Forced creativity

Amazing how much simple laziness rules my day-to-day activities.

Like tonight.  When I needed to make dinner.  And the shelves of the fridge were beyond sparse.  And I didn’t want to go to the store.  So I opened the freezer.

Frozen shrimp.  Puff pastry.  I can do something with that, right?

The only green matter on hand was frozen Edamame.  So I went for an Asian theme.  Add some brown rice, a batch of my go-to peanut sauce (an easy and foolpoof recipe inspired by Megan) and some beaten egg.

Shrimp Peanut Tarts.  The hubs proclaimed these delicious.  And I had to admit I was pleasantly surprised.  Although it’s hard to go wrong with puff pastry!

Random dinner in the bag, aaaaaaand yet another day of procrastinating the inevitable grocery run.  She scores!

Recipe: Shrimp Peanut Tarts

Today’s EAT: I also ate a peanut butter, bacon and maple syrup sandwich for lunch today.  Don’t judge me.

Today’s DRINK: Put a cute animal on the bottle and I’m a sucker.

This Kalbarri Chardonnay was just slightly buttery, with peachy notes too.  At $8, it was nothing special, but perfectly drinkable and definitely a decent value for the price.

Today’s RUN:  Weirdness: it was 65* and humid today in Raleigh.  Happy January?

After putting around all morning, I finally made it out for a run.  I planned to just go however far I wanted, luxuriating in my last day of non-training.  I did six relaxed miles.  It was nice, although a little strange to be drenched with humidity.  (Hello, summer preview?)

Here’s how the week ended up:

M: 5 miles easy (40:50, 8:10 pace)
Tu: OFF (planned rest day)
W: OFF (unplanned rest day – thanks, migraine)
Th: 7.1 miles easy (1:02, 8:42 pace)
F: 4 miles easy (36:30, 9:04 pace)
Sa: OFF (unplanned rest day – thanks, tequila)
Su: 6.1 miles easy (51:50, 8:39 pace)

22.2 miles.  Um….that’s like half of what it probably should be.  Oh well.  Spring half marathon training starts tomorrow, so a light week isn’t the worst thing in the world!

Today’s QUESTION: How often do you grocery shop?  Do you enjoy it? I generally avoid it and don’t really enjoy it.  And I’m kind of unorganized.  Once every couple of weeks for big stuff, every other day or so for intermittent food needs.  Also, I don’t think I’ve fully adjusted to life in North Carolina yet.  I get annoyed when I have to get in the car and drive to the grocery store.  Downtown Raleigh needs a walkable market!

18 responses to “Forced creativity

  1. I grocery shop once a week and I love it…if I can go at the right time. I like to go late on Friday or Saturday nights (isn’t my life exciting?) because the store is empty and I can grab a Starbucks and take my time. I hate going on Sunday afternoons when it’s packed with frantic parents and kids.
    Have you looked into a CSA or organic produce delivery? We’re starting one tomorrow and I can’t wait, and it would get rid of the grocery store element for at least two food groups.

    • I’ve thought about looking in to one for the spring/summer! I’m a little picky about veggies (meaning: I just plain don’t like some veggies) so I’m a little worried that a lot of food would go to waste, but it might still be worth it!

  2. We go once a week. Once we run out of something it goes right onto the list on the fridge. If there’s something that we really want, but it’s not the day to go shopping (which usually ends up being Monday), we make do.
    We used to just pick stuff up throughout the week, but this has at least helped us get our grocery budget in check.

  3. Surprisingly, as much as D cooks we are not good about going to the grocery store regularly. We go when we need something for a specific recipe or when we need milk and cereal, but we rarely get a ton of groceries at one time (unless it’s for a holiday meal). 🙂

  4. You’re awesome and your blog is awesome. I’m so glad I found it – you’ve got another reader!

    I’m in college and I go grocery shopping whenever my roommates decide to go/when I’m gnawing on my own arm as a meal.

  5. that looks delicious shelby! i need to try to use puff pastry. been one of the things i’ve strayed away from… for no good reason either.

  6. I hate going to the grocery store, but because I’m unorganized wind up going a lot more than I want too. It’s one of the things I’m working on this year because I think it would be cheaper, too.

  7. these weather blips are what make winter in NC tolerable 🙂 that, and the fact that it’s only 3ish months.

    that is a serious dinner COUP if i ever saw one.

    also, i thought of you in yoga yesterday when i crashed down onto my head out of crow (not on purpose).

  8. Very creative and yummy dinner! I rarely enjoy grocery shopping. I only seem to like it when the rest of my life isn’t hectic and I have the time to shop and be creative. The rest of the time it feels like a chore.

  9. Genius dinner, I’ll take three tarts please.

    Grocery shopping is the only type of shopping I can stand. I go once every other week or so plus random mini-trips to a natural foods store close to my work. But recently the cashier at the natural foods store one used my credit card to find and friend me on facebook and then send me several weird messages; which sucks because now it’s awkward and I feel like I need to avoid that store. On the bright side, maybe that means my grocery bill will go down…

    • Whoa, that’s seriously creepy. And seems like it should be illegal or something? (Taking down someone’s info when they pay with a CC?) Although I guess if he just remembered it….still, wow, weird.

  10. pb, maple syrup and bacon? trifecta right there.

    as for grocery shopping, i try to do it once a week. i really don’t mind it except for when i go to checkout and the price is sky high. even though i don’t cook that much i like to think of options. plus i really like having a fully stocked fridge/pantry/cabinets.

  11. I don’t mind going to Trader Joes because I usually pick up half a dozen things I don’t need: chocolate, wine, greeting cards, etc. I usually go twice a week and just get enough to feed us for the remaining few days. For some reason, I prefer to carrying 60 grocery bags into the house.

    I only did 17 last week but I’m find with it. =P

  12. I do my main grocery for produce shopping once a week. Usually at very cool times, like Friday at 8 p.m. (nobody in the store, bitch!) Everything else, like milk or cereal or sugary crap that I do not truly require, is purchased on an as-need (or as-craved) basis. I do like these trips, but there is nothing fun about purchasing romaine, I grant you that.

    So glad to see you’re back on the training train. Choochoo.

  13. I love grocery shopping. I don’t know why but I do and it usually takes me forever.

    If I ever figure out how to properly meal plan and such I’d go weekly, but now it is as needed – about every 1.5-2 weeks.

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