Training time

Well, it’s on: 76 days until the Shamrock Half Marathon.  Yessss – it feels good to be running with a purpose again!

The last two months have been an enjoyable, if not entirely anticipated, semi-hiatus.  I haven’t run a race – or even done a speed workout – since October.  I can blame it on the crankle and that disastrous dance-floor incident, but in truth, a little vacation from structured training was probably just what I needed.  I ran hard through the spring and summer of last year.  Not always as fast as I wanted to, but with more diligence and effort than I had in years.  Even if I didn’t want to admit it, I was ready for a little downtime.

But now I’m ready to work it hard again.

And I may have spent a chunk of my evening poring over McMillian tables, nerding out over goal paces for various types of workouts.

While drinking wine.

And playing around on Strands.

Things are back as they should be.

(Also: I’m so glad everyone liked the tips for becoming a crazy runner.  I am happy that I’ve actually managed to inspire some of you!  Quite a feat for this bitter, snarky old runner-hag, eh?  Newbie runners, please hang around and continue to chime in – you are more than welcome here!)

Today’s EAT: Every time I buy a frozen pizza, I hesitate for a moment because I know that if I am eating on my own, I am going to cook that sucker and then eat the whole.  Damn.  Thing.

I did alright tonight, though.  I ate three-quarters of the damn thing.  Which was probably an appropriate amount of food, actually.  It wasn’t a very big damn thing.

(Obviously I went back for seconds and thirds after devouring those two tiny slices, along a delicious arugula salad.)

Today’s DRINK: There are wines that you drink in the privacy of your home on a random Monday night, and there are wines that you would consider bringing to a party or serving to company.

This Rex-Goliath Pinot Noir is definitely the former.

Like…it doesn’t taste bad, but it’s just sort of….juice-like.  Even for a Pinot, it’s very fruity and light-bodied.  I kind of feel like I’m drinking Yellowtail mixed with grape Kool-Aid.

But I didn’t really expect much more, given the very low price point ($6).  And since I’m sipping this in my pajamas with no one to judge me…I’ll go ahead and enjoy it for what it is!

Today’s RUN: I kinda felt like I was flying tonight.  Clear, calm, 45-degree weather and good company will do that to you!

I headed over to the Nog tonight for their Monday club thing and, as usual, didn’t really recognize anyone or have a plan for the run.  Within the first mile I settled in to a nice pace with a couple of random guys and ended up cruising the rest of the run with them at a fast-but-fun pace – I think we were hanging out around 7:40.  After the normal 5-mile loop, I tacked on a couple of (more mellow) miles solo, for a total of 7 and change in just under 56 minutes.  Holler.  Not a bad start to official half-marathon training, I do say!

Today’s QUESTION: Do you plan an “off season” to your running/exercise routine?  What are your training goals for this spring?

26 responses to “Training time

  1. Shucks, woman, that’s a darn solid first run out. I’m glad you’ve found a group, even if you have no idea who they are. That’s just details. I’m not sure I have an off-season, per se, but I definitely focus less on racing a few months out of the year.

    That wine has a cock on it.

  2. Nice running!! I don’t think I really plan an off season, maybe more like mini breaks from racing and whatnot. I’m super excited to be running with a purpose again too – hooray! Biggest spring goal is a marathon PR in May.

    P.S. I just almost spit out my coffee reading Sarah’s last sentence. hahaha.

    • I just saw your post this morning and thought it was neat that we were both kind of in the same place! Yay for spring training! Good luck at Eugene!

  3. I always make the hubs split the frozen pizza with me so I don’t eat the whole thing. The worst part is that frozen pizza reheated is awful so you have to eat it all or waste it!

    • Yeah, it’s never very good the second time around. I’ll probably eat the last couple of pieces as part of lunch today, though. Maybe with some ranch dressing to up the excitement factor. 🙂

  4. I’ve spent the last 2 months doing hills, speed work, core work and strength training. I will soon find out if it has helped me at all since I start half marathon and marathon training next week!

  5. As a person who believes that you can appreciate fine dining as well as something that comes out of a cardboard box (which happens 2-3 nights per week in our house), I have to ask: What’s your frozen pizza of choice?

    If it makes you feel any better, I know two very fit people who just built a house in which they custom designed a pantry to hold one of those frozen pizza machines. (And no, it’s not me.)

    • This one was Trader Joe’s. It was just okay. It needed more cheese and maybe some add on toppings, which I certainly could have done if I hadn’t been so lazy!

      My favorite is probably the California Pizza Kitchen thin crust. Amy’s are good too! But both are kinda pricey, unfortunately.

  6. I like the BBQ chicken pizza from TJs. I can totally eat a whole one myself.

    I’ve had the 47-lb cock wine too and felt the same — juicy and of cheap tasting in a vague sort of way. That’s what everyone said.

    I’m showing up to a running club tonight because there are like NO decent races in Indy until Spring. We’ll see how it goes.

  7. I go through ups and downs with running schedules, too. Once I get burnt out on distance, I want to do sprints. After sprints, maybe hills. And then maybe take it easy. I get it though…changing it up helps to keep me motivated and challenged!

    The wine…juice-like. LOL! I love that description 🙂

  8. I also always eat the whole frozen pizza, I have no self control. Nice first training run!

  9. I rarely do frozen pizza, but I have been known to order and consume and entire medium pizza from dominoes. Or some local place. Or hell, maybe even a large.

    And I wonder why I can’t lose my gut….

    Yay workout!

  10. Hahaha, I have that EXACT same bottle of wine sitting on my kitchen table.

    Nice run! You iz fast.

  11. If there’s (vegan) pizza to be had, I can house the whole thing.

    I’m a lackluster trainer…I run, sometimes with a plan and a purpose but usually just to run. My goals right now are to get back into running and conquer this granny hip thing and to do more cross-training/core/strength…all the stuff that I’m trying to hate with a little less passion.

  12. “off season”-I defined slackerdom (is that a word?) this past December-need I say more? I can’t really make any training goals until I find out my 2012 fate from the BAA this month. But for now, building back up is definitely on the list…

  13. I’m still debating if I’m going to take a break after my Jan. half or keep it up for another in March

  14. I’m kinda in off season mode. Funny, I haven’t had an “off-season” since high school. I feel badass now.

    After having two beers on Saturday I decided it would be a good idea to sign up for another half in May. I will start training for the first 1/2 in a few weeks. So my training goals will be to run a lot and hopefully fast for the 1/2’s! Halves?

  15. I’m sort of where you were at with my “off season”. I didn’t quit completely, but things have been more relaxed (and at times maybe even half-assed?).
    Training starts in less than 2 weeks for my half marathon. I’m so ready.

  16. Yay for being back in official training for you! I’m also a frozen pizza gal sometimes, and I sure can eat the whole thing if I cover it with extra cheese 😀

  17. Sweet first run in training! (Pizza is my personal secret to quality running. Well, cookies too, but mostly pizza. I have similarly limited self-control when it comes to cooking the frozen pizza and then refraining from eating the entire pie.)

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