was effing delicious.  Really, I feel like I’ve only just begun to discover the possibilities that come with sticking wonton wrappers in a muffin tin and filling them with random tasty things.

Snag the recipe here: Baked Chicken Salad Cups

I still have half a pack of wonton wrappers to use, so look for more meals like this soon!  Shredded pork and baked apples?  Black beans, yams and queso fresco?  Salmon, cream cheese and capers?  The options are endless!

Today’s DRINK: For some reason, I always shy away from buying the Trader Joe’s house label wines.  I’m not sure why, because it’s not like I’m fooling anyone about my cheapness when it comes to wine purchasing.

But I decided to give this VINTJ’s Pinot Noir a chance, and I’m glad I did!  It’s not the most complex wine out there (when trying to decide what flavors I detected in it, I was like….uh, grapes?) but it’s perfectly enjoyable!  Definitely a big step up from Two Buck Chuck.

Today’s RUN: I banished myself to the elliptical.  Waaah.   40 minutes, plus a halfhearted attempt at some core work (a couple of planks, some ball crunches).

The Crankle is still acting up.  (Crankle = cranky ankle.  It’s really my achilles and calf, but Crachillesandcalf doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?)  It’s not acutely painful, but sore enough that I feel like I’m flirting with injury here.  I’ve had on-and-off stiffness and soreness in this area for a few months now, which is pretty annoying.  I’m thinking it might be time for new shoes?

Hoping it feels better tomorrow.  I don’t want to miss out on the beautiful running weather we’re having this week!

Today’s QUESTIONWhat’s your go-to source for recipes? Blogs, websites, cookbooks?  Name your favorite here!


20 responses to “Rotating Blogroll: Cook It Edition

  1. I usually google the one ingredient I have that I want to use first, see what other people pair with it, and then go from there. That’s how I ended up with my dinner on Friday. Also, I sometimes feel bad immediately buying the on sale bottle of Malbec that’s 7.99 but whatever, it’s still good!

  2. I constantly have that conversation with myself. Probably why there is no food in my apartment…

    I almost bought some won ton wrappers the other day. After looking at this, I’m tempted to get them. ;p

    • DO IT! Seriously, they’re cheap, easy to cook with if you have a muffin pan, and delicious. Using them open-cup-style is much less of a pain then trying to make actual wontons or raviolis out of them.

  3. that totally sounds like a conversation i’d have with myself. in the end i’d probably have made do as well. aka pb&j. hahah

  4. Try filling them with plantains, shredded chicken, a few black beans, cilantro, scallion and jicima. Steam and enjoy! Delicious, and a desperation invention too! I will try your chicken salad bake 🙂

  5. Arghgh The Crankle!! That sounds like a legendary teeth-gnashing sea monster. Yes, definitely get yourself some new shoes. I need some wonton wrappers.

  6. Awww thanks so much for including me on this list! Boooo to the elliptical, bigtime…I hope you’re back on the roads soon!

  7. Been on a roll with for a few months. Her oven baked ribs recipe was my summer special, loved her mango slaw and used her monkey cake idea plus frosting recipe for my son’s first birthday. is my go to for soups.
    You are my go to for BAS ideas:)

  8. As a current resident of San Luis Obispo county, I applaud today’s wine selection!

  9. so frustrating with the ankle 😦 i know how annoying and obnoxious achilles pain can be! people act like it’s not that big of a deal, but i messed mine up so bad a few years ago that i couldn’t WALK properly for weeks. be careful and if you need to, take some cross-training time — even a week or so. for me, the only thing that fixed it was finally laying off of it for a while.

    recipe blogs! i LOVE simply recipes. probably my favorite! when i google something i want to make and that blog comes up, i always go with it and it hasn’t disappointed yet!

  10. Those look so good! I usually randomly google recipes and then make something up based off of something I saw. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t…for some reason I hate following recipes exactly. I’m such a rebel.

    The blog We Are Not Martha always has tons of delicious recipes too.
    I hope your cankle feels better soon!

  11. LOVE and their new thing the FoodPickle which helps you figure out stuff to make. Even though it’s Martha, I do like Everyday Food. SmittenKitchen is great, also

    Wonton wrappers also make great ravioli cheats – fill with sh#t (good sh$t, mind you, like cheese, shrimp, spinach) seal with a little egg white and simmer gently rather than boil, which can rip them up.

  12. Aww, thanks darlin’! I make unhealthy things sometimes, but I sure try not to 🙂 I love that my recipe selections have that “bar food appeal” to people…it’s probably why people making the recipes, because their loved ones will eat them. Exhibit A: MY HUSBAND 🙂

    I love the convesation with yourself…sounds all too familiar 🙂 Including the “waaahh” over working out! That’ll be me this afternoon, I’m sure of it!

  13. Thanks for including me on your list! I totally understand about eating random crap due to lack of enthusiasm about grocery shopping. Hope your achilles is feeling better soon. Those can be really nagging, annoying injuries.

  14. Your wonton creation looks absolutely fantastic! There was a multiple page spread in Martha Stewart Everyday Food about wontons and different recipes so you should check it out on her site! I love the talking to yourself part as well, I do that all the time and mostly dont want to leave the house b/c I am in my fleece pj pants. Im sure people would think the tri colored cowgirl boots on them were cute but I still fear people would mock them. I have a lot of cookbooks but never use them, I get a majority of mine either on or from magazines that I get like Food Network, Rachael Ray and Martha Stewart Everyday Food

  15. ah, i love cate’s world kitchen! she cooks some good stuff.

    i am all about smitten kitchen. that lady knows what she’s doing in the kitch, can tell a good story and takes beautiful pictures. i dig.

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