Big questions

I got tagged this weekend.  By none other than AR.   I hope it was as good for her as it was for me!

But really, these questions are perfect for a Sunday night because my brain isn’t working right now and I haven’t turned on my oven or laced up my running shoes since Thursday.  (OY.)

So.  Here we go!

1. Name one movie you’d never watch again even if someone paid you.

The Matrix.  Oh wait, that’s three movies.  (The Matrices?)  I must have forgotten, because they all run together in a never-ending blur of wooden acting and stupid sunglasses.

Actually, it’s mostly Keanu Reeves that I simply cannot stand.  I really wouldn’t watch Speed again if you paid me, either.

2. Name 5 fictional characters you want to have dinner with. And TELL ME WHY.

Oh good lord.  This is like one of those trick interview questions in which you must prove that you are sufficiently intelligent and well-read, while maintaining levity and a sense of humor. Thanks, AR.  Thanks.

Okay then.

Fox Mulder.  Because I still feel I am owed an explanation for the fustercluck that was the final season of The X Files.

Owen Meany.  Because I’d like to know if his voice really sounds like I heard it in my head through that entire novel.

Mr. Big.  Because although I was never a huge SATC fan, I feel like I would get a really expensive dinner at a fancy New York restaurant out of the deal.

Smurfette.  Because I know I’m not the only one who is dying to know how that whole situation worked.

Romeo.  Because then I could tell that dumbass to just wait one hot second before pulling out his dagger because she’s not really dead and he falls for it every time gaaaaaaah.

3. Give me a race on your “must do” list.

Athens Marathon.  Although the plan is to check one that off in 2011.  Zing!

4. Any races you’ve done that you will never ever do again? Why?

Default answer to this would have been Las Vegas Marathon.  Because back in the day when I ran it, the course was horrible.  They basically drove you 25 miles out into the desert and dropped you off.  And then you ran back in, on an old road parallel to the 15 freeway, with distant traffic and the ever-present Sin City mirage as your only company.  It sucked.

Now the course is much better, so I hear.  Smart move on their part.

5. Cake vs. Pie: Your pick?

Cake.  I really don’t get excited about pie.

6. Last meal – what would it be? AND YOU ARE ON DEATH ROW SO MAKE IT CREATIVE.

My plate would look like this:

The best meal is living to eat another day, yo.

7. Favorite book to movie adaptation ever? Least favorite?

So this is probably cliche, but I’m gonna go with the LOTR movies as my favorite.  Very enjoyable books.  Very enjoyable movies. I’m not a Tolkein nerd so I can’t speak to the intricacies of Elvish or whatever and the myriad ways in which the film version probably did it injustice.    But I enjoyed both the books and the movies equally and that rarely happens, so I’m giving them the win.

Least favorite?  In recent memory, Where the Wild Things Are.  I was so excited for this movie, and then it was just…meh.

Now, according to official meme rules, I get to make up seven questions and tag seven people.  We’re going coke-or-pepsi style this time, but feel free to elaborate!  Play on, playas.

1. Vacation: beach or mountains?

2. Luggage: check it or carry it on?

3. Bed: make it or leave it a rumpled comfy mess?

4. Races: smaller or bigger?

5. Toilet paper roll: over or under?

6. Pancakes: thick and fluffy or thin and crepe-like?

7. Alarm: get up or hit snooze?

And I am tagging….

Brie, Lisa, Lisa, Megan, Kelly, Kelly and Karyn

…and/or anyone else who wants to play!   So go!

I spent my weekend in the lovely state of Virginia catching up with some girlfriends.  And now I’m off to catch up on some sleep…and, starting tomorrow, catch up on some serious running mileage, because last week was unbelievably pathetic in that department.

Hope everyone had an excellent weekend!


19 responses to “Big questions

  1. YAY i get to play next 🙂 i have never seen, nor do i plan to see, the matrix. it just sounds like a bad movie. hands down. and i really love LOTRs too, both book and movies. i could watch them as a marathon (and may or may not have actually done it at some pt in my life..oops?)

  2. i listened to (okay, half of) a prayer for owen meany as an audiobook and the voice that the reader used for him still haunts me to this day.

    mr. big is the quintessential hot old(er) dude you want to take you out to fancy new york restaurants. ahh, brings me back to my single gal days. sigh.

    i like that oreos and noodles are next to each other on your plate. very interesting. let’s play shrink on you with that plate. that could be fun?

    this post cracked me up! 🙂

  3. LOTR = great books and great movies. I’m glad I read the books before I saw the movies though, because otherwise I admit I may not have made it through all those pages.

    I can’t imagine not getting excited about pie. I think pie is pretty high up on my list of favorite foods. Depends on what kind, but I like most all pie to some degree.

    I’ll have to get going on your 7 questions soon. How fabulous that I don’t have to think of my own post idea 🙂

  4. Oh, Keanu (or as well call him Canoe-noe (to help with phonetics 🙂 ). He’s a horrible actor – period.

  5. Oooh, Mr. Big! Me too. Mmmmm. Me too.

  6. Awesome MS paint, per usual. And how about Point Break??? Can you do Point Break??? (Either watch it or an MS paint of it.)

    Also, I’m right there with you with Mulder and Smurfette. ahahahahaha.

    The new Vegas course was pretty shitty too, fwiw. The half though? Very nice.

  7. I’m going to spend the rest of the day thinking about Mr. and Mrs. Smurf and fornication.

  8. your last plate looks like mine though I’d trade in the red vines for junior mints

  9. PARDON. That’s freakin’ fantastic.

  10. I love it! Good call on Mr. Big. 😀

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  12. The illustrations really put this over the top! That dinner looks so delicious…

  13. Love your answers and your “drawings”! But I love that you put down Smurfette and Mr. Big down even more.

  14. +1 to the Mr. Big dinner date. He’s an arrogant man. But a wealthy, attractive arrogant man 😉 Please take me to a fancy NYC restaurant Mr. Big!!

  15. I’m embarrassed that I paid to see The Matrix in theaters.
    Not one of my finer moments…

  16. I loved the Matrix! What gives? It blew my mind and I’m not ashamed.

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  18. Ooooooh Athens Marathon is on my maybe list for 2011 too. What an insane trip that would be!!! We should discuss this in detail (perhaps not immediately since it is still 11 months out)… but still…grave grave detail. 🙂

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