Two halves

Kind of weird: I’ve never really trained for a half marathon.  Of course I have raced the distance many times, but it’s always been while preparing for a full, or a random add-on to training for shorter stuff.

So I have decided: Spring 2011 will be half marathon season.

First up – the Yuengling Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach on March 20:

Followed by – the Charlottesville Half on April 9:

Two awesome races in fun cities that are driving distance from Raleigh.  I’m stoked!

No spring marathon for me this year, and I’m totally okay with that.  Scheming about the fall though – stay tuned! 🙂

Today’s EAT: was kind of lame.  Who ordered the Ghetto McMuffin?

This is what happens when you are really craving McDonald’s for breakfast but are too lazy to get in your car and drive there.

Today’s DRINK: was excessive?  We had dinner with some new friends and there was plenty of wine.  But not wanting to be all like, nice to meet you and I am going to take a picture of that wine bottle now, I refrained.

But I didn’t refrain from consumption…which is why this is being written the following morning instead of the night of.  Although I’m sure that would have been entertaining.

Today’s RUN: was pretty darn awesome.  Gorgeous weather, crunchy leaves on the sidewalk, and legs that are definitely happy with lower mileage!

Right calf is still kinda cranky, but I’m giving it lots of Stick action.  (TWHS!)

Today’s QUESTION: What’s on tap for spring 2011 for you – any race plans?


25 responses to “Two halves

  1. 1 – Those races sound like a blast!
    2 – It may be a ghetto McMuffin, but it still looks delish! Plus, you know it’s actual food :p
    3 – I’m still working on my 2011 schedule, but so far I have the ING Miami half marathon at the end of January, the Disney Princess half in February, the Nashville Rock and Roll in April, and then (the finale) the Chicago marathon in October. I’m hoping to throw a tri in the middle there somewhere as well. Can’t wait to hear about which fall marathon you pick!

  2. I’m a sucker for an Egg McMuffin-but you’re actually less lazy because you made it yourself and with REAL egg and that is healthier!

    Looks like Raleigh->Charlotte is about a 155 mile drive. Too far to visit us at XC Club Nationals?

  3. I almost signed up for the VA Beach half last year, but I did not. My bf’s fam lives there, sounds like it’s fun. I’ll prob do the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in the spring!

  4. love that run! you totally made it awesome. the only race i have planned for 2011 is boston. i wish i was closer south and could do some of those races! i need to find some good ones where i live. i doubt it’ll be hard though because i’m in a city. i just need to stop being lazy hahah

  5. I’m going to train for a half marathon in the spring too! The Shape Up RI Half Marathon in Providence.

    Hmmm…egg mcmuffin

  6. I think your mcmuffin looks delicious!

    I have a busy spring ahead of me; April 2nd Martian half marathon, April 24th Trail half marathon and May 28th Bayshore Marathon!

  7. yay for fun halves (halfs?) planned in the spring! And nice running as well 🙂 I’m hoping to run the NYC Half again this March if I get in via the lottery, and am reallly thinking about a May marathon (Eugene!). We’ll see!

  8. Nice addition of ‘that’s what she said’ – in my family, it’s our goal to find key pieces of conversation to include that little nugget of golden humor 🙂

    I may run the Williamsburg 1/2, i think it’s a first-time event in May. Possibly also the Shamrock race.

  9. Ghetto?! Nuh uh. This looks upscale compared to a McMuffin. Also, I like the apple in the background. That could be part of McDonald’s new apple dippers healthified scheme. Wholesome!

    2011? My race plans are, “every single race on the juneau calendar through july, probably including the marathon.”

    These two races sound like a lot of fun! Also: “halves” is a weird word. I’ve been staring at your title for 30 seconds trying to figure out what’s going on. Halfs. Halves. I want to pronounce it like a Spanish word.

  10. I threw my name into the hat for the NYC Half lottery. If I get in, will be the first time running that race since the inaugural one in 2006-where it poured the 2nd half of the race. Would love to get revenge on that one!!

    I might also have some other spring race plans in the works…which may or may not be revealed in due time. 😉

  11. I’m training for a half right now and it’s the first time in a few years that I’ve done just a half. It’s kind of nice–I still get a decent weekly mileage, but I don’t have to worrry about any 20-milers.

  12. I’m with the commenters above… that McMuffin looks awesome! I’m pretty sure I could live on those + big ass salads.

    I’m also training for a half right now (Houston on Jan 30th). This will be my first race over 5K and my first race of any distance on the road, but I’m excited for it, as it seems like a great distance.

    Everyone seems to complain about running out of fuel and/or chutzpah during the last 10K of the marathon, but there are no such worries for the half. Plus, if you’re too slow for the shorter stuff (as I am), and you don’t run enough mileage to push it for a whole marathon (I only run ~30 mpw), the half marathon is perfect. You don’t need amazing legspeed OR endurance… just mediocre helpings of each and you’re set.

    Good luck in your halves! And say hi to Drewji for me… I’ve been meaning to call him for forever, but I’m too shy, lazy and/or forgetful to ever get it done.

  13. Charlottesville is so beautiful! I bet that will be a great run. 🙂

  14. Awesome!! Matt and I just signed up for the C’ville half, so I’m looking forward to sharing race day with you (and hubs?)

  15. Shamrock Half is a good one! My friend set a serious PR there last March.

    As for me, I’ve got my sites set on NJ Half and other than that???? Guess I have to figure that out as I head into the abyss known as post-marathon blues.

  16. Those are totally things to look forward to…after your mild, mid-atlantic winter. Whatev to that. I have no idea what I’ll be running in the spring, but Charlottesville sounds loverly.

  17. Sounds like good plans! Hope you enjoy officially training for your halves. I plan either a half or maybe a marathon for spring. Something easy driving distance (in or bordering MN) is a must. If I do a marathon it will be my 1st. Ahh, scary ;-)!I sorta feel like there’s no time like the present though…

  18. I’ve ran Virginia Beach and it was great! There will be green beer too (and perhaps a few people standing around with tubs of vaseline). I used to live in the Triangle area and am seriously considering a career change and moving back…the running scene is great down there (well, at least it is in Chapel Hill!)

  19. I’m also planning on the C-ville half — hilly course but I’ve done other races run by this sponsor and they’re pretty relaxed and fun. I went to UVa so it’s always fun to go back, and now my dad lives there so I have a free hotel and at least one cheerleader.

  20. Yay for seasons of half marathons! I’ve got 3 this fall… yikes!

  21. My husband and I are running Shamrock too! He is doing his first half and it will be my first full. I have been sending him your tempo and track workouts to do and he loves them. He always asks me “what did your blog friend do today?” 🙂 He wants you to keep posting them so that he can try to beat you!!

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