Is it a sign?

As an economics nerd, I’m fond of phrases like: “There’s no such thing as free lunch.”  Or: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

However, when I plucked this flier from my mailbox today, it seemed like fate.

After a week of grousing about my lack of access to a pool, I get an ad for a brand new gym?  With a pool?  For 29 bucks a month?

It seems too good to be true.  Therefore, it probably is. But I’m gonna check it out anyway.  Tomorrow morning.  With swimsuit and goggles in hand.  (Not that I love swimming, but it’s the only form of cross-training that would really get my heart rate up without causing any Crankle issues.)

Anyone wanna guess on what the fatal flaw of this gym might be?  My guess is: packed with douchebags.  Or staffed by robots who don’t realize that the place is going to go bankrupt in six months by giving memberships away practically for free.  I guess I’ll find out soon enough!

Today’s EAT: This dinner came out looking quite appetizing.  I wish it had tasted as good as it looked.

I roughly followed an Eating Well recipe for Honey Mustard Chicken, and it was just really boring and bland.  The accompanying big salad with goat cheese and pine nuts was definitely the more exciting half of this dinner.

Today’s DRINK: Happy Beaujolis Nouveau Release Day!  I’m celebrating….

Picked up my bottle of Georges Duboeuf Beaujolis Nouveau at Costco today.  So what is this stuff – and why should you care?  From Wiki:

Beaujolais nouveau is a red wine made from Gamay grapes produced in the Beaujolais region of France. It is the most popular vin de primeur, fermented for just a few weeks then officially released for sale on the third Thursday of November. This “Beaujolais Day”, or “Beaujolais Nouveau Day” sees heavy marketing from the producers, with races to get the first bottles of the vintage to different markets.

Which is to say…it’s really not anything that special, but it’s kind of a fun thing to celebrate.  The wine world’s equivalent of a Hallmark Holiday.  Some say that, because it’s such an early release, its flavors are a sneak peak of what’s to come.  But serious wine people tend to turn their noses up at it.

As a totally non-serious wine person, I enjoy it for what it is – a very young, very fruity wine!  A little cranberry, a little blackberry, a little licorice…definitely not a wine to pair with a fine steak, but fun to drink nonetheless.  It would make a great Sangria wine, and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. 🙂

Today’s RUN:  I ran today!  First time in nine days.  I was to the point where I wasn’t feeling any pain in the Crankle, just a little stiffness now and then, so I headed out for a couple of very mellow miles.

I felt a teeny tiny bit of pain during the run – so faint that it made me wonder if I was making it up.  (Dear injury paranoia: I hate you.)  Post-run, the Achilles definitely felt a little achy.  I guess I’ll see how it feels tomorrow.  If it hurts, I’ll resign myself to more time off.  (At least maybe I’ll have a pool to swim in?)

Today’s QUESTION: Do you belong to a gym?  Is it packed with douchebags? I remember when I lived in LA, walking into an LA Fitness, taking one look around, and walking back out.  I am so not in to sceney gyms.  I really wish I could swallow the ridiculous initiation fee that our local YMCA charges, because I think that would be more up my alley.


29 responses to “Is it a sign?

  1. i sincerely hope that it’s NOT too good to be true! that sounds awesome. i’m hoping that the rumor i’ve heard of the Y giving discounts to VISTA members is as good too. and every gym is packed with douche bags. fact of life. i like to laugh at them 🙂

    and YAY running pain free.

  2. Oh my word. I belonged to LA fitness last year in Atlanta and yes! It was, in fact, brimming with douchebags. INFESTED with them.

    This year I belong to a local Alaskan gym. It’s TINY, clean, cheap, and the locker room is stocked with fresh towels and shampoo so I don’t even have to lug that stuff around from home. The best part is that no one is ever there. One million percent better than LA fitness. No pool, though.

    I hope your $29 gym-with-a-pool is for realz. I’m looking forward to your report!

  3. haha. i haven’t experienced the douchy gym – although NYU’s gym was pretty effin’ obnoxious, with crazy bulimic chicks looking over your shoulder on the elliptical. not fun.

    congrats on the run! sounds like you’re easing back into things SLOWLY. right? right!

  4. Oh man, I work at a university and use the college gym. It is comprised of 10% normal people, 20% elliptical bunnies, and 70% meatheads with popsicle man syndrome. Buuuut…it’s dirt cheap ($20/month), well equipped, and two blocks from my office.

  5. 1.) you gotta get onto Crossfit. It kicks your ass and is great for injury prevention.
    2.) I love beaujolais!! Even if I can’t spell it. Love the taste and that it’s supposed to be fun and cheery.

  6. I live in the middle of a gay neighborhood so all of the gyms here are gay, gay, gay. No one bothers me and it’s kind of fun to watch everything that’s going on there. One guy was on the treadmill with moccasins, cutoff blue jeans, a scarf, and a fedora. He was totally working it on that treadmill.

