Like a rock star

Lately, my social calendar has been dominated by recurring dates with fuzzy socks and TBS movie marathons.  Somehow, when I turned 30, a latent homebody gene decided to assert itself.  And, with my bank account’s blessing, I have decided to embrace it.

So when I realized that the hubs and I had TWO different holiday parties to attend on Saturday, I felt like Kind of a Big Deal.  I mean, like, make sure the Leer has plenty of Dom because we’re jetting around tonight.

Ok, maybe not.  Raleigh to Chapel Hill isn’t exactly JFK to LAX.  But we did have a really fun evening.

First up was Sarah‘s shindig.  I’ve been following her blog for a while and it was great to meet her, along with a fun crew of other friends and bloggers.  Hooray for new friends and, of course, additions to my google reader, including Caitlin, Mel, Sara, Stevo, and Liv.

My contribution to the food spread:

These Onion and Goat Cheese Tartlets (via Food Network) were so easy to make!  And so cute.  And so vegetarian.  (Although I wouldn’t object to some crumbled bacon in the custard next time.)  Seriously, if you’re in need of an appetizer that’s simple and inexpensive but looks all fancypants, check them out.  (The only change I made was to plop a fresh cranberry on top of each one to add some color.)

With full bellies, we headed back to Raleigh for party numero dos.  We arrived just in time to inaugurate the shot luge.  Let’s just say it was a race the the bottom after that.

Which is probably why I spent about six hours laying on the couch watching HGTV yesterday.  At one point I got inspired to take on a crafty project of my own and attempted to organize the contents of an overflowing rubbermaid bin that houses thousands of pictures from high school and college – before the days of digital cameras.

I managed to get as far as spreading everything out and making a giant mess before I gave up and went back to the couch.

I blame my most unhelpful helper.

Sunday dinner was from a little white box:

And zero running happened.  But the stats for the week don’t look too bad.

M – 6 tempo-ish (46:15, 7:42 pace)
Tu – 4.7 easy (40:52, 8:41 pace)
Th – 5.1 easy (46:25, 9:06 pace)
F – 8.6 easy (1:12:29, 8:26 pace)
Sa – 7.1 easy w/hubs (1:10:44, 9:58 pace)
Su – OFF

Total: 31.5 miles

Probably didn’t really need two full rest days, but what can I say.  It’s exhausting, partying like a rock star.

Happy Monday?  Did anyone do anything exciting this weekend?


16 responses to “Like a rock star

  1. I was decidedly UNrockstarish: I drank beer in my pajamas and made soup. Oh, and played with cats. (well, that part is PUNK rock.)

  2. I got totally and randomly sick and spent the night in the bathroom. Breakfast today is saltines and Gatorade. FML.

  3. I had a shopping marathon, 2.5 hour workout, black strapless dress/outrageously high heels for my office party on Saturday. Then schlepped around in jeans & hoodie in front of fire/Christmas tree/NFL Sunday. Weekend balance = happy Kate 🙂

  4. Ugh I also partied like a rock star, but on Friday night and thought I was going to throw up in the mall on Saturday. No fun. Everytime I see the word tartlet I think of the Friends episode where Monica is cooking for the guy and he gets stoned.

  5. Rockstar: painted my nails. Went to Target on a Sunday night. Finished two books.

    Unrockstar: Um.

    I am JEALOUS that you got to meat SHUbox sarah. That is as close to blog celebrity as I can imagine. Your cat picture makes me really happy, too.

  6. It was so nice to meet you! Thanks for linking the recipe for the tarts – I am DEFINITELY going to try to make them sometime 🙂

  7. My social calendar this weekend included numerous dates with a snow shovel. While Minneapolis area got around 20″ of snow, we only had about 8″. Good right? But, we had plenty of chilly winds to create major drifts. Good thing we also have a mega snowblower and skid loaders at the farm. Your appetizers look awesome; I think bacon would be a good mix in! Glad you had a fun Saturday night 😀

  8. I was so un-rockstar-ish Saturday night – pretty sure I even lost track of my wine glass (well, mug) about 20 min into Sarah’s party 😛 Also, you’re even more of a rockstar because J *hates* cranberries but loved those tarts. He’s asking for me to make them ASAP. It was great meeting you! (and you’re obviously added to my GR as well 😛 )

  9. Apparently I was too busy baking to do anything exciting. Meh….
    I did go on a horribly bad date. Woo hoo… Exciting? Not so much.
    And um, being as how I’ll always remember how hilarious you were the day of the Chicago marathon, this title is a little too close to “Like a G6” for comfort. ahahahahahaa….

  10. I in fact did do LAX to JFK and back again this weekend. LA to NYC for 38 (+) hours…then add on a 3 hour delay at JFK. It sounds very rock-star, but I spent it with my family, then debriefing about how crazy our family is with my parents, and basically eating my body weight in olives.

  11. I love that you arrived at the party just in time for the shot luge. Win!

    My most rockstar moment of the weekend? Sipping rum punch at a hip E. Village bar on Friday night 🙂

  12. two parties?! lucker. AND you got to meet *sarah*?! i’d have hopped on a plane to chapel hill just for that!

    and i think i used up all my rockstar moments last week in TX. all i wanted to do this weekend was nest

  13. you ARE *kind* of a big deal! obviously. i’m seeing many fun (bloggable) times in our future!

  14. Personally, I like staying in more than I like parties. But a party with that kind of food sounds awesome to me. 🙂

  15. My sister in law and mother in law and I made 23 dozen cookies! Such a good time 🙂

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