Bacon, books, otters and other Monday FACTS

Tonight’s post is inspired by JerBear:

Um…YEP.  Me too.  And I too have a few FACTS to share with you on this fine Monday evening.  (And you’ve gotta say it in a Dwight Schrute voice.)

FACT: This is my new favorite way to cook sweet potatoes.

Bisect.  Place flesh side down on a pan lined with foil and brushed with olive oil.  Bake at 400* for 30 minutes or until ridiculously tender and caramelized on the bottom.  Devour.

FACT: Good things come in small packages.  See this tiny little thing of Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream?  Isn’t it cute?

It has 350 calories. Didn’t stop me from shoveling it in to my slack-jawed mouth in about four bites, but still.  Wow.

FACT: I am awesome at Bunco.  The hubs and I were up in Illinois for the weekend doing some inlaw stuff and I played this ridiculous game for the first time.  And was awesome at it.  (It doesn’t take any skill whatsoever.  Which probably explains why I am awesome at it.)  (And also…HAI new family people who might be reading!)

FACT: I am now the proud holder of a Wake County Public Libraries Card.  (Hey, Real Librarian – aren’t you proud?)

Get this: there are books you can take for free.  As long as you return them a couple of weeks later. Why was I not informed of this sooner?  Oh, the things you learn when your income goes to zero!

FACT: I also have a North Carolina plate on my car!  Finally!  But it was a bitter fight to get the old plate off.

Screw you, stupid corroded screw.  It took a flathead, a Phillips, a wrench, a set of pliers, and thirty minutes of swearing to get that stripped sucker out.  And now my new NC plate is hanging by one screw.  Should probably do something about that.

FACT: I have a cat who thinks she is an otter.

If only I could teach her to harvest clams and mussels.  I’d make a bitchin’ Ciopinno.

FACT: I love bacon.  Even on a night when I had mentally committed to a light dinner, I ended up with a bacony feast.

That’s Pancetta on top of yet another won-ton cup creation.  Crispy, smoky, delicious Pancetta.  I…have an addiction.

Today’s EAT: Are you sick of won-ton wrappers yet?  I still have more to use up!  Honestly, I’m impressed that they’ve held up so long.  Won-tons of steel!

Tonight’s creation was, to put it bluntly, absolutely delicious.  Pear, fig jam, goat cheese and Pancetta cups.

(I balanced the richness by only having three of them, and filling up on half a yam and a big arugula salad, too.)

However.  As phenomenal as the flavors in this were, I am going to experiment more before calling it an actual recipe.  There was one problem: leakage.  The melted fig jam and juices from the pears ran all over my fingers upon biting into these tasty little cups.  Not a problem if you’re eating dinner alone while standing at your kitchen counter (ahem), but kind of awkward if you’re at a party or something.  And since I think these would be great party h’ors d’oeuvres, I’m going to try to get rid of the juice problem in a future iteration.

But, really?  If you’re eating alone in your pajamas and don’t care about having sticky mess on your chin?  Go for it. Because the combination of flavors is out of this world.

At a minimum, at least pick up this Fig Jam if they have it at your Target.

Full of tender figs, just like me.  And also, half the price (and just as tasty) as the pricy Whole Foods version.

Today’s DRINK: I was excited when I saw this Hogue Chardonnay on sale at Fresh Market.  89 Wine Spectator points and 9 bucks?  Worth a shot!

Honestly, it’s just okay.  It’s a little watery.  Maybe my palate has just been ruined by the overpowering buttery sweetness of uber-cheap Chards, but….I kind of like things that are buttery and sweet.  I could see this pairing well with a very light seafood dish, but with my Pancetta concoction?  Weak.  Too weak.

Today’s RUN: Crankle still says no.  Overall it is feeling a lot better, but I still get little twinges here and there, and I’m committed to waiting this one out.  I want this thing to heal, and then not to have to deal with it again.

I got a couple of semi-decent workouts in over the weekend: recumbent bike (ugh),  some upper body weights.  Today I went for a boot-camp-style workout of my own making, performed in my living room.  45 minutes of nonstop push-ups, hold-squats, planks and side-planks, arm circles, etc.  It was actually pretty hard and I’m curious to see how my body feels tomorrow!  I was exhausted and sweating profusely by the end.

Today’s QUESTION: Tell me a random FACT about your weekend or your Monday!


