A simple plan

The welcoming committee brought it strong when I came in to my apartment today, after an early morning flight from Chicago to Raleigh.

It’s a good thing they’re so cute, as I spent the next three hours vacuuming up cat hair and kitty litter.  Apparently the two of them spent their Christmas vacation shedding exuberantly and tracking litter in to every nook and cranny of the apartment.

Dinner time rolled around and I was exhausted.  Facing an empty fridge, I headed to the local market to pick up something simple and delicious for dinner.

Of course, I ended up with these:

Four steps to the simplest fancy meal ever: (1) Purchase and cook decadent shellfish.  (2) Drench in melted butter.  (3) Consume with enthusiasm.  (4) Wipe the trail of butter off of your chin.

Lobster tails were on sale and I just couldn’t resist.  What’s one more indulgent meal, a post-vacation celebration?  Besides – the hubs and I never got to have a nice meal, just the two of us, in all of the holiday madness.  So tonight it was.

Today’s EAT:  Lobster, sourdough baguette, and salad for two.

(Not pictured: mini-candle-lit fondue bowl of melted butter which was refilled three times.)

My greasy chin and I are both very satisfied.

Today’s DRINK: The label of this Marlena Chardonnay looked suspiciously like the cover of a generic chick lit novel.

I decided to give it a chance anyway.  And it was good…in a very fruit-forward way.  Not very complex; easy to decipher; and, yes, enjoyable, if rather one-dimensional.  Kind of like chick lit.

Today’s RUN: Rest day!  And not a day too soon, as my hammies are still grousing about Sunday’s very brief trip to the weight room.  Ugh.

Today’s QUESTION: Do you have a go-to simple-but-delicious dinner? Mine is definitely crustacean (shrimp, crab or lobster) dipped in clarified butter with a good crusty bread.  With salad or (in the summer) fruit salad on the side.  It feels so decadent – yet it requires, like, zero effort.  (And zero dishes too, if you use foil for cooking!)


16 responses to “A simple plan

  1. lifeisbeachykeen

    I think I should be embarrassed to say that my simple-delicious-goto-meal is grilled cheese. 😦 I love them.

    A “real” easy simple meal that is my go to is spaghetti. It is rather messy, because I insist on using as many pots as possible, but it’s really easy and so tasty!

  2. For some reason every time I read “chick lit” in this post I want to say “shit lick.”

    Just me?

    We made Italian beef in the slow cooker and it was the easiest, most decadent stuff I’ve ever had. Good rump or sirloin roast, beer, pepperocinis, onions, beef stock + 10 hours = beefy glory.

  3. I have a hard time understanding how a “simple, go-to dinner” can include lobster. Impressive. Because I’m pretty sure mine is a peanut butter sandwich. Truth…

  4. I absolutely love lobster. We had that for Christmas dinner along with seared scallops in butter with lemon zest. It was terrific. And yes, there were multiple pools of butter and they were worth each bite.

  5. Looks like an awesome supper. Can I steal it for my “simple-but-delicious” go-to meal? 😀

    Glad you had such a good welcoming committee to return home to!

  6. My go-to delicious meal lately has been a nice bowl of quinoa. Usually with beans or chicken and some veggies.
    Yeah, shellfish intimidates me. I have yet to cook that at home. I usually indulge in that at restaurants.

  7. lobster! josh and i were thinking of making some for new years eve (although he keeps asking for steak too, a la ‘surf & turf’.

    as to your comment — i would still love to do a short run w/ you (i am allowed a whole FOUR MILER & 2 3s each week) or come to blue point yoga with me! seriously, i am not exaggerating about the hamstrings – it’s pretty much a disaster. but we can be imposters together! i am going this weekend if you’re interested! we could do brunch after . . .

  8. my go to meal is peanut buttery asian noodles, but i also just discovered ramen (yes, i know i should have known about this in college). i’ve been making big bowls of ramen noodles with extra frozen veggies and shrimp.

    your buttery lobster looks better though.

  9. oh yeah….. know exactly what you mean about lobster and crab.
    New Year’s Eve is usually spent in a “butter coma” trying to rally in time for midnight!

  10. That lobster looks amazing!

  11. Simplicity gone; that is truly gourmet!

  12. Sounds like my little demons! I go away for the weekend and come home to chaos!

  13. That looks soooo good! I’ve never cooked lobster. My go-to dinner is usually either a baked white fish with sweet potato and salad or a veggie stir fry with quinoa and maybe grilled chicken.

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