  7. My guess: the pool is tiny, the equipment is not brand new, but otherwise it is fine. And I am never one to turn down a deal, so I hope it works out for you. And…those are not dealbreakers, unless they are. Bring in a camera and take creeper pictures for us!

    I belong to a local YMCA. It is filled with the following:
    1. Old people.
    2. REALLY old people.
    3. High school football players.
    4. Kept wives.
    5. People who walked over from the halfway house.
    6. Me.

    • Ding ding ding. I went up there this morning. Not only is the pool NOT at the location that’s walking distance from me…it’s also apparently a resort style pool, not a lap pool. Sigh.

      Back to square one!

  8. I get a discount through school for the New York Health and Racquet Club, and I LOVE IT. It’s really clean, still spacious even when crowded, and most of the people there are in their late twenties to mid-fourties. Also, I’ve just fallen in love with spin classes there. And, last but not least, all of the dreadmills have individual televisions. Winner winner chicken dinner.

  9. I belong to the Y and really like it, it’s like a no douchebag zone. It’s pricier, but I always justify it by the fact that my money is going to a good organization.

  10. In my Molly Ringwald voice: “I loathe. The gym.”

    I don’t think the people were douchey per se, but I feel like they over-booked during the holidays to save their asses, so it was always super crowded, and I was only able to go during peak times – 5-6 p.m., which made it worse. Plus they played awwwwful music, really loud.

    I could keep going. What was the question again?

  11. Glad your crankle is feelin’ a little better! I belong to NYSC. I’m sure it’s filled with d-bags, which is why I only go very early in the morning and run-ins are kept at minimum. It’s fairly no frills with decent classes, so it works for me! Anxious to hear how your swim goes!! 🙂

  12. In some places the Y waves the fee at the first of the year! Something to look into…

    I just joined a Planet Fitness in Boston and before you sign up they explain that they don’t cater to body builder types and they actually have an alarm they pull if someone is grunting loudly or dropping weights. I’m kind of excited for when they pull it!

  13. Oh god, I belong to an LA Fitness, and the second the clock hits 6 pm it looks like a prison bus unloaded its inmates to work out. It is awful. Awful. Plus the “trainers” are always outside smoking cigs, yup that makes me want to sign up for a session.

  14. I belong to our local YMCA. The personality ranges from young teenagers, to mothers, to grandparents, to the tough guys, to the wannabe cool kids, to the fitness gurus, and so on.
    I can’t beat the price; $39 for the family and my company reimburses me if I got 2 x’s a week=8 x’s a month! so it’s free!

  15. Yeah I belong to a gym…its local and it’s just OK. I’ve actually never used the pool in the 3 1/2 years I’ve belonged. I go for a sports conditioning class and spinning classes and when I didn’t have cable to watch TV. They keep the douchebags in the basement where they can grunt and stare at themselves in the mirror until their testosterone filled heart is content. But for the most part people are really nice and encouraging.

  16. hey as long as you don’t have to commit to 5 years and/or the price doesn’t go up after X months, go for it!

  17. ahahaha, i just LOL’d at these comments. +1 to the local YMCA idea!

  18. long time reader, first time poster. first – i love your blog. second – hold out for the ymca. i have belonged to the y everywhere i’ve lived since i was about 5, including pa, sc, ga, nyc, and currently brooklyn (love, love). and since i work for a nonprofit (woohoo!) i’m always looking for deals. the y almost always has free initiation in january, if you can wait until then. i have never belonged to a y i didn’t love (and no, the nonprofit i work for is NOT the y). hold out. muscle gyms – blech.

    happy hunting.

  19. NYSC is my gym of choice. More often than not (esp summer) it turns into a storage locker around the city. Oops. And the pool? Let’s just say some people have not learned that butterfly is inappropriate when sharing a lane. wtf?!

  20. Glad you are getting back out there. I’m slowly getting myself back in gear.

    Don’t belong to a gym, yet. I’m not certain I have the drive to push thru another NYC winter like last year, so I am open to looking at something indoors. Maybe, sleeping in my bed more.

  21. The one thing I remember from HS econ class is TINSTAFL–there is no such thing as a free lunch

    I dont belong to a gym b/c I was going to the Y and once I turned 30, they jacked up my rate b/c I am not married and without kids. I call it ageism, they say its because Im older and should be making more money. Not so much. I am going with douche route on the new place or horrible customer service. Cant wait to hear!!

  22. addendum: saw that same bottle of wine on sale at local wine shop (sale in murray hill = $10!). didn’t purchase since i was already informed by the famous EDR blog as to its just-okay-ness. so thank you 🙂

  23. My LA Fitness is never crowded while I’m there. Sure, the percentage of douchebags is still high, but it’s usually no more than 4-5 douchebags at a time.

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