Holiday un-wrap-up

So um….hey.

[Insert long chronological description of family Christmas activities here, along with ten billion photos of wrapping paper and food spreads.]

[Or don’t, because no one wants to read that shit anyway.]

Yep, my Christmas was dandy.  I’m sure yours was too.  Let’s move on an talk about running, shall we?

I arrived in Illinois on Wednesday and, I won’t lie – lacing up the running shoes for that first run on Thursday morning was a bit of a challenge.  I’ve run through winters in Cleveland and Boston and New York; icy terrain and sub-freezing temps shouldn’t intimidate me.  But it’s funny how quickly you grow soft.  I’ve become a Southern girl.  “What, I have to wear a HAT and TIGHTS?  Ew.”

But out I went, and it was a pretty stellar run, bobbing along the shoulder of a country highway surrounded by snow-covered cornfields.

And I’m officially going to start covering up my Garmin every time I run, even in the summer.  I did peek under my jacket a couple of times to make sure I was on track, mileage-wise, but the little progression at the end was entirely unplanned.  And felt great.  I really do run stronger when I let my mind wander instead of staring at my wrist.  Hm.

I’ve actually had quite a few great workouts while I’ve been out here and have had no problem motivating myself to get out for a run every single day.  Running = sanity.

One more day in the Chicago ‘burbs, and then we are headed back to Raleigh, which apparently has quite the blanket of snow itself right now!

And while I’m not going to do a regular E-D-R thing, how about a quick holiday running recap?  I promise, no awkward family photos or long-winded descriptions of Christmas loot!

M: 5 miles (treadmill, 1% incline, 39:40, 7:56 pace)
Tu: 7 miles (59:16, 8:27 pace)
Th: 10 miles (1:24:59, 8:29 pace)
F: 4 miles (treadmill, 1% incline, 30:44, 7:45 pace)
Sa: 7 miles (merry christmas! 1:03:32, 9:04 pace)
Su: 5 miles (treadmill, 1% incline, 4 miles tempo-ish 30:40, 7:40 pace + 1 mile cooldown at 9:00 pace) + lower body weights (UGH)

38 miles.  Getting there!

Today’s QUESTION: Are you running/working out over the holidays or taking a break?  How’d you do last week?


12 responses to “Holiday un-wrap-up

  1. AMEN.

    Also: JFC, what happened on mile 10– someone chasing you?! Nice work lady.

  2. bahahah i’m glad i read that other post before i wrote my recap 😉

  3. sad truth: i hate the christmas recaps cuz i’m jealous of the presents. my parents haven’t gotten me official hanukkah gifts since i was a little kid, so i do get a little jealous of everyone’s surprise loot, even at the age of twenty-four. whatevs. this year my dad so nicely paid off my $226 banana republic credit card bill for hanukkah. that was a sweet enough gift, i’d say.

    if skiing is a workout, then yes. if overreating at the inn we’re staying at overrides this workout, then no. oops?

    happy holy-dayz, miss shelby. hope your family (er, the Hubs’ family) time was grand.

  4. Nice job with the running over Christmas 🙂 I had a little non-running injury snafu that’s kept me sidelined since Tuesday, but my plan is hopefully to be running again for sure by 2011. Merry Christmas Shelby! Safe travels back to NC.

  5. but if i don’t know exactly what you ate for christmas dinner (also: what you wore; every gift you got; and exactly how you felt about every aspect as the day unfolded) . . . how can i be expected to just go on with my day?!


    i got girl talk tix! so did craig & lacey – DO IT (1/27)

  6. Yay, your return! Much anticipated…in my head. Holdup, I bet I can imagine what happened on your Christmas Day: you woke up, opened some presents, went for a run, came home, helped prepare Christmas dinner, ate, drank, and went to bed full. YEAH?!

    I sure did run every day. Except today. Because we have 14″ of snow outside. Shoveling for three hours is a suckass rest day, let me tell you.

  7. Thank you thank you for avoiding the cookie cutter Christmas recap. This was much more enjoyable. Holy fast last mile! I’ve still been working out; but probably gonna break out the xc skis instead today because I don’t know if running through a foot and a half of snow will make for the most productive run…

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  9. I took a break on Christmas day but the rest of the 4 day weekend I worked out my normal routine!

  10. What a great run! I enjoy and tend to do better when I just run instead of focus on time or distance. You’ve got to listen to your body and sometimes it wants to go go go, but other times be very slow.


    Or don’t.

    You did more miles than me last week. I should probably start caring about how many I’m running…but it seems way too hard.

  12. That was my way of answering the question, btw. Because I know you care about every little thing I say. 🙂

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