Tumble dry, low. Remove unpromptly.

Confession: I live out of my dryer.  I never want to deal with folding/putting away freshly-tumbled clothes, so I just pick things out of there as I need them.

Then it’s time to do laundry again, and I put it off because I don’t want to deal with the dryer full of clean – but wrinkly – clothing.  Sometimes I flip on the de-wrinkle cycle with the intent of coming back in half an hour and finishing the job.  Then I conveniently forget about it until the next morning, when I have to go dig for a pair of socks.

Last night, things finally hit rock bottom.

How two people manage to generate this much laundry is beyond me.  But the real nail in the coffin was that I was completely out of sports bras.  Time to face the dryer and get it done.

But then I discovered this:

Aw hell.  What’s one more day, right?


24 responses to “Tumble dry, low. Remove unpromptly.

  1. Ahahahaha I would die if I found my cat in the dryer, that’s too funny. I have putting clothes away also. I did laundry on Monday and the clean stuff is still sitting in a laundry basket.

  2. AAAAAHA. Your cat is rocking that “what are YOU going to do about it” look.

    • She flips between that look and her “OMG WHO AM I WHERE AM I I’M A KITTEH?” look of blissful ignorance. Limited range of emotions, but she’s sweet!

  3. living out of a dryer is a really good idea…why haven’t i thought of that?!

  4. ahahaha – I hear you. I don’t think the people in my building would appreciate if I just left my clothes in there. So mine stay in a laundry bag on the floor.

  5. For a long time we lived out of the dryer, but we’ve moved on to bigger and better things.

    Our latest house has a giant counter top opposite the dryer, so I have been folding, just not putting away. I continually shuffle Mt. Dirty Laundry through the washer and dryer to accumulate Mt. Clean Laundry on the other side of the room. Someday Mt. Clean Laundry is going to topple over into the dirty pile and get mixed up. That will be a sad, sad day in my world.

  6. What setting do you put the kittehs in at? Fluff, right? 🙂

  7. I love it! My cat loves to sit on piles of clothes, whether they are on the couch, bed, high up on a dresser, etc. He is probably super happy right now.

  8. Ha! So were these clothes still warm when kitty snuggled in? We sometimes live out of the dryer – espeically without workout clothes or farm work clothes, so you are not alone.

  9. Cutest thing ever! We currently have a guest bed full of clean clothes because we no longer have hampers to put them in until we put away allof the clean clothes. If I could have a maid to do laundry….

  10. If I had a dryer I would live out of it. Alas, I have now turned to the ubiquitous Manhattan wash ‘n fold. If only they would put it away for me too. Le sigh.


  11. Oh, to have a washer and dryer in the home. I’d even settle for one in my apartment building. Drop off service it is for me! At least they fold the clothes…but then I still have to put them away. I admit I’ve lived out of my (cleanly laundered) laundry bag for a few days before.

  12. There are times where all my clean clothes will make it out of the dryer. And into a corner. And slowly climb the corner wall. This week is like that…
    Can we blame the weather? I often find that works well.

  13. omg! That’s hilarious. Love this!

  14. Wait. Was the door shut or just slightly closed? I wonder how long she had been in there. Silly kitty.

  15. HAHAHA this needs to be made into a LOLcat.

    Somehow I manage to fold my clean clothes and put them away immediately every time I do laundry. The shantytown of hanging/reused/sweaty/semi-drying running clothes that perpetually swallows my bedroom, bathroom, and general living area is another story entirely… it’s gross..

  16. I think I would have a heart attack if I were surprised by that (cat not the load of laundry!). I’m horrible about doing laundry and wait and wait and wait til I have no more undies left…..ugly ones included.

  17. Awww. My parents cat usually sits on top of the newly folded laundry in the basket…when it’s still warm. 🙂

  18. That’s the purpose of a dryer – to store clean clothes until needed. Who needs an iron or hangers?

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