22 responses to “Bacon, books, otters and other Monday FACTS

  1. FACT: library cards rock. i felt so lost without one until i got mine a few weeks ago.

    FACT: my license plate is hanging on by one screw as well. i keep meaning to fix it buttttttttttttttttttttt

    FACT: i drank 64 oz of coffee this morning. i think you can just imagine the facts that went down this weekend hahah

  2. Fact: I LOVE FOOD TOO!

    Fact: Tried Bob’s Red Mill 7 Grains Pancake & Waffle mix for brinner one night. Yeah, not so good. I know better than to mix healthy ingredients when it comes to pancakes. Fail. 🙂

  3. Fact: I don’t like snow without hard, frozen ground because it leads to a muddy mess. I was reminded of that this weekend. Fact: I also love bacon. Last random fact: I’m sad that we’re now nearly out of tasty Oktoberfest, wheat and autumn specialty beers. Boo!

    Your meal looks delicious. Hope that crankle feels 100% soon!!

  4. FACT: Sunset at 3:30 pm may give your circadian rhythms a hangover.
    FACT: “Slack-jawed” is a great term. I used it in my latest post, too. (Dash optional, apparently, in my punctuationally creative world… oops). Maybe we are diction twins. Or maybe not, but maybe you’ll let me pretend so that I can feel cool.
    FACT: After like 90 days of rain, two days in a row of sunlight and blue sky feels like a miracle.

    I noticed the Cherry Garcia in the background of the Haagen Dazs picture and have to ask — did you do the right thing and supplement that disappointingly tiny Haagen cup with some Ben and Jerry’s?

    • The Cherry Garcia belonged to the hubs. I did manage to whine my way into a couple of bites though! He did the smart thing and savored his instead of inhaling it.

  5. Fact: I gathered up 15 pairs of [running] shoes for the ole donating bag this weekend

    Fact: said bag will likely spend another couple weeks in the corner of my apt before I get off my arse to haul it down to Union Square

    Fact: I had a sammich featuring smoked pancetta over the weekend, droool!

  6. Fact: I ran 2 miles today. That’s the shortest run I’ve gone on in like 3 years (but my knee was not happy from my 23-miler yesterday)

    Fact: I at half a loaf of pumpkin bread while I was making dinner. And then I ate dinner.

  7. FACT: I am slowly transitioning my grocery shopping to Wal-Mart and am seething with guilt.

    FACT: I had the same struggle with my license plate, and looked so pathetic some stranger came over with a wrench to help me out.

    FACT: I always said I would send a thank-you note to that guy, but never did. Oops.

  8. FACT: I watched Charlie St Cloud on Saturday night and cried like a loser

  9. Fact: I also own a library card. And use it at least a couple times a month. Nerds unite!!!

    Fact: It’s not completely free when you have late dues… Good thing they always say, “just so you know, you have fines due. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay now. Have a good night”. I like to think it’s because of my winning smile that they let me go…

    • Oh I fully expect that they will hand me my ass with the late fees. I’m the person who, pre-netflix, would pay for DVD rentals like four times over because I’d forget to return them for weeks.

  10. FACT: I finally reached & beat my goal for a half-marathon this weekend at OBX!

    FACT: Black Bear. Beets. Battlestar Galactica!

  11. Fact: I had a fried food filled mexican lunch on Sunday, loved every bite and didn’t feel guilty about it either!

    Fact: I ran on the dreadmill saturday despite the nice weather only because I didn’t feel like waiting for the fog to lift.

    Fact: I made my first trip to IKEA.

  12. Fact: I loooove roasted root vegetables with pinto beans and couscous.

    Fact: I could eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Fact: I love your blog. And your cat is definitely like Charlie (with his pose)

  13. I LOVE sweet potatoes too. We made sweet potato fries for the first time this weekend. They rocked my world.

  14. YAY, I am so proud of you for getting your library card!!! Library cards ROCK MY FACE OFF!!!!!

    And you know what?!?! YTRMFO, TOO!!!!!


  16. Good for you, it took me almost four yrs to get NC plates since I’m a rebel like that. And I love those mini ice cream servings. I can’t keep regular size containers of ice cream in the freezer because I have absolutely no portion control when it comes to ice cream.

    Fact-I tried a spiked milkshake last night and I am afraid of it becoming an addiction.

  17. I just got my new library card too! It’s a magical thing, that card…

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