Are you ready for an explosion of positivity and good cheer?  Because I had a fantastic weekend.

HOORAY for beautiful weather and running and crunchy leaves!

Perfect.  Just perfect.  65 and sunny in late November?  Okay, I can see why people love the South.

I logged an easy 4.4 miles today.  Minimal pain in the Crankle (I only felt it when I was going up a steep hill) – and I’m very happy about that.  I’m committed to taking it easy, though – no long runs, no speedwork – for the next couple of weeks.  Honestly, I don’t even care if I have to run short and slow.  I’m just so happy to be out there in the sunshine, tromping through the crunchy leaves.

HOORAY for personal grooming!

Before Saturday, I had not had a haircut since June.  Thanks, Holly at Hairdos, for hacking off my split ends and taming my frizzy mess!

HOORAY for douchebags!

Yeah…that too-good-to-be-true gym I posted about?  Definitely a no-go.   There isn’t even a pool at the location closest to me.  So…yeah, I’ll skip the douche-scene for now and hold out hope for a YMCA membership sale instead.

HOORAY for mini-Thanksgiving!

The hubs and I hosted a pre-party for Thanksgiving dinner tonight with a few friends.  I needed to try out a couple of my planned recipes before the big day.  Thanks Ellen and Caroline for being my guinea pigs!

And also Zach for, um….pretending to help cook. 🙂

All went well and I’m good to go for Thursday’s main event.   I’ll be slowly checking things off of this page for the next couple of days…

HOORAY for ambitious and complicated shopping lists!

What did you HOORAY this weekend?  Congrats to all of the Philly marathoners and half-marathoners!


29 responses to “Hooray!

  1. Hooray for having a weekend off for me! Didn’t do much and I loved it. 🙂

    LOVE your kitchen btw!

  2. Yay – so glad your crankle is feeling good and you can run! I’m not “hooraying” about that yet, but hopefully soon. I guess I can hooray at being productive and getting a lot of work done, and going to Bikram yoga twice… hehe, so not exciting.

    Your list is major! Can’t wait to hear how it turns out!

  3. Oooo, my “hooray” is to turning 30 and having a mini-Thanksgiving feast with my kickball team (yet somewhat sad that I did not complete the Philly marathon for the first time in 2 years!)

  4. Damn woman, that is a serious shopping list. I am soooo glad to not be cooking this year. And you just reminded me I haven’t had a haircut in months and months.

    • Yeah, I looked in the mirror the other day and was like…wow, that’s disgusting. Hair cuts always get pushed to the back burner until it’s been waaaaay too long!

  5. Not much to hooray about for me this weekend – I’m getting my ass kicked by the world’s worst cold. But a really good friend of mine finished the Philly marathon yesterday – her first ever! I wanted to go cheer for her, but couldn’t drag my sick self out of bed 😦
    Hair looks great!

  6. I absolutely LOVE your ambitious and complicated shopping list.

    My HOORAY was running a half marathon (even if I didn’t meet my hooray time goal, I still finished.)

  7. You should consider graphic design with your MS paint skillz!

  8. All the super long checklists people are posting for Thanksgiving are giving me anxiety. This year I am thankful I do not have to take care of anything but the desserts… whew

    And I become more and more impressed with every MS paint job you do. Nicely done. Hooray!

  9. You ran, you ate Thanksgiving #1, AND you made cool drawings on the computer–I don’t think I can beat that!

    I ran for the first time in over a month (with a scary grin on my face because I was SO glad to be over my deathflu/sinus hell), saw some great Indian films, and took about 600 pics for my photog project, all of which make me go “yay.” (I now have to edit them down to 20, which makes me decidedly “unyay”).

    I get haircuts every six months too, if it makes you feel any better…

  10. hooray for a kickass workout on saturday for me. and then hooray for either being really lazy (like comatose on the couch) or really social and going out. no in-between this weekend for me hahah

    and i’ve gone longer than you in the haircut dept. i haven’t had one since april. but i am soooooooooo lazy when it comes to haircuts that i probably won’t get another one until april hahah!

  11. That list makes me head spin.* So many questions, but I’ll stick with: are you making your cornbread from scratch? Because that would just put it over the edge.
    And, yup, HOORAY for running (and for MS Paint jobs that kick mine to the curb). What do you think the crankle was, anyway? Sprain? Tendinitis?

    *I originally meant to type “my head,” but it came out as “me” and I liked the sound of it.

    • Me cornbread will be made from a wee bag ‘o mix, with a little honey and some nutmeg added.

      I’m pretty sure it’s Achilles tendinitis in my crankle. It’s still stiff in the mornings and a little sore after running, but much better than it was a couple of weeks ago!

  12. Great news about the crankle! Maybe you won’t need to join a gym after all. You should ask at your YMCA about day passes for the pool. I can swim at ours for $3/swim. I think that’s a pretty good deal, cheaper than actually joining since I don’t get around to swimming all that often.

    I don’t think I have gone 6 months w/o a haircut, I’m on the every 3 month schedule. Haircuts just don’t excite me, probably because I don’t have “good” hair to begin with.

    • That is a great idea. I have been in there a couple of times to beg them to give me a discount and/or waive the steep initiation fee, but I’d never thought to ask about day passes! Thanks!

  13. I’m impressed with your grocery list! It’s so organized!

  14. Yes – I am loving the 60’s hanging around in late November!! That is a beastly Thanksgiving list, you are skilled.

  15. what a great shot of you, shelby! you look all happy and prettty. it must be because you can ruuuun! 🙂 holler! i’m happy for ya. dinner party looks fun and i love “practicing” my cooking skillz on others. cruel but fun. anywho, my hooray for this weekend was yoga-ing and running it up. double score.

  16. That’s the prettiest grocery list I’ve ever seen. You even drew check box squares?! I love that the most prominent category in the photograph is “liquor store.”

    My hooray was getting to go on a really sweet trail run with my trail running group of dad&grandpa-aged dudes. They put my trail running skills to shame. It’s been sunny here for an unprecedented three days in a row. Definitely a reason to HOORAY.

    “Grunt.” “Brah.” LOL.

  17. But you know what SUCKS about living in the South? The high here on Thanksgiving is 82. Suck it, Florida.

  18. Hooray for finishing my first half marathon!

    Glad your crankle is feeling better and you could enjoy the leaves.

  19. Happy you are enjoying this lovely weather in the South. The weather is why I’ll never live “up North”. 😀

    btw I love your kitchen!

  20. HHAHA, the douche bag gyms are the worst! I’ve been a YMCA fan for quite some time and now there’s one opening 2 miles from my house in June! I can’t wait! 🙂 I agree with you…November has been awesome, even up north! I can only imagine how amazing the south is!

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