I’m not Jewish, but…

I can get behind fried potatoes any old time.

Friday night rolled around and I’d been hearing about latkes all week.   So I dug up a recipe from Epicurious and a large yam from my pantry and got to work!

“Ha ha, look at all of these latkes!” I joked to the hubs as I pulled batch after batch out of the pan.  “No way are we going to be able to eat all of these.”

Um, yeah.  That plate was demolished.

Recipe: Curried Sweet Potato Latkes (via Epicurious)

I’m sure you could make them a little less ridiculous by baking them instead of frying them.  Or not.  It’s the holiday season, after all.  Even if you’re borrowing from another culture/religion.

To add a little substance to the evening’s consumption, I also pulled together some super easy stuffed chicken breasts:

Took a boneless skinless chicken breast, pounded the heck out of it (heh), and layered cream cheese, cranberry sauce, caramelized shallots and chopped walnuts over the super-thin chicken before rolling it up.  Brushed with olive oil, baked for 15 minutes, and done!

You know you are getting old when staying in and cooking is the norm on a Friday night.

Today’s EAT: I promised the hubs a special treat for dinner tonight – one that will be acquired via drive-thru.  Not my first choice, but he’s been working hard lately so I told him I’d pick up one of his favorites for dinner.  It might rhyme with Get Lucky, Snide Vixen. (Which also happens to be one of my mottoes in life.  Heh.)

Also, I made macaroons this afternoon!

These macaroon mountains were dipped in chocolate and topped with sugar.

Recipe: Snow-Capped Macaroons (via Food Network)

They are tasty, but maybe a little on the dry side?  I followed the recipe exactly but I really had to pack the dough together with my fingers to get it to stick.  I’ve never made macaroons before so I’m not sure if that’s normal or not.  Thoughts?

Today’s DRINK: While baking, I sipped on an Anchor Christmas Ale:

Beer on a Sunday afternoon is one of my favorite things ever.  It is socially acceptable, because Sunday is football day.  And what does it matter if I’m watching a TBS movie marathon instead of NFL?

While I enjoyed this beer, I don’t think it’s my favorite Christmas Ale out there.  It tasted kind of like someone sprinkled ground cinnamon and nutmeg in regular Anchor Steam.  How I wish I could find Great Lakes Christmas Ale here!  (Any Ohio readers out there want to send me some?  I’ll pay you a finders’ fee!  Seriously!)

Today’s RUN: Another mark of getting old?  Instead of spending Sunday recovering on the couch, the hubs and I were up and running at 9 AM, five miles of beautiful winter sunshine, crisp air, and crunchy sidewalks (it snowed here yesterday!)

Here’s how the week looked:

M – 4.23 easy (36:24, 8:35 pace)
Tu – ~2 easy (part of my pathetic gym meltdown)
W – 7 easy (59:18, 8:28 pace)
Th – 7 easy with the Bromar guys (59:57, 8:33 pace)
Sa – 3 tempo-ish on the TM (22:35, 7:31 pace)
Su – 5.05 easy with the hubs (48:36, 9:37 pace)

Total: 28.28 miles.

Resolved: I need to do a little bit of strength training.  And maybe a little yoga.  And run 30+ pain-free  miles this coming week.

And not feel too sorry for myself for missing out on the Joe Kleinerman 10K in NYC today.  I had planned to head up north this weekend to hang with some of my old teammates and run a 10K.  But I decided to bail on the race and re-bank my Continental miles for a later trip.  Sad.  There was no way I was going to be able to race, though, and I didn’t trust myself to go out there “just for fun.”  Not with the excitement and adrenaline of a “big” New York race and running with my speedy friends.  No racing for me until 2011!  I need to let my Achilles fully heal.

Fortunately, I can live vicariously though everyone who DID race today!  And thanks to the power of Twitter and internet stalking, we can all celebrate the badassery of:

  • AR – Vegas Half – PR on a whim!
  • JerBear – Vegas Marathon
  • Luke – Vegas Marathon
  • Kristin – California International Marathon – holy shit, girl!
  • MM – Dallas White Rock Marathon – holy shit X2!
  • Megan and Jacqui –  NYRR Joe Kleinerman 10K
  • Jess – Dallas White Rock Half

Nice work all around.   Can’t wait to read the recaps!

Today’s QUESTION: Do you ever borrow holiday traditions from other religions or cultures? I will pretty much beg, steal or borrow from wherever if delicious food is involved. 🙂


8 responses to “I’m not Jewish, but…

  1. Yo – I had a Christmas ale friday night that was kind of a miss too. Described it almost exactly the same way. Bleh.

    I like your goals for the week — feel like I’ve been in a slump lately and need to get back on track, start up a regular schedule again.

    Cheers to Sunday afternoon beers .

  2. Weird. I made macaroons today too. I think it’s normal for them to be on the dry side…? For whatever reason, I had a craving for dry/stale-tasting food today. Case in point: before I made the macaroons, I made scones. More dry and crumbly than an egyptian pyramid… but inexplicably, they hit the spot.

    Glad to know I wasn’t the only fool who spent part of the day maniacally internet-stalking fellow bloggers’ race results! 🙂

  3. you do a latke good, that’s for sure. sad that i haven’t made latkes, or any hanukkah food, this season, and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen.

    i love your “sign of getting old” early morning run 😉

    i like christmas, for the cookies and other sweet treats. i guess that’s my form of borrowing traditions? yeahhh.

  4. Ooh, I bet your abode smells incredible. Goddamn, Shelby. You cook good. And I have to second your shout out to the ridic racers this weekend – maybe we made a mistake in not racing? It seems charmed!

    I’ve borrowed a couple of traditions, my favorite being wearing yellow on New Year’s (a la South America). One night, in high school, my parents also agreed to throw me a mini-bat mitzvah over dinner one night. It was probably heretical, but also very fun.

  5. You are making my tummy growl! I basically steal every food I can, veganize it, and wash it down with alcohol. I like to think of it as “honoring” rather than stealing but that’s open for interpretation.

  6. hi, from a fellow raleigh resident, first-time commenter on your blog! we love great lakes beer, discovered it when we lived in cleveland for a few years. we can’t find it in any grocery stores in the rdu area, but they do sell it in greensboro/mebane/burlington grocery stores. so if you’re ever in that area, you’ll find it. harris teeter & lowes both carry it, along w/ specialty wine/beer shops.

  7. Thanks for the shout out! I am in favor of borrowing food traditions. Hello challah bread!

  8. Thanks for the marathon day shout out. Now I have to go get dinner after reading this post. Mmmmm I heart food. 🙂

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