I ain’t no video ho

It’s official.  I don’t like workout videos.  Or…DVDs, as the kids call ’em these days. (Also, get offa my damn lawn.  And turn down that rock ‘n roll music.)


Yup – I’m just not a video ho.  I have tried.  And I have failed.  I would rather flop around on my yoga mat like a beached manatee than follow along with a workout video.  Inevitably, I start them and then, five minutes in, grow frustrated with the pace and say to myself: “This is stupid, I’ll just do a hundred million crunches and push-ups instead.”

Which is what I did yesterday and today.  And now, I think my pecs are bruised.  And my abs?  Well, they hurt when I laugh, and that’s a big problem when you spend a big part of your day scouring the internet for hilarity.  (Recent wins?  Here and here.)

So tell me: aside from things like P90X/Insanity and 30DS (which I can’t do because they are too jumpy – bad for my ailing Achilles and also my relationship with our downstairs neighbors), are there workout videos that are intense and effective and…well, actually good?  Where do I find them?   Do I need to try these Core Fusion things?  Help!

Today’s EAT: Good grains! I do believe I’ve come around to the point where quinoa is a legitimate substitute for pasta.  (Remember when I wrote this skeptical and slightly condescending post?  I’ve come a long way!)

With shrimp and pesto, quinoa is a totally reasonable substitute for a giant plate of pasta.  (And I even paired it with a huge pile of arugula, because I have an even huger pile of arugula in my fridge to use up.)

Recipe: Pesto Quinoa with Prawns (EDR original)

Today’s DRINK: This Marques de Montanana, a Spanish Grenache, has been in my wine rack for quite a while.  I honestly don’t remember where I got it, but I’m sure it was inexpensive ($10 or under) given its position on the rack (it’s an intricate system).

It’s not bad!  Fairly mild and mellow, but strong enough to have some actual flavors (berry foremost among them, in my opinion).  I’ll look for this wine again!

Today’s RUN: Aside from the aforementioned frenzy of push-ups and planks?  I did nothing today.  In fact, I didn’t even leave my apartment today.  I did shower, though.  (That counts for something, right?  Oh, the specious standard of personal hygiene that I adhere to when working from home.)

Today’s QUESTION: What’s your go-to at-home workout?  Are you a video ho?


18 responses to “I ain’t no video ho

  1. I’m totally a video ho. Or I was a year ago, when we got back from Asia and I was completely out of shape… 30 Day Shred actually did wonders for me. Other than that, though, I’ve got no suggestions (luckily we have the downstairs apartment!)

  2. Wow. I did not anticipate that half an hour of my night would evaporate at the hands of The Oatmeal, but there you have it. I now know that I can take 10 Justin Biebers in a fight and would survive for 18 seconds after kicking a bear in the balls. That’s a quality website.

    I’m not big on videos. I just make up body circuits if I’m stuck inside, and either put on music or tv to watch while I do them.

  3. I’m into the videos. I used to use Mari Winsor’s Pilates and then I got into the P90X. If I don’t use them, I’ll feel like I’m not doing the workout right.

  4. ive never done any workout videos but since i only have access to a crappy gym and also dealing with the achilles i just bought Core Fusion abs and arms (a recommendation i found on a website from your blog roll) so when i try it i’ll let you know (will be a few wks, we are going on a 3wk vacay woohoo- if that’s not a long enough rest for my achilles then . . . . ugh i don’t even want to think about what happens if it’s not totally better by then 😦 ).

  5. Right now I’m doing Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training. It’s pretty much kicking my ass. I also have Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown and her 30 Day Shred. I’ve been happy with them.

  6. Woman, find a YMCA and start using the pool for aquajogging. All the cool kids and the grandmas are doing it. I hate workout videos. They all have jumping, which I don’t do unless I’m playing frisbee because it demolishes my knees, and I find myself getting irrationally angry at the people in the video, which is absurd because I DECIDED TO TURN IT ON IN THE FIRST PLACE. Y’all can keep your Jillians and your Jane Fondas. Actually, Jane Fonda is pretty sweet if you can find her, but it’s no replacement for “real” workouts (I’m a snob, too). Side note: in high school, I was stuck taking a step-aerobics class, and it was wicked hard, and we did it in a hot gym, and nobody showered afterward. Another reason why videos can suck the crapper.

    • I really want to do this but I am also a broke-ass ho. If I were a real video-ho, I could probably afford the dang ridiculous start-up fees that our Y here charges! Haha.

  7. I’m not much of a video ho either, but I really like Jay Johnson Boot Camp workouts. He’s a trainer local to Dallas, he has a series of boot camps and also trains the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Our On Demand Exercise TV has some of his workouts but he also has some DVDs out. There is some jumping but they give good modifications. (We live upstairs, too.) Just make sure you actually get his boot camp workouts, NOT the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders workout which is completely different and really stupid. I made that mistake once.

  8. omg i am so glad you are not a video ho! most of my friends from college are because they never wanted to leave their rooms for the gym. i have tried jillian micheals on ondemand but i felt soooo silly parading around my house doing the workout hahah. i kept thinking “what happens if the neighbors see?!”

  9. Totally not a viedo ho. I’ll throw in Jillian Michael’s yoga meltdown every once in a while because she is intense and I like her, but that’s about it.

  10. I am a big fan of P90X! If and when I use a DVD that is. I also have pages upon pages of core exercises I have saved from my RW magazines and tend to do those along with push ups when I need a little at home work out.
    I did try out the P90X Yoga X DVD the other night. I really enjoyed it and hope to use it once a week here on out.

  11. so when it comes to workout videos, you’re more like an AirTran Boeing 717. Like a b7 like a b7…

    I love No More Trouble Zones – it’s got great circuits without a lot of that plyo shiz. I can’t be relied upon to workout on my own– I need direction.

  12. I went through a video-ho phase. I don’t think I could do it again. I did some yoga vids this past year, but for other stuff I don’t feel like I am working hard enough and/or get bored.

    I am a broke-ho too and go to a cheap gym for only $17 a month. I spent more then that a month on stupid videos for a time. I thought I was saving money…heh.

  13. I bought a Denise Austin DVD a few years ago and used it approximately 2 times before I became too self-conscious of the jumping and hopping that were probably SERIOUSLY annoying my downstairs neighbors.

    If it makes you feel any better, I cleaned my kitchen floor yesterday and counted that as the “day’s exercise”, heh.

  14. My idea of a workout DVD is watching National Treasure for the fifteenth million time while riding on the trainer. Yelling at Nic Cage to get new hair plugs really gets my heart rate up!

  15. I’m not sure which is worse: step aerobic classes at the gym (which yes, I’ve done a couple) or workout videos in your living room. Both are pretty damn embarrassing and only sometimes effective. Although I did do a P90X yoga workout with the boyfriend this weekend and it kind of kicked my ass. I’ve also done a yogadownload once or twice. I’d rather be in a classroom setting though – i give up easily if it’s just me in my living room 🙂

    You and your shrimp, geeeeze! Funny cause I love the little guys but rarely buy them.

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