Friday foolery

Somehow I have managed to accomplish absolutely nothing of value today.  Well, assuming you define “value” as “things that possibly lead to financial gain.”

This is one of the problems with that whole freelance-self-employment thing.  When you work for the man and you piss away a Friday with useless internet surfing, long lunches, G-Chatting and other productivity-leeching activities, you feel smugly proud.  Like you pulled one over on someone.  You leave to go home for the weekend, your brain full to the brim of Damn You Auto Corrects, feeling happy and refreshed.

When you’re a-husslin’ for work, though, you piss away a day and just feel like kind of a failure.  A broke-ass failure.

Oh well.

Things I did do today:

– I ran 12 miles.  It was hilly and muddy and wonderful.

I pretty much had Umstead to myself today, and thoroughly enjoyed the mild weather and dappled sunshine.  And I was pretty happy with hanging at 8:30 pace, given the beastly hills.  First long run of training cycle: done.

– I drank a lovely post-run beer.

Citrus-y, sweet, pleasantly perfume-y.   I could definitely drink endless mugs of this La Fin Du Monde Triple.  But it’s a good thing I only had one, since it’s a fairly stiff 9% ABV.

– I updated my About page.  Check it out!

– I harassed my cats.

They were annoyed that I disturbed their regularly-scheduled 10-hour breakfast-to-dinner nap.

And…that was pretty much it.

What are you up to this weekend? I’ll be spending a chunk of mine trying to be productive to make up for the fact that I was a total waste of space today!  Teh woez.  I haz ’em.

14 responses to “Friday foolery

  1. Hey! Are you saying I’m pretentious because I consider myself a foodie? 🙂
    As long as you love eating food, love making food, love knowing/learning how food is made then you my friend are a foodie. Accept it. 🙂

    This weekend? Um, I’m going to learn how to hem pants. At least I’m hoping that I gain some knowledge and Dan can get off my back about hemming his jeans. 😀

  2. Please tell me that the beer you spit out was not La Fin Du Monde Triple. I heart that stuff and wasting it would be a crying shame.

    This weekend we’re staycationing for our anniversary on Saturday (ie no household chores or errands and going for a long run together, which for me right now might be a whole 3.5 miles) and I work a bit on Sunday and then have studying to do. I lead a charmed life.

  3. Spending time with my parents tomorrow while my husband is at army drill and then spending all day Sunday with the aforementioned husband. 🙂

  4. I need to run, as I’ve covered a total of 5 miles this year so far. Hopefully tomorrow morning. Tomorrow my nephew’s 1st birthday party beckons. Nice work on your “about” page update!

  5. Tonight consists of taking it easy so that I can put on my party pants tomorrow!! I will drink one (or many) for you!

  6. Why is it so satisfying to harass the cat while it’s sleeping? I get so much pleasure out of it.

  7. How about trimming Emmy’s little needle like claws this weekend while you are at it??
    Plus……Go Seahawks!!

  8. The only beer that I have found (so far) that I like has a citrusy flavor. I might have to try this one out! Love your cute kitty!

  9. mmm, beer. i’ve been drinking out of the leftover case of sam adams winter mix. chocolate bock is delicious.

    also, your kitty picture makes me laugh. 🙂

  10. Unibroue beer is the absolute best. Fin is great. Next step Maudite and then Trois Pistoles. And you’re right about not drinking too much because they do pack a punch.

  11. Haha, omg. I’m catching up on my google reader and you just described every Friday for the past few months. Maybe I should do something at my corporate 9-5 job today…. 🙂

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