The crankypants

I apologize in advance for my dour mood.  There seems to be a permanent scowl on my face this week.

I don’t even know why.  Because I have spent the last month throwing myself into a project that I’m realizing is probably crap?  Because there’s dirty laundry overtaking my bathroom?  Because there is a nasty zit on the bridge of my nose?

(Side note: I have pretty dry skin and rarely got zits when I was a kiddo.  So when they occasionally appear now, they totally freak me out.  Any ideas on how to get rid of the damn thing?)

Anyway. Woe is me. At least I’m not the only one having a meh week.

Of course, the one thing that might have turned this sad ship around was a great run.  But naturally it was thundering outside.  So I headed down to the gym.  I was, to put it mildly, unenthusiastic about it.

Five minutes on the treadmill: “Oh god this is awful.” Eyeing the elliptical next door.  “That’s gotta be better than this.”

Eleven minutes on the elliptical: “Oh my god I can’t stand it, I’m going back to the treadmill.”

Six minutes on the treadmill: “Really, was the elliptical that bad?  It has to be better than this.”

Three minutes on the elliptical: “Feck this.  I’m done.”

Thankfully no one else was in the workout room to witness my angst-ridden workout schizophrenia.   It was utterly pathetic.

Oh well….some days it just doesn’t happen, right?

Today’s EAT: Witness the progression of my emotions about Thanksgiving leftovers:


Saturday – Another sandwich?  Ehh, okay.

Sunday – Hey cat!  Come eat this turkey.

Monday – Dear baby jesus please make the turkey stop.

Tuesday – Let’s just throw that shit in a baking dish, along with the leftover sweet potato, and add some cheese and pasta and call it a day.

Original?  Hell no.  Attractive?  Not really – I guess you could charitably say it look a little like mac-and-cheese.  Tasty?  Yep, good enough.  At least it’s better than another damn sandwich!

Today’s DRINK: This Dogfish Head Chicory Stout was definitely the highlight of my day.

I do love a good stout, especially when I’m on the one-beer plan.  This one is just a little reddish, with a definite coffee flavor as well as some spicy holiday goodness – a little cinnamon, maybe nutmeg?  Anyway, it was delicious and brought a smile to my sour little face.

Today’s RUN: I think I managed to eke out 25 minutes total on those stupid machines.  Ugh.  What.  Ever.

Today’s QUESTION: What do you do to pick yourself up when you’re wearing the crankypants?


29 responses to “The crankypants

  1. Your post cracked me up. I can so see you jumping back and forth on the machines. Actually, I think I have done that myself but others WERE around to see me do it. Sometimes you are in the mood and sometimes you aren’t. If I’m cranky, going for a run does help. I may not like it or want to but by the end, I’m glad I did. Shopping is always good too!

  2. You’re such a role model. I’m going to try to mimic everything you do — I’m going to start by pouting and then I’m going to have a beer.

    P.S. I love the chicory stout. Great breakfast brew.

  3. I got nothing, dude. Reading helps. So does going for long walks. Being outside, in general, is a pick-me-up. But today I just wanna wallow.

  4. My go-to pick-me-up: A good run. Looks like that didn’t work though.

    Plan B: A good beer. Maybe you should give in to the two beer a day plan tonight.

  5. i wish i had been in the gym at the same time you had been. hilarity.

    when i’m in a bad mood i usually just mope. because i like being a mopey pants. in fact, i said that to a friend once who replied “oh hello Eeyore” hahahah

    i hope you snap out of it. i think the best thing is removing yourself from whereever you are. and, as stupid or annoying as it sounds, you really have to think positive. put a huge sh!t eating grin on your face if you have to. trust me: that does work wonders

  6. I would totally get workout schizy if I had more than a treadmill…which is why I want a bike for Christmas!!

    I heart me some Dogfish Head! Have you ever visited their brewery? It’s an awesome time!

  7. I like to paint my nails (especially wacky colors) when I’m Miss Crankypants. Also, pizza with ranch dressing always puts me in a good mood.

  8. Hahaha, not to sound like a total creeper, but you look cute when you’re cranky. Um, this is TERRIBLE advice with the potential for financial ruin, but I buy crap online to cheer myself up. Especially books. But now that I have a car, it’s hard to be cranky because I am continually singing along to pop radio at high volumes.

  9. Aww, Shelby – I’m sorry you’re cranky! But on the bright side – your blog post was hilarious as usual 🙂

    When I’m irritable, I do something I’m not “supposed” to do such as skip my run in order to watch a bad chick flick, buy something expensive, or eat cookies instead of salad. Being a rebel always makes me feel a little better!

  10. Usually I have a drink and eat some chips and dip. Or I go shopping. Cheer up!

  11. My strategy is just to embrace the grouchiness. I might have a few unsatisfying workouts, eat my feelings if I need to, make a point to avoid mirrors, and generally accept the reality that I’m grumpy or frustrated about things — because nothing is more frustrating than pretending to be chipper and happy when you’re just feeling… blah. So I give in and acknowledge the crumminess. It always passes. Whining to friends or family also helps. 🙂

    • I didn’t mean to leave a smiley face. That must have been some sort of ironic freudian slip typo.

      • Sure it was.

        I like the wallowing+whining strategy. That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing. Except I don’t have anyone to whine to for most of the day. Except for y’all. 🙂 (Intentional smiley face!)

  12. I eat cheese, watch SATC and lie in bed. This post was hysterical! Hope you feel better soon!

  13. Were we having the same workout struggle last night or what?!?! You seem to be in my head lately.

  14. Umm – a glass of wine and some sweets or some cheese, depending on how I’m feeling. Some days are like that; sorry you’re having a rotten day. We’re all human, so as SK said, you just have to embrace the grouchiness (and warn others so they don’t feel responsible or slighted by your mood!)

    Wishing you sunny skies tomorrow so you can take an outdoor run 😀

  15. I’m sorry you’re feelin’ crankypants. I usually try to switch up my very predictable routine and plan something fun if I’m cranky. Which has been pretty often lately – grrrr.

    hehe, I had Thanksgiving leftovers for a few days and they were great, but I’m pretty glad they’re gone!

  16. I used to go straight to the wine. But then I realized maybe working out or something would be a better anger release.

    Some days that thought is still overrated and there is nothing that makes my day a little better than a good chardonnay. Ok, most days. Whatever.

  17. i like to put on sweatpants and watch some classic beverly hills, 90210. maybe something with an edgy brenda and dylan storyline.

  18. I LOL’ed at your gym schizophrenia! I’ve done that very same thing before!

    Chocolate and a lot of sleep helps me unwind from a cruddy mood!

  19. I go to bed. Really. I can’t stand to be around myself when I get like that so I just go to bed. Next day is always better.

  20. I would call my Dad…and talk to him about all the wonderful things that we have to be grateful for…and all the reasons to remember to love yourself!
    He might tell you about a great little book he came across recently, written by a local healer friend called “Doing The Thing”.
    This is a great, easy read that is very uplifting, anytime.
    He might just send you a copy!
    Always thinking about you, and loving you,